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Gal On: robbers are innocent

Ultra-left sham of an MK Zehava Gal On lashed against the bill which would allow Israelis unrestricted use of firearms against potentially violent robbers. The bill is meant to protect Jewish farmers against the incessant Arab attacks. Gal On declared that the bill allows shooting innocent people; indeed, it is no big guilt for Arabs to rob Jews.

11 June 2008 Posted in crime

Zehava Gal-On screams sexual harassment

Zehava Gal-OnAn unknown correspondent offered the MK to experience “a string of orgasms,” probably to change her Jew-hating political rhetoric.
Zehava is so ugly that the complaint could be meant to boost her reputation.

Winograd will report on Israeli loonies

Winograd report will address complaints by several Israeli MKs, including a communist (Meretz) rat Zehava Bar-On about Israeli “war crimes “ during the 2006 Lebanon war. Bar-on wants international tribunal to try Israeli government for war crimes and Arab human rights violations.

24 July 2007 Posted in left