Samson Blinded: a Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict

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There's plenty of food for thought in this book, which, wrongheaded or not, is both open and fearless. Kirkus Discoveries
In memory of Avraham Stern who resurrected the concept of reciprocal violence


Shoher writes not for idealists. He is veteran politician, and knows how the things really work. If Chomsky sits on top of ivory tower, Shoher is in the swamp of daily affairs. Samson Blinded is lucidly written, and its mini-chapters make it an easy read. But it is not your typical novel or inspiring historical fiction. Machiavelli is the author's hero: sad and ugly hero, to be sure, who... [read more]


The ostensible allies

The United States backs Israel only tentatively. Jewish representatives, not the US officials procured the votes of the Third World countries for the UN resolution to establish Israel. In 1947, America did not know or care much about the Middle East. The oil flow was smooth, and no one imagined that someday the US would have to placate Muslims to get oil. The US establishment, culturally and financially close to the Jews, acquiesced in establishing Israel, but offered no practical help.After the Arabs promised to drown the Jews in the sea if Israel is established, America pressured the Jews to abstain from declaring their state. The United States fought in many post-WWII wars, and significantly supported either side in scores of other conflicts. Israel received no help from America in the 1947-48 war. [read more]