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Jewish vandals are suspiciously nice

Several tombstones at the Muslim cemetery in Yaffo were sprayed with ‘Death to Arabs’ and similar graffiti. Apparently, they had been vandalized quite some time ago, but subtly enough that no one noticed. Whether it was right-wing Jews or left-wing Jew-haters staging a provocation, no tombstones were smashed or uprooted—as Arabs usually do at Jewish cemeteries.

Hours after the graffiti was discovered, Arabs firebombed Rabbi Meir’s synagogue in Yaffo. Unlike cases in which Jews have allegedly vandalized mosques, the media reaction was muted, suggesting that the firebombing was a proper response to the graffiti.

A few normal Jews in Bat Yam

About 200 conservative Jews demonstrated in Bat Yam against Arab peaceful takeover of the city. Just as in Lod, Acre, Yaffo and many other places, Arabs breed on the state subsidies, rent apartments in Jewish neighborhoods, drive the Jews out through mugging, and turn the entire districts virtually free of Jews.

Arabs do not serve in the army, have plenty of free time. They do not pay taxes, and have spare cash. They speak perfect Hebrew and prey on Jewish girls in the neighborhoods.

Besides slamming the activists, the government does not offer a solution to Arab occupation of Israel through babies, not bullets.

Bat Yam rally

Government rescinds land sale to Jews

The Israeli Lands Administration canceled one of the two auctions won by the B’Emuna (“With Faith”) development company.

B’Emuna builds residential neighborhoods for religious Jews in areas encroached upon by Arabs. The two auctions awarded B’Emuna land plots in Yaffo, a town on the outskirts of Tel Aviv which is increasingly becoming Arab.

Arabs and Tel Aviv municipality protested B’Emuna’s plans as racist.

Ben Gurion would have been surprised. Sixty years ago, he presided over the eviction of almost all Arabs from Yaffo, which was at that time a predominantly Arab town.

MKs blast Israeli land reform

The Knesset had a fiery session in which they debated Netanyahu’s Israeli Land Administration reform bill. The bill is controversial because it makes much of the land in Israel available for sale rather than long-term lease.

Sale of the Holy Land grossly violates the Torah, which only allows it to be leased, and for no more than fifty years. Israel is so small that normal free-market expedience of private land ownership must give way to national feasibility: land sales could plausibly create a situation in which the Jewish nation as a whole owns next to no land in Central Israel.

The biggest problem with land sales is that they make the land available to Arabs. For twenty years, Saudis have pumped money into Israel Arab foundations to buy real estate in sensitive areas. Now Saudi money would buy land plots in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Yaffo to make them de facto non-Jewish land.

Peres calls on Acre residents to calm down

Why doesn’t he move to that area, infested with Arab criminals, where Jews cannot even walk safely and are constantly assaulted, – and then show us an example of calming down?
The Acre clashes signaled the first time when urban Jews mobilized against Arab marauders. In Lod and Yaffo, Jews suffer silently.

60 years since the murder of the Altalena

murder of AltalenaIn 1948, acting on Ben Gurion’s orders, Haganah detachment under the command of Yitzhak Rabin drowned the Altalena ship.
Menachem Begin’s ETZEL fighter group used the Altalena to transport huge quantities of weapons which Israel desperately needed in the War of Independence. According to ETZEL agreement with Haganah, the weapons were to be shared. After the brief quarrel with Haganah commanders, the ship left Yaffo dock and stood on the raid in Tel Aviv.
At that point, Rabin opened fire at the defenseless ship, and continued even after it threw white flag. Rabin refused to allow evacuation of wounded Jews from the ship, and directed fire onto the Jews who jumped from the sunken ship and swam to the shore unarmed. 16 Jews from ETZEL were thus murdered in cold blood on Rabin’s order.
A huge crowd on Jewish leftist onlookers assembled on the shore but did nothing to stop the slaughter. Ben Gurion said about the murder, “Blessed be the cannon that shot the Altalena.” Decades later, asked in America to recount his experiences in the War of Independence, Rabin the murderer of Altalena hysterically boasted of “shooting and shooting” the Jews who swam for survival.
ETZEL refused to retaliate against fellow Jews for the murder.