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Could the Saudis be stupid?

MeccaThe Debka reports that Saudi Arabia plans to wrest the Euphrates Valley from Syria in order to create a buffer Sunni state there. Though these plans have been rumored for months, such an attempt would be a mammoth miscalculation for the Saudis.

Assad would fight to his last soldiers in order to keep the Euphrates region, his strategic underbelly. Iraq, still propped up by the US, wouldn’t give up its bank of the Euphrates easily. Iraq will certainly rather turn to Iran for help than lose the region. Local militias, supported by Saudi money and arms-smuggling networks, would stand no chance against the combined interests of Syria, Iran, and Iraq.

Moreover, Middle Eastern politics are no longer dictated by sectarian divides. Shiite Hezbollah cooperates with Sunni Hamas; Shiite Iran and Iraq are at odds with each other; Sunni Pakistan and Saudi Arabia cannot get along any better than Pakistan gets along with Shiite Iran; the Wahhabite Saudis are not fond of the similarly religious Taliban. A Sunni state on the Euphrates is not at all certain to promote Saudi interests in the long term.

The Saudis similarly erred in Yemen, where they also banked on creating a buffer state. So far there is a stalemate with no imminent likelihood of Yemen breaking apart—though in a world where tribal chiefs make all the decisions, that can change in the blink of an eye.

One lesson for Israel is that Assad did not attack the Saudis for such a blatant plan to violate his sovereignty. Israeli intelligence consistently overestimate the hypothetical Syrian reaction to our attacks on their nuclear and missile facilities.

Syrian regime under assault

Protesters in SyriaUrged by the west, Syrian opposition groups dismissed Assad’s offer of free elections, as also happened in Libya. They claimed that Assad would have rigged the elections, which is doubtful since internationally observed elections can be rigged to the tune of no more than 20%. Thus they recognize that Assad remains reasonably popular.

Reportedly, the Russians have agreed to the American plan to remove Assad, something that we find extremely doubtful. The Russians are not crazy enough to abandon an exceptionally friendly ruler who provides them with a navy base and a foothold in Lebanon and Palestine in favor of a government which would report to Saudi Arabia, whose Wahhabite mentality is alien to the Russians, who have long been fighting Chechens and who hate Caucasian Muslims.

Some 500 young loyalists from Shabiha are dead, a certain sign of intense fighting. Yet Assad shrinks from using real force against the insurgents—unlike his late father, who cannonaded the city of Hama, causing 20,000 deaths. The low number of casualties and the minimal use of force incite people to revolt because they can afford to be brave. As the Hama episode demonstrates, even a much larger death toll than the current 1,400 (merely 250 per month) would not delegitimize the ruler.

Assad would be wrong to believe American promises. Bush promised to support Israeli settlement blocs; he also promised Gadhafi safety in return for dismantling his nuclear program. Obama violated both of these promises, and would likewise violate any promise he might make to Assad now.

Israel ready to bypass US opposition

The Sunday Times, an official paper for Israeli government leaks, reports that Mossad has assured Netanyahu that Saudi Arabia will grant IAF overflight rights en route to bombing Iran. IAF thus can bypass Iraq, whose airspace is controlled by friendly Americans who insist on Iran’s right to nuke Israel.

While Obama has been negotiating with Saudi Arabia to secure overflight rights for Israeli commercial jets, our common Iranian enemy has made military cooperation a done deal.

There is one “but,” though. Israel’s real enemy is Wahhabite Saudi Arabia, the premier sponsor of worldwide terrorism. Israel would benefit greatly from a nuclear Iran’s expansion of its influence into the Saudi Shiite oilfields, which would break the Saudis’ wealth.

Jews, Arabs join forces against cartoonist

Pat Oliphant's anti-Israeli caricatureThe Anti-Defamation League, the Wiesenthal Center, and scores of other Jewish organizations lashed out against Pat Oliphant’s anti-Israeli caricature. The Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist exhibited his bad taste, but…well, he has a right to be offensive: caricatures are meant to exaggerate the facts.

The Jewish organizations found themselves in the unlikely company of Muslims who protest Oliphant’s Arab caricatures.

Coinciding with the Oliphant scandal, the Muslim-dominated UN Human Rights Council (what a joke) passed a resolution calling on all nations to enact laws which would protect religion from criticism. Pakistan, which circulated the resolution, clearly has a particular religion in mind: the Taliban-style Wahhabite Islam.

Bush goes to Riyadh

Israel’s best friend and a great peacemaker (just like Jimmy Carter was) finished celebrating Israel’s Independence Day and now flies to Saudi Arabia, the prime sponsor of Wahhabite Islam and terrorism worldwide, a sponsor for the Pakistani nuclear program. Bush will spend a day at the royal horse farm near Riyadh with the horse owner.

Bush the controversial

Bush heart-warmingly announced that “America will defend its ally Israel.” Both Israel and her Wahhabite arch-enemy Saudi Arabia are American allies. America sells weapons both to Israel and Saudi Arabia. America gives aid both to Israel and her arch-enemy Egypt. America spends on Iraq tens of times its cumulative aid to Israel. America fought for Kuwait, but planned fighting against Israel in 1956 and 1967 to stop the IDF advance on Cairo.

Multicultural Cemetery – Or an Open letter to an educated liberal

Alexander Majstrovoy

“And for the first time, with a sudden shiver, came the clear knowledge of what the meat I had seen in the Underworld might be. These careless Eloi were mere fatted cattle, which the ant-like Morlocks preserved and preyed upon”
“The Time Machine” of Herbert George Wells

My dear brainy friend!

The communist slogan in the former Soviet Union was: “We say Lenin, we mean the Party, we say the Party, we mean Lenin”. For you it could sound like this: “We say multiculturalism, we mean Islam, we say Islam, we mean multiculturalism”. The Muslim world is the last and sole barrier on the way to your dream about cultural pluralistic society. ! “Even Spanish can be French”*. An Arab cannot be. In despair you are ready to fasten on a kaffiyeh on yourself and a yashmak on your wife in order to drag a Muslim into your Cloud Castle.
It is your fixed idea, your choice. I will only remind you, my starry-eyed friend, what a role of a “true believer” is in the multicultural society, when he comes there invited or uninvited. For hundreds of years the Middle East was the embodiment of real multicultural ideal, the thesaurus of spiritual and philosophical knowledge. Antique mystery religions and Zoroastrism; the Ebonites and the first C! hristian sects; Gnosticism and Kabbalistic teachings; the Neoplatonics and the Manichees, the Arians and the Nestorians: all of them had co-existed in harmony. They conveyed their ideas and viewing of the world from one to another in this gigantic melting-pot of human spirit. Whether you know about it or not, it was from this fathomless source, that European philosophy, theology and learning got strength which paved the way to freedom and liberal values.
One of the first acts of triumphant Islam was the burning of the famous Alexandrine library. But it was only the beginning, because at that time Islam was relatively tolerant and noble. And what is more, it joined this melting-pot (so, my dear friend, don’t blame me of jaundice). Islam showed the world the mysticism of Sufis with their poetry of Life and extenuation of material benefits, expressed in Druze religion. Much later, the most humanistic religion of the present times (the Bahai Faith) arose from Islam. It also gave birth to Ahmadiyya movement, which believed in the improvement of the world through love. Unfortunately, obsession and obscurantism intensified. Sunni in S! audi Arabia found themselves under the dogmatic and obscure Wahhabite (Salafies) rule. Formerly latent Utopias in Shi’a Islam turned into paranoia before our eyes.
Even in the time of medieval inquisition in Europe fresh ideas existed. There were different philosophic schools: from Albert the Great to Thomas Aquinas to Meister Eckhart to Roger Bacon. There was Italian Proto-Renaissance with Dante Alighieri, Giovanni Pisano and Giotto. There was craving for freedom, personified in the Katars, Waldenses, Czech Hussites, and Lollards. And now tell me, my clever friend, what kinds of philosophic, spiritual schools do you know in the modern Islamic world? Enlighten me, I will be happy! There are few! courageous people, who denounce dogmatic Wahhabites, like Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi and Dr. Taufik Hamid from Egypt. But they are social outcasts of the Muslim world and they live beyond the bounds of it.
Let me ask you: what has remained from the multicultural world of the Middle East? Do the Zoroastrians and Bahais stay in Iran, their homeland? It will be easer to find them in a cemetery in that country, than living. Those who could escape flew to India and the West. Had the Sufis remained in Saudi Arabia? No, they were annihilated by the regime as the enemies of “true Islam”. Can you find a branch of Ahmadiyya movement at least in one of the countries of the Middle East?
You can do it only in one place: so hated by you Israel (although I make no question of you being a Jew), the “state-of-racism-apartheid-and-coercion”. Their centre is in Haifa. So is the famous Bahai sanctuary. The Sufis are free in Israel, and the Druzes are enjoying full civic rights in Israel.
Not long ago the Arabian East was a palette of ancient and unique Christian sects. Waves of Islamic fanaticism swept away all of them. The Christians of Iraq and the West Bank escaped to the USA and Canada. Copts left Egypt. It may happen to the Maronites in Lebanon: the country is on the verge of the Green revolt. Iraqi Gnostics-Mandaeans are exposed to genocide and on the on the verge of annihilation. Not mentioning about Darfur. And you dont see it! Because the Mandaeans are not the beloved Palestinians, who claim for your special attention! In 20-30 years the Middle East will turn into a multicultural cemetery with an oasis in the form of Israel. If only you, my brainy friend, will not do your best to help the desert to swallow up this oasis. But you will, I have no doubts.
One more step, and instead of the cradle of humanity only a scorched desert of hatred will be left here. And this desert will spread to the North and South, to the East and West. It will enter the open doors of your house; devour you and your family, yours clubs, cafes, libraries, theaters, and galleries. You have got used to freedom; you dont know what the world without freedom is. I know it because I have grown up in communist Moscow. But I also know the Middle East. And believe me, in comparison to the new Caliphate the Soviet empire of the 60ies and 70ies would seem a paradise. The new rulers of the world will not only shut your mouth, but turn your soul inside out.
I pity you. Though, sorry. Not any longer.

° “To be French today means to be not only ethnic French, but Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Jew, Arab and even Spanish” (Francois Mitterrand)

A cheap peace show scheduled for September

Bush announced another Middle East conference on Israeli-Palestinian peace. Israel requested participation of the Wahhabite Saudi Arabia and such oddballs as Morocco and Bahrain whose relation to Israeli-Palestinian peace is dubious. Saudis are unlikely to talk to Israel.
Bush demanded that Israel helps Abu Mazen, and suggested that Jews develop Negev desert and Arab-dominated Galilee and forget about Judea and Samaria.