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PLO wants invitation to Tehran

Salam FayyadPro-Western PM Fayyad protested Iran’s invitation to Hamas. The terrorist group was invited to the meeting of Non-Aligned Movement, which has degenerated into a supporter of rogue and terrorist regimes.

But Fayyad did not protest because Hamasniks are terrorists or because Tehran’s nuclear weapons could annihilate Ramallah as easily as Tel Aviv. He is concerned that the invitation to Hamas undermines Palestinian unity — that is, the unity between Israeli-financed Fatah and Iranian-financed Hamas.

Police arrest two Arabs for lynching; hundreds of others?

The Shabak security service has arrested two Hamas members who confessed to participating in the lynching of IDF soldiers twelve years ago in Ramallah. For such a crime, Shabak may as well arrest a few hundred random Arabs in that town, since the lynch mob was huge. The purpose of the move was to show that it was bad Hamas rather than normal Arabs who lynched our brothers.

As usual, the Arabs were arrested at great risk to soldiers rather than killed on the spot.

IDF intercepts 5 IEDs

IDF intercepted five IEDs at a checkpoint near Ramallah. Despite the proven efficacy of checkpoints, the  government keeps ordering the army to remove them.

07 May 2012 Posted in army

Another nice Arab family beat an 82-year-old nun

Four Arabs—a father, his son, and his two brothers—assaulted an elderly woman at her home in Haifa. The Arabs stopped beating her only when she pretended to be dead. They took about one thousand dollars.

But some Jews are worse than Arabs. Eleven Arabs have been indicted for the aggravated assault of two Jewish reservists in Haifa. This was no assault, however, but a terrorist attack in which the Arabs attempted to lynch the Jews, screaming accordingly. Even the Arab judge in the Haifa court compared the attack to the lynching of Israeli reservists in Ramallah eleven years ago, but the prosecution maintained it was not terrorism.

Why risk Jewish lives for an Arab scoundrel?

Umm al FahmA hundred Jews from the Israeli special forces risked their lives in Ramallah to free an Arab from Umm al Fahm. Other Arabs had kidnapped him after his father, a building contractor reneged on a $130,000 debt to them.

If the government was concerned with formalities, such as citizen equality before the law, we could as well argue that no Arabs from Umm al Fahm serve in Israeli combat forces. Or, still more legally, once the Arab was taken to Ramallah he became Fatah’s police problem, not ours.

Palestinians call European bluff

Abbas and SarkoziFatah and Hamas leaders proceeded with their reconciliation meeting in Egypt even though the EU threatened to cut off aid to the PA if Hamas joins the government without recognizing Israel. And the Arabs bet correctly.

Right now, Israel, the US, and EU finance even the Hamas-only government in Gaza, pretending that their aid money goes directly to public servants. No doubt a similar arrangement would exist for the West Bank.

Hamas, however, has little incentive to join Fatah in the bankrupt and discredited Ramallah government. Ruling the enclave in Gaza unilaterally and with few responsibilities (as the Strip is supplied by the UNRWA) is a much better option. Hamas gains more by waiting for the Fatah government to fail on its own. Fatah leaders are also loathe to disrupt their cozy relations with Israel by bringing Hamas into the government.

Shimon Peres expressed his hope that the political distance between Israel and Palestine on the peace process would be no greater than the geographical distance between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

The problem is, the Palestinians do not want Ramallah as their capital—they want Jerusalem.

Feeding the enemies

The Fatah Revolutionary Council ended its convention in Ramallah with a refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. That is, the Palestinians refuse to abandon the ‘right of return.’

It is mind-boggling that a conference of Israel’s enemies takes place a few miles from government buildings in Jerusalem, with IDF stationed in the vicinity, and Israeli citizens are forced to support the Fatah via tax transfers.

What country’s leader who was not an overt traitor would have missed the chance to bomb them all while they assembled conveniently in our gunsights?

Ramallah MP arrested

Israel again arrested Mahmoud al Ramahi, Hamas’ Secretary General and an MP from the district of Ramallah. Ramahi spent years in Israeli jail as a pawn to be exchanged for Shalit.

But what is the point of his arrest? If a Hamas top official in the West Bank is dangerous for Israel, then all the more dangerous are Hamas leaders in Gaza. But they travel freely and feel safe from Israeli strikes which target empty huts. Ramahi was arrested not because he is dangerous for Israel, but for creating troubles for the Fatah. IDF thus acts as the PLO mercenaries.

IDF also arrested 11 other terrorists. No one imagines they will serve their sentences. Rather, Israel will release them in the next prisoner exchange.

Beilin emerges as unlikely right-winger

Yossi BeilinFormer Meretz party leader, a ‘Peres poodle’ and one of the smartest scoundrels in Israeli politics, Yossi Beilin is calling for the establishment of limited Palestinian statehood.

Short of expelling the Arabs from Judea and Samaria, this is by far Israel’s best option. Let’s support Palestinian calls for unilateral statehood. Let them have a state in Ramallah, and leave the issues of Jerusalem and the settlements pending forever.

In contrast to Beilin, avowed right-wing Knesset speaker Rivlin calls for the annexation of Judea and Samaria into a binational state. What better way could there be to lose the Jewish supermajority in Israel? We, too, suggest annexation—but the state must relentlessly employ every remotely legal measure to push the Arabs out.

Fatah appeals to Israeli fifth column

Israeli media dutifully gathered for a press conference in Ramallah to air the views of the Fatah chieftain. Abbas has apparently accepted Olmert’s peace offer, which would allow Israel to keep the settlement blocs in exchange for an equal amount of land in Central Israel.

The only point of contention is that Olmert, in a last attempt to preserve a modicum of self-respect, agreed to abandon the Temple Mount to an international consortium in which Muslims would have three votes (Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia), Christians one vote (the United States), and Jews one. The arrangement would have assured Muslims of de facto sovereignty but, being more honest than Olmert, they demanded de jure sovereignty.

Israeli ‘apartheid’: roads for Palestinians only

In the wake of the scandal over the opening of Route 443 to enemy traffic, the IDF revealed that it has spent $40 million to build roads for the Palestinians.

No Jews are allowed on those roads, which connect Arab villages to Ramallah.

This is how Israeli ‘apartheid’ works: Jews pay for Palestinian-only roads and for Israeli roads which the Palestinians use freely.

What did they agree to?

Upon his return from Washington, Ehud Barak announced the the Israeli-US crisis is over. Since Obama did not give in on appeasing the mullahs, we can deduce that Israel has given up on attacking Iran.

In two days, Mitchell will begin shuttling between Jerusalem and Ramallah to conduct silly indirect talks. In Israel as in Northern Ireland…

Abbas demanded the Jordan Valley as a precondition for entering the ‘peace’ talks. Netanyahu certainly remembers that his predecessor Yitzhak Rabin was killed after he refused to abandon the Jordan Valley to the Arabs. Bibi will be more prudent.

Private property not for Jews

In his time, Meir Kahane was condemned for arguing that Israeli Arabs should have personal but not political rights. Well, Israeli Jews do not have even that much.

According to Israel Land Fund data, private Jewish land holdings in East Jerusalem and onward to Ramallah suffice for constructing 187,000 homes and apartments. In the course of peace talks, all this land will be confiscated and given to Arabs.

Courts and authorities routinely turn a blind eye to illegal Arab construction on private Jewish land. Jews once owned huge tracts of land on the East Bank, but abandoned them to Jordan.

IDF acts in Palestinian capital

The Israeli army has arrested Maher Ouda, founder of Hamas’ Izz ad Din Kassam Brigades in Ramallah. For 20 years IDF did not arrest Ouda despite the fact that he was a wanted terrorist. But now, at a time when he has not been very active, the army acts. The Israeli government is collecting pawns for the Shalit exchange. That strategy failed when Israel imprisoned dozens of Hamas politicians, and is unlikely to succeed with its guerrillas.

Ouda lived in the Palestinian capital, which is allegedly controlled by Abbas’ US-trained police.

Biden: Jews don’t deserve a viable state

During a press conference in Ramallah, Biden reiterated American support for a “viable, contiguous Palestinian state.”  That means that the Jewish state will be cut in half by the West Bank/Gaza corridor and left without its capital and its holiest places.

As usual, Biden called on Israel to take “bold steps” toward peace—that is, offer still more staggering concessions to our sworn enemies.

Like everyone else in the world, Biden condemned Israeli construction plans in Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem. Unveiling the plan on the date of Biden’s visit to Israel could hardly be a coincidence as the government claims, but is more likely a well-deserved slap in his face.

US can afford to lose Israeli-Palestinian peace process

As Obama’s envoy Mitchell is due to arrive in Israel to begin shuttling between Jerusalem and Ramallah for the indirect peace talks, Israeli media predict that his involvement will intensify American pressure on Israel because Obama cannot afford to lose once his administration is involved directly. Wrong. Obama has lost on many issues, and his loss on this one will, at most, result in a few I-told-you-so’s in the State Department, while remaining entirely irrelevant to common Americans.

The talks are utterly senseless. Abbas rejected Olmert’s offer on Jerusalem and refugees, saying that the “gaps are too wide,” yet Netanyahu offers even less than Olmert did.

Netanyahu is also demanding Palestinian security guarantees, which Abbas cannot deliver. Besides, security is impossible in a situation in which, for example, a plane landing in Palestine could attack Tel Aviv 9/11 style within about three minutes. By the time IAF recognized that the pilot did not err, it would be too late to shoot down the plane.

EU-trained policeman killed Israeli soldier

The head of the bureau of Ramallah police attacked an IDF jeep in the West Bank and stabbed a Druze NCO. The attacker was run over by another car while attempting escape. He was arrested, and will spend a few years in jail.

His terrorist status is questionable: though in civilian clothes, he attacked a soldier on a military mission.

Ramallah police are trained by the EU, rather than the US.

Court: ISM is not dangerous

The Supreme Court has released two ISM activists on bail. The activists had fanned Arab riots, and the army considered them sufficiently dangerous to arrest even in Ramallah.

IDF oppresses Palestinians

Evil Israeli soldiers robbed a Palestinian civilian at a checkpoint near Schem. The poor fellow lost six pipe bombs to the Zionists and was unable to continue on his mission to kill a few Jews.

Meanwhile, other Palestinian freedom fighters hurled stones at an Israeli car not far from Ramallah, wounding a Jewish woman.