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US National Intellegince: Diplomacy won't stop Iran

Oddly, Dennis Blair’s message to the Senate sharply diverged with Obama’s policy. We’ll see whether Obama has abandoned his silly attempts to negotiate with the mullahs or just cannot control his own appointees.

Blair notably abandoned the earlier NIE that Iran has no nuclear weapons program, but in a politically correct way: he based his estimates on the NIE’s statement that Iran actually ran a military nukes program in 2003, and implied that the program continues.

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Neandershort here.

Glad you like my writing. Are you in competition with Israel National News (Arutz Sheva)?

Neandershort Brooklyn,NY 07 September 2009

Iran has connections with North Korea to develop nuclear weapons. In the past, Iran was linked to the Kahn Network. I agree with Dennis Blair. Strangely enough, Russians say Iranian nuclear threat is non-existent, just to reject US anti-missile system in Poland and Czech.

Globam American Discourse

Shah Alexander Tokyo,Japan 12 September 2009

Your three comments at http://nodhimmitude.bogspot.com praising my site seem to be akin to spam. However, since I support Israel I’ll let them stand in the hope they bring you some further readership in support of the nation.

Dag vancouver 18 September 2009

“We’ll see whether Obama has abandoned his silly attempts to negotiate with the mullahs or just cannot control his own appointees.”

My money is on the latter.

Amy W Anchorage 03 October 2009


Thanks Nancy for reading my blog shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com
and for your encouraging comments!

Robin Brooklyn,NYKiryatArba/Hebron 26 May 2010

This announcement on the part of the American intellegince does sound strange. But on the other hand, intelligence may be completing the secret task of Obama.

Dantae ComorosIslands 22 June 2010

US-Russia confrontation in Georgia may also be just a pretext for the US to do dirt to the Russian.

Campbell Aden,Yemen 22 June 2010

The more you look, the less you know.

I will return to address this in detail.

God is greatest.

Orikinla Osinachi Lagos. 14 August 2010

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