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Some Jews are less equal than others

Rocket hits SderotThe Israeli government has accepted a ceasefire arrangement with Hamas under which the terrorist group will refrain from firing missiles at larger Israeli cities such as Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Beersheba, but will be permitted to continue small-scale attacks on Sderot and the Negev kibbutzim.

Think about it: Hamas is concerned that its credibility with Gazans will be damaged unless it keeps up its attacks on some Jewish cities, but the Israeli government’s credibility remains intact if Hamas attacks some Jewish towns.

The ceasefire reinstates an earlier situation in which Hamas fired at backwater Jewish communities at will while IDF contented itself with striking empty shacks in Gaza.

Belated truth from IDF

The chief of Northern Command confirmed that the Arrow and Iron Dome missile defense systems are intended to defend military installations and not population centers.

For years, these systems were touted as Israelis’ defense against rocket fire. We’ve been saying all along that the Iron Dome cannot defend Sderot.

Not all Jews are alike

An intelligence brief circulated in the Knesset warns that Hamas has acquired rockets with a 50-mile range, enough to strike Tel Aviv.

The immorality of this warning is stunning. Are the three-mile rockets which hit Sderot regularly somehow less dangerous than those which might hit Tel Aviv? Why is a potential threat to Tel Aviv emphasized more than the long-standing threat to Sderot, Ashdod, and Ashkelon? We know, why: because politically influential Jews reside in the Tel Aviv area—and who cares about any others?

IDF confirms: Iron Dome is worthless

For some time we’ve been arguing that the touted Iron Dome missile defense is practically useless because it is just too expensive to operate: a $200,000 interceptor missile for a $100 rocket.

The army has decided against deploying the Iron Dome in Sderot. The available systems will only be deployed during war.

Muslims need a Jewish buck

JDC and other Jewish charities have begun to provide massive assistance to flood victims in Pakistan.

Which is no surprise, really, given the fact that the Israeli government supplies aid even to Gaza.

JDC could not find money to help reinforce public buildings in Sderot, but it must believe that there is such a shortage of needy Jews that a major Jewish charity must aid our enemies.

Lieberman more expensive than haredim

Two years ago, Livni failed to form a government over a $250 million subsidy to the haredim. At the time, Netanyahu lambasted the unprincipled negotiations.

In order to preserve Lieberman in the coalition government and entice his Knesset faction to vote for the budget, Netanyahu allocated $1.1 billion for Lieberman’s pet projects. Among these is the practically defunct Ministry of Absorption, which will receive $200 million—more than the amount the government sought and failed to find to reinforce public buildings in Sderot.

Iron Dome is too expensive for Sderot

The Haaretz reported that the Iron Dome anti-missile defense will not be deployed in Sderot at the Negev kibbutzim, which suffer from Kassam attacks.

The Iron Dome was touted as the ultimate defense for Sderot, but we have pointed out all along that it cannot be used against Kassams for economic reasons: a $200,000 interceptor missile for a $100 projectile.

The Iron Dome will be deployed at IAF bases and other military installations to defend against Fajr rockets, which are still very rare. As for Sderot—who in the government cares about it?

Collective punishment, so what?

Amnesty International made some waves with its latest report on Gaza, which claims Israel’s blockade is collective punishment. Of course it is—and the Palestinian shelling of Sderot is collective punishment, too. And so is every war.

The collective punishment of the blockade only becomes a problem when Israeli doves insist that we’re conducting some police operation in Gaza rather than fighting a Jewish-Muslim war.

African illegals to cost Israel billions

The government approved a separation wall in Sinai to stave off not “smugglers and terrorists,” as it claimed, but actually illegal African migrants. Some 40,000 of them have entered Israel already. At their current breeding rate, in ten years they will become 3% of the Israeli population.

The wall is estimated to cost about $300 million, which is nonsense. If the current cost of the separation barrier is any indicator, the actual cost will be close to $9 billion—at a time when the government can’t scramble $100 million to reinforce Sderot schools against new types of rockets. Palestinians have already learned to scale the wall, and the Africans will do likewise.

Egyptian border policemen fight illegals on the cheap by shooting them.

Which way will the Iron Dome go?

The anti-Kassam system has passed another successful test and will be deployed near Sderot this year—a sign that the government does not expect peace anytime soon. The Iron Dome expends a $200,000 rocket for each $100 Kassam projectile.

On one hand, the Iron Dome will provoke terrorists to shoot more rockets at Israel: they can both show activity to their sponsors and avoid irritating IDF with Jewish civilian casualties. Other other hand, the Iron Dome will make rocket launching futile and might eventually lead to the collapse of the Kassam industry.

The Iron Dome does not intercept shells, an increasing part of the fire from Gaza.

Government: The war is forever

The cabinet approved approximately $100 million subsidy for Sderot, a significant amount by Israeli standards. The fortification, not expected to be completed before 2012, shows the government’s confidence in the peace process.

They’re all so good – before

Sarah Palin pleased Jews by voicing support for expansion of Israeli settlements, though apparently she had no idea the settlements are beyond Israel’s international border.

Obama, too, urged Israel to defend Sderot by any means—when he was here during his election campaign.

Truth be told, Israeli leaders also become dovish and anti-Semitic upon entering office.

Gaza rockets: Now it’s serious

Israeli Military Intelligence revealed that Palestinians in Gaza have successfully tested Iranian-made rockets with a 40-mile range, which would allow them to target Tel Aviv.

Leftists ignored the rocket threat to Sderot, but would support bombing Gaza into dust for an attack on Tel Aviv.

It is often alleged that terrorists have an implicit arrangement withIsrael to avoid shelling high-ticket spots. Out of 12,000 rockets from Gaza, none hit Israeli gas and oil terminals nearby, and Hezbollah is careful to direct its rocket fire toward poor villages across the border rather than at a handful of affluent and influential kibbutzim at the same range.

UN ignores 90,000 signatures

No official from the UN office in Jerusalem went out to pick up a letter delivered by Sderot children. The letter, signed by 90,000 people from various countries, demands that Hamas be tried in the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

But why would the UN prosecute Hamas when world powers engage it in the political process? The US ignores the deaths of dozens of its peaceful citizens in Hamas terrorist attacks.

A Zionist: Israel committed crimes against humanity

As we predicted, the UN’s Gaza report by Judge Goldstone came out even-handed: both Israel and Hamas are guilty of war crimes and suspected of crimes against humanity.

As the old joke goes, the sausages are made equally of horses and quails: one horse for one quail. News consumers won’t delve into the report to see the sequence of events and find out that Hamas is the culprit, or that Hamas deliberately committed war crimes while Israel did her utmost to avoid them.

Moreover, Hamas’ crimes will be discounted because they are expected.

Israel will be forced to comply with the report and launch her own investigation of the “crimes,” lest the matter be referred to the International Criminal Court. Hamas won’t launch a similar investigation, and the UN will technically be required to pass the Hamas case over to the ICC, but Arab countries will block that move.

Shimon Peres quipped that Goldstone would have written the report differently if his children were living in Sderot. We add, Peres would have acted differently against Hamas if his children were living in Sderot.

Goldstone wrote the report as even-handedly as he possibly could. Indeed, it is impossible to conduct a military operation without “war crimes.” He erred when accepted the UN nomination and lent the investigation his high prestige and Jewishness.

Goldstone’s daughter described him as a Zionist who loves Israel. With friends like this, who needs enemies…

Bank of Israel ends 10-month madness

After ten months of purchasing $100 million a day, the Bank finally gave up on beating the world markets, stopped interventions, and allowed the dollar to fall to its due place against the shekel.

The Bank’s reckless policy leaves Israel with whopping $52 billion of reserves. In a very short while, when the dollar falls against the shekel by no less than 10%, Israeli taxpayers will lose about 18 billion shekels through the devaluation of their dollar reserves.

That’s in a country which could not find 400 million shekels to reinforce Sderot against rocket attacks…

5 people, 450 mil shekels

As the death toll from swine flu in Israel reached a whopping five people, the media launched a doomsday campaign.

Instead of recognizing the flu as utterly insignificant compared to other causes of death, the government pleaded with America, Germany, and Britain for emergency supplies. The hysteria means a windfall for pharmaceutical companies, and is expected to cost Israeli taxpayers some $130 million—more than would have been required to reinforce schools in Sderot against a very real threat; at that time, no money was found.

From lies to statistics

Media are touting a report by an ultra-left outfit called the Israel European Policy Network, which makes a horrendous allegation: the Israeli government subsidizes settlements 22 percent more than the Smaller Israel towns. Subsidies make up 57 percent of the settlements’ budgets, as opposed to 35 percent for towns inside the Green Line.

The report’s authors lumped small and heavily subsidized towns in Negev and Galilee together with tax-positive industrial cities. Among the small towns, subsidies of 50-60 percent are normal, and the norm is close to 100 percent in Israeli Arab towns.

The municipal budgets of the settlements also reflect their security needs. When Israel decided to cut short the security expenses at Gush Katif, we spent hundreds of times more on reinforcing Sderot, developing an anti-missile shield, and the Cast Lead operation.

Settlements receive just about $300 per head from the government.

Obama on toleration

Speaking in Cairo, Obama called the situation of the Palestinians “intolerable.” The highest economic growth-rate among Arab countries, you see, is intolerable. And the Israeli roadblocks which stop so many terrorists—they are intolerable, too.

Obama did not refer to the situation in Sderot as intolerable.

Obama suggested that Jews can improve their security by lifting the Gaza blockade.

Israel refrains from political assassinations

Hamas arrested its leader Haniye’s driver, who worked for Shabak for some time. Despite the war in Gaza and the thousands of rockets which hit Sderot, the Israeli government refused to assassinate Haniye, though it had full access to the info on his location.

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