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Court: Arab murderer did not intend to kill Jewish cop

In 2008, an Arab scavenger murdered a Jewish traffic police officer near Mitzpeh Ramon. The Arab was stealing copper cables, the officer tried to stop him, and the Arab drove over the cop.

The court found that the Arab, who dragged the Jew’s body under his car for 100 feet, did not intend to kill him, and convicted the Arab of  mere manslaughter.

Kadima and Fatah against Israeli government

A new scandal: Kadima’s faction chief Haim Ramon was overheard talking with Palestinian negotiator Erekat. Ramon advised him on how to confront Netanyahu during the peace negotiations. Ramon often used we when speaking about Kadima and Fatah.

Surely no charges of high treason will be filed against Ramon.

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Tibi again: Jews must go

Israeli MK Ahmed Tibi, a friend of Shimon Peres and Haim Ramon, addressed the Fatah conference. Tibi proclaimed that “whoever came in last will go out first”—namely, Jews from Palestine. Tibi demanded a Palestinian state free of Jews.

A year ago, the Supreme Court refused to ban Tibi’s party for anti-Israeli activities

Kadima sets a sole demand to Netanyahu

Echoing Sheetrit’s remarks, Haim Ramon announced that Kadima does not care about portfolios in Netanyahu’s government, but only about being able to continue negotiations on ceding Jewish land to Palestinians.

Why is this dead-end diplomacy with Palestinian terrorists so important for pragmatic Kadima? Because that’s what their puppeteers from Obama’s Administration ask for.

Kadima officials speak too well of Netanyahu: that he won’t give up a single settlement, and that he will stop the “peace process.” He’s obviously not that firm, but they demonize him before their American masters.

Netanyahu offered Kadima nine ministerial portfolios and promoted Livni to vice premier, assuring that the unity government will be paralyzed. Netanyahu lacks the guts of Olmert to force government decisions against Livni and Barak’s wishes.

Likud avoids Lieberman’s demands

Though both parties hail the agreement, in reality there is none. Likud merely agreed to “examine the possibility” of anti-Arab changes in the Israeli Citizenship Act and expressed the belief that all Israeli citizens must profess loyalty. Likud also sidestepped the demands of quickie conversion and civil marriages for non-Jews.

Lieberman’s acquiescence to Likud’s vague promises shows how little is he concerned with his electoral platform.

Haim Ramon confirmed that Kadima did not even discuss the citizenship/loyalty issue with Yisrael Beitenu, though both parties claimed agreement on all of Lieberman’s demands.

The day Netanyahu used murder to become prime minister

by Barry Chamish

I asked you not to vote, but only a third of you agreed. So here is what is being connived for you wasting your time: The “nationalist” camp won sixty-five seats, while the “moderate” camp won fifty-five seats, including eleven Arab parties. The Jews swamped the “peace” camp. But that camp had one party that got the most votes, Kadima, and the nation’s president, Shimon “the Pieman” Peres, comes from Kadima. So, although the nationalist leader Binyamin Netanyahu could put together a government in a matter of days, the “moderate” leader Tzipi Livni will get the first shot at government-building by Peres. It’s going to take a pile of bribery and blackmail, but she’s going to cobble together a coalition including Yisrael Beitenu, Shas, Labor, and—get ready—if the fight becomes deadly enough, even their true ideological partner, the Likud.
Sounds bizarre; the loser becomes the winner? It’s nothing. I was in court, front and center, for the rigging of the 1996 Israeli elections by Netanyahu. Now follow closely—I rarely have the opportunity to be nostalgic.

On April 3, 1997, I was supposed to lecture at Hebrew University on Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; the lecture was organized by my still formidable friend, Brian Bunn. As it turned out, the Labor Party, led by Knesset member Eitan Cabel and the secret service, Shabak, organized a violent rally against me that turned me into front page news. The intent was to humiliate me, but the result was the start of my new career as a political crimes writer. Not that I’m thanking them; they didn’t mean to and it’s an insecure life, although there are rewards, like you reading this.

The morning after the riot, I received a phone call from Yaacov Mor. He introduced himself as, “The economist for the Minister of Welfare And Social Affairs, Eli Yishai.” Today Yishai is the leader of the Shas Party. Mor continued, “But I previously worked for the Shabak. What I want to know is what you have that made the Shabak try to bury you.”
So I invited Mor to my home to see my evidence. Back then I had some eighty documents. Not the 2500 I ended up with, but they were devastating in proving Yigal Amir did not shoot Rabin. I had the police ballistics results showing that Rabin was shot at point blank, something Amir could not physically have done, and I had the hospital reports declaring that Rabin was shot three times, and once from the front, neither of which Amir was responsible for.
Yaacov was a naturally sympathetic fellow, and without hesitation I handed him my evidence collection, which he read in silence over the next half hour. When he finished, he put his right index finger vertically over his lips and used his left hand to guide me outside. When we reached the street, he said, “I’m not talking in your house. You have to be thoroughly bugged. Do you know those documents are authentic?”
I said I did.
“Then why didn’t you get a job in Nepal or have an ‘accident?’ Do you know how high up this murder had to go?”
I answered that I did know how high up it had to go.
“I’ll tell my Minister what I saw and I’m sure he’ll contact you.”
The next morning Eli Yishai’s secretary called me. “Minister Yishai would like to have your documents, and in return, he will give you the most important story of the Rabin assassination. Do you agree?”
Indeed I did. In fact, I would have given him the documents anyway; that’s how much I still believed in the inherent honesty of the political system. That would change for good in the next two days.
Bright and chipper, Yaacov picked me up for the cheery ride to building Kirya 3, opposite the Knesset, and home to Eli Yishai’s office. I made a little error, giving my documents to the secretary before I closed the deal. She guided me into a small office, closed the door, and I heard a vigorous conversation in the hall outside. Finally, the Shas Spokesman, Yisrael Sudri, then twenty-four or so (and I believe he holds the same job today), came in, shut the door behind him, and sat down.
“The Minister could not attend the meeting,” he announced, “But he wants you to know that he backs every claim I will make.”
A bit of a comedown, but I accepted the arrangement— like I really had a choice.
“It’s about the 1996 elections…Netanyahu didn’t win. Peres won by 3 percent just like all the polls had it. But the Likud had documents, and we think you’ve collected some of them. We’re sure of it, actually. In February of ‘96, the leaders of the Likud met the leaders of Labor for a frank discussion of the elections. The Likud presented the documents, then someone, we think Netanyahu, held a few in his hand and said, ‘If you bring up the name of Yitzhak Rabin even once in your campaign, we’ll release these to the media.’ Netanyahu lifted another bundle of documents and said, ‘If Peres wins our tv debate, we’ll release these.’ Finally, he takes all the documents and says, ‘And if Peres wins the elections, we’ll release them all.’
“Now, I don’t have to remind you that Rabin’s name was not mentioned once in Labor’s campaign and that Peres looked like a scary monster on the tv debate. But how could the election results be faked? We are going to leave you the name and phone number of a Tel Aviv law school PhD candidate. His thesis is on the ‘96 elections. He’ll tell you.”
I arranged to meet the PhD lawyer-to-be at a very empty and remote Tel Aviv restaurant. We sat in the remotest table and he made his voice inaudible at a range of five meters. In fact he almost whispered the whole meeting. As it turned out, it didn’t help.
“This Labor-Likud partnership destroyed over 160,000 votes for Peres, and replaced them with spoiled ballots.”
Back to the present. That’s almost 5 percent of the vote spoiled. In the 2000 elections, there was a highly publicized campaign to deliberately spoil votes as a protest, and ‘only’ 61,000 were spoiled.
“Think back to the election night. Peres was declared the winner by all the polls but refused to address and thank his crowd in Tel Aviv. But at midnight, a smiling Netanyahu addressed a half-empty rally in Jerusalem promising them that by morning he would be Prime Minister. Then at 2 AM, the revolution in vote change appears out of nowhere. By morning, Netanyahu has won. He knew the results were fixed.”
I added an obvious thought. “So the Likud’s documents proved Peres murdered Rabin?”
He gazed at the table and answered, “Is there another possibility?”
The lawyer-to-be added, “I trust you. I have strong proof that the vote destruction was organized by Interior Minister Chaim Ramon. Contact me tomorrow and we’ll meet again to see my thesis.”
The next day, he called me. “I got a phone call. We can’t meet.” I asked, “Do you mean today?” He replied, “I mean ever.” He hung up for good and I don’t recall his name.
But I told his story to audiences whenever I felt it was appropriate. The usual reaction was, “So why didn’t Netanyahu use the documents to get rid of Peres and Labor for good?” The answer is Labor and Peres have enough information on Netanyahu to have made this a one-election deal. That’ll do until and if the whole story is ever told by someone who was there.
Then, in Bet Shemesh in 2001, I told the story to a crowd of over eighty, and one response hit the jackpot. The man said, “I was an election poll supervisor and when the polls closed, we took votes for Peres out of the boxes and burnt them out back. We replaced them with spoiled votes and resealed the boxes. I never understood who allowed this to happen, but I didn’t want Peres elected so I played ball.”
As for story back-up, my Bet Shemesh organizer was David Morris. Another eighty people heard the truth about this man’s polling station at the lecture. As for Sudri, I chose to expose him after he appeared at Peres’ eightieth birthday bash. I was protesting outside when he appeared. I told him, “How could you celebrate Peres? I know what you told me?” He walked by, then turned around and shouted, “You’re ruining the country.”

So when I suggest that voting props up a political system run by murderers and their aiders and abetters, remember that when Shimon Peres gives Tzipi Livni the nod to form a coalition including Eli Yishai’s Shas Party. But if Netanyahu is somehow given the first shot, recall that he still holds the big cards on Peres.

Hamas fights valiantly

IAF strikes apparently disrupted Hamas’ command-and-control system, and the invading IDF troops encountered no massive resistance. Isolated small groups of Hamas, PIJ, PLFP, PRC, and other militants fight bravely against the vastly superior Jewish enemy. Some behave suicidally, but most engage in sensible defensive battles.

Close to a hundred Hamas and PIJ members were wounded, close to two dozen killed, and more than thirty Israeli soldiers were wounded. Palestinians report up to eighteen Israeli soldiers dead, which IDF denies.
PRC detonated at least one anti-tank C4 mine of the type Hezbollah uses to blow Israeli tanks into pieces.

IDF bulldozers are attempting to clear a no-man’s land several miles deep into Gaza to prevent Kassam fighting, but that won’t help against newer Kassams with longer range and Katyusha rockets.

In the most disturbing move, the government approved mobilization of “tens of thousands” of reservists, which is huge by Israeli standards. The reservists will be trained at various camps for a very short time before the “third stage,” which involves massive area-combing. In the best case scenario, the Israeli government presses Hamas and foreign mediators into a meaningful ceasefire; how such a ceasefire can be better than Lebanon’s is not clear. But there is a possibility that the Cabinet intends to root out Hamas officials and install Fatah in Gaza—at the cost of significant Jewish casualties in guerrilla attacks.

The ground operations’ goals are unclear. Olmert-Barak-Livni refused Ramon and Yishai’s motion to topple Hamas’ government.

Ramon: No agreement on Gaza operations

Israeli media reported on Olmert-Barak’s decision to respond militarily to rocket attacks from Gaza. As we’d expected, they meant continuation of hyper-expensive and ineffective air strikes against rocket launchpads. Haim Ramon confirmed our expectation, saying that no agreement was reached on a large-scale invasion of Gaza.

Barak is right in the sense that no military operation can dislodge Hamas. After Israel’s disengagement from Gaza and especially during the ceasefire, Hamas built a viable 20,000-strong militia; prepared tunnels, trenches, and foxholes; laid anti-tank mines; and prepared for long-term guerrilla warfare. IDF will occupy Gaza illegally, but will immediately suffer from guerrilla attacks much stronger than Hezbollah’s. Hamas will use human shields, fire from settled areas and residential buildings, score PR victories from dead civilians, and generally drive the IDF away—unless there’s a political decision to depopulate the terrorist nest altogether.

Hamas agreed to a short-term renewal of ceasefire, and the attacks are carried out now by smaller groups. By now, Hamas has realized that the Israeli government won’t accept any sweeter terms of ceasefire. Temporary calm will ensue soon.

Kadima bosses cry for Olmert to step down

Haim Ramon has become the latest Kadima mafioso to demand that Olmert relinquish his post. Their calls have nothing to do with justice. It is widely assumed in the study of elections that an acting head of state automatically receives an extra 10-20 percent of the vote. If Tzipi replaces Olmert substantially before the elections, she would garner a lot of otherwise undecided votes. For this reason, Netanyahu hasn’t joined the chorus demanding Olmert’s resignation.

If Olmert steps down, there’s no chance that a Kadima-Avodah government would attack Iran.

Ramon proposes stupid anti-terror plan for Gaza

VP Haim Ramon called for razing the Gazan villages from which Kassam rockets are fired after offering their inhabitants the opportunity to leave.

Hamas would organize some residents to stay in the villages demonstratively, and Israel won’t shell a live human shield. Practically speaking, all residents never leave. Some hide in basements, others are too old to move. Hamas will just score a PR victory from the bombed villages and rebuild them quickly like Hezbollah did. If PIJ launches rockets from two dozen villages, Israel cannot keep destroying all of them. The cost of demolishing Gazan villages with artillery fire is unreasonable.

But why evacuate the inhabitants? PIJ doesn’t offer a warning before striking at Sderot.

The government surrenders separation barrier to Palestinians

The currently discussed plan offers Palestinian enemies 98.1% of the West Bank. That area includes Jewish land far east of the separation barrier which was meant as the worst-case border. In other words, Palestinians will receive the land inside the Small Israel, including such major towns as Maaleh Adumim.
Palestinians will gain water rights to the Dead Sea and Kineret for predatory pumping.
Ramon, a know-it-all, remarked that undoubtedly no settlements, even those east of the separation barrier, would remain under Israeli sovereignty.
The massive plan of Israeli evacuation is actually very good, and I wonder whether Olmert means it this way. A plan which would leave the settlement blocs within Israel and evict only a handful of faraway settlements is possible to implement, but the current plan, which proposes the eviction of 200,000 Jews, cannot be carried out.

Haim Ramon offers settlers 1.1 mil pieces of silver

Every settler beyond the green line who would voluntarily move to the Negev will receive 370,000 times more than Judas did in the nominal terms; Judas got merely 30 shekels of Tyre. In purchasing parity terms, Judas’ horde amounted to 4-months wage; the settlers would receive 550 times more than that. With an average settler family being six people, each one would receive about 100 times the Judas’ wages. Not a bad deal.
At the government session, Olmert solemnly announced abandoning the idea of the Greater Israel. He acknowledged that Palestinian statehood won’t bring peace, but remarked gloomily that the only alternative is a bi-national state. The government did not discuss the other alternative, keeping the land and expelling the Arabs.
As always, the defeatist Jews couched their treason in the terms of righteousness and proving to the world how good the Jews are.
On the positive side, Livni would be too weak to expel tens of thousands of settlers like Sharon did. On the negative side, the government can just leave them there, and let the Palestinian enemies expel those Jews.

Government offers settlers voluntary disengagement

The government sets to debate Ramon’s plan on paying Jewish pioneers in Judea and Samaria to leave their villages and groves.
Why doesn’t the government pay the Arabs to get out? It is apparently not racism for leftist loonies to ask Jews to leave.

Politics on Jewish blood

Left-wingers seized on the opportunity provided to them by the Arab terrorist in Jerusalem. Sexual predator Haim Ramon demanded to wall Jerusalem off the Arab communities in its eastern part. In other words, the prime minister of vice says that by dividing Jerusalem we would end the Palestinian terrorism. Ramon, a convicted criminal, lacks in logic: the terrorist was an Israeli resident like 300,000 others. He worked at construction in the center of modern Jerusalem. His terrorist act was claimed by Free Galilee Battalions, an organization of Israeli Arab citizens.
A normal answer, a biblical answer to Arab terrorism would be to expel Palestinians, not to wall Jews off as in ghetto.
On other hand, Ramon’s argument makes sense: numerous Palestinian villages are in no way “East Jerusalem.” If not expelling the residents, divesting from them with a wall is a sensible choice.

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Visitors to enemy states banned from the Knesset

The new law bars Israeli citizens who visited enemy states (every Muslim state except Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, and Oman) from running for Knesset. The law offers a loophole: the visitors retain their electoral rights if they can prove that they did not provide support to Israel’s enemies.
Shaul Mofaz, Education Minister (Peace Now founder) Yuli Tamir, Haim Ramon, Ami Ayalon opposed the bill in order to raise their own popularity with Israeli Arabs.
The bill, technically an amendment for the Knesset Basic Law, received 52 votes rather than 61 (absolute majority) and stands to be overturned by the Supreme Court.

Israel confirms ceasefire about nothing

Hamas and other militants will end the attacks and promised falsely to stop arms smuggling into Gaza.
Israel will allow humanitarian cargo into Gaza, which she does anyway.
It looks that the government explicitly exhausts peaceful options before an invasion of Gaza. After Israel refuses to fully open the crossings into Gaza and continues hunting Hamas, PIJ, PRC operatives in Gaza, Palestinian terrorists would retaliate and Israel will invade Gaza.
Haim Ramon asked rhetorically, “What is the point of being moderate if Hamas got the truce?”
Just a few days ago, Olmert, Barak reiterated that any ceasefire with Hamas would include return of Cpl.Shalit. Of course, they lied.

Kadima, Avodah fight over who is worse

After Barak accused Olmert of somehow restraining the invasion of Gaza with Kadima primaries, the convicted sex offender cum vice prime minister Haim Ramon lashed at Barak. According to Ramon, Barak repeatedly postponed the operation in Gaza amid Olmert’s insistence on it.
Barak gains a lot of clout internationally with the current ceasefire negotiations, and such clout is indispensable for his out-of-the-government business lobbying activities. Barak also loathe a successful invasion of Gaza which would boost Olmert’s public approval.

Israel rejects ceasefire with Gaza

Defense Minister Ehud Barak formally delivered Israeli rejection of the Egyptian brokered ceasefire to the ailing dictator Hosni Mubarak. According to Barak, the ceasefire should not only include almost-impossible cessation of weapons smuggling from Egypt into Gaza, but an altogether impossible end to terrorist funding. In other words, Hamas should refuse all donations.
Sexual predator cum vice prime minister Haim Ramon announced that Israeli government negotiates with Hamas through Egypt. Oddly, that leftist who is willing to cede Jerusalem to Arabs, rejects ceasefire with Hamas.

Ramon: When Rice says, we do

The sexual predator Ramon is now obsessed with another lady. He announced, “If the Rice says the outposts should have been dismantled yesterday, we cannot leave them for a few more months.”

Government rejects Ramon’s plan

Haim Ramon demanded cutting off electricity and gas supplies to Gaza in response to rocket attacks. Government decided on a milder option of theatrical war, sending Jewish soldiers in Gaza for short, senseless incursions. A better option would be to cut water supply to Gaza.
Curiously, Hamon is a peacenick, ready to partition Jerusalem and give away Judea and Samaria to Arabs. The convicted sexual offender is eager to repress both religious Jews (on Judea and Jerusalem issues) and religious Arabs (Hamas).