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Court denies Jewish right to kill anti-Israeli activists

Rachel CorrieThe Haifa court acquitted IDF of charges of negligent homicide in the Rachel Corrie case. She died under an Israeli bulldozer while trying to protect a Palestinian house slated for demolition.

The court’s arguments are outright wrong. The situation then fell well short of war, so there is no exception to be made for military necessity. The very fact that international activists who had legally entered Israel were present at the scene and were not detained proves that no military action was being conducted at the time. The court was also mistaken in stating that the bulldozer driver could not see the activist: both the driver and officers knew that activists were routinely blocking bulldozers in the area.

The court refused to hand down a commonsense exoneration for IDF forces: that foreign activists are not civilians in any sense, but enemies in a war zone, and are as legitimate a target as Arab terrorists.

Arabs firebomb Jewish soldiers with impunity

Palestinian Arabs threw a half-dozen firebombs at IDF troops in Abu Dis area. The soldiers did not even shoot, but arrested one of the attackers and handed him over to police.

PLO wants invitation to Tehran

Salam FayyadPro-Western PM Fayyad protested Iran’s invitation to Hamas. The terrorist group was invited to the meeting of Non-Aligned Movement, which has degenerated into a supporter of rogue and terrorist regimes.

But Fayyad did not protest because Hamasniks are terrorists or because Tehran’s nuclear weapons could annihilate Ramallah as easily as Tel Aviv. He is concerned that the invitation to Hamas undermines Palestinian unity — that is, the unity between Israeli-financed Fatah and Iranian-financed Hamas.

Jews afraid to shoot Arab criminals

A Palestinian NGO, the Popular Coordination Struggle Committee, released a videotape allegedly showing several Jews in civilian clothes beating an Arab in Hebron. In fact, the video shows them dragging the Arab to an army building nearby.

The Arab was wanted for interrogation.

What is appalling here is that uniformed IDF soldiers tried to arrest the Arab, but he refused to follow their orders. Instead of employing military procedures for arresting a known suspect, the soldiers called on their comrades to overcome the Arab without hurting him. Jewish soldiers are reluctant to shoot Arabs for fear of Israeli prosecution.

White House views Arab taxis differently from Jewish

A US administration spokesman condemned ‘in the strongest terms’ (a phrase generally reserved for massacres) a Molotov cocktail attack on a Palestinian taxi.

In contrast, the White House pays no attention to similar attacks on Jewish cars, which take place almost daily.

Palestinian rapist caught six years later

DNA analysis helped police to pinpoint an Arab who raped an eleven-year-old boy in 2006. The Arab served a short fourteen-month sentence for burglary and underwent a mandatory DNA test.

For White House, Jerusalem is not Jewish

The White House slammed Romney for speaking of Jerusalem as the Jewish capital. Not that we expect that Romney would hold that position if elected, but it is still a significant comment given Washington’s ambivalent position on that issue for the last four decades.

The government spokesman accused Romney of undermining Obama’s position that Jerusalem is the Palestinian capital as well.

Israel sentences Palestinian soldier as a criminal

As often happens, a Beersheba court slapped Mohammed Mehera of the PRC with a thirty-five-year prison term for terrorist activity and participating in the murder of a Jewish soldier.

The court ruling represents Israeli schizophrenia. Those Arabs are heroes, not criminals. They are soldiers fighting vastly superior forces. They can be killed in action or detained as POWs, but there is no moral basis for sentencing them as criminals.

Israeli drones against Palestinian fishermen

The Navy has developed a new version of its unmanned Protector ship—this time with a water cannon for attacking Palestinian fishermen and Free Gaza activists. That is a highly questionable approach, as deploying water cannon requires close contact with the target, which makes the unmanned ship vulnerable to rocket attacks.

17 July 2012 Posted in army

It takes Palestinian Jew-haters to instill sense in British Jews

Relations are cooling between the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Church of England over the latter strengthening ties with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine and Israel, a pro-boycott organization.

Well, halacha bars Jews from such interfaith dialogue in the first place.

Police investigate Palestinian nationalism

According to a press release, police are investigating an incident in which Arabs hurled stones at a Jewish driver who entered their village of Kalandiya, near Jerusalem.

What exactly is there to investigate? We know that most Arabs living in this land hate Jews. This is not a crime, but nationalism, which Jews are not normal enough to express toward their enemies.

11 July 2012 Posted in Arabs

Palestinian blood is far more expensive than Jewish

Palestinian blood is far more expensive than JewishJerusalem court sentenced two police officers to 2.5 years in jail for leaving a wounded Palestinian by the roadside. The Palestinian, mind you, was driving a stolen car and was in Israel illegally. The officers left him in a public area with plenty of Arabs around, but no one offered help to him. Still, none of the Arabs were charged, but only the Jewish policemen.

Curiously, just recently an Israeli court heard a similar case: a group of Arabs and a female of Jewish origin attacked an elderly Jew at Tel Aviv beach. She was found guilty only of withholding help from the elderly man, and received a token punishment.

US trains criminals and terrorists in Palestine

Palestinian policeThe American training of the PA police force is usually described in glowing terms. It was commonly emphasized that the policemen recruited to serve the PA have committed no terrorist acts.

That myth was fractured when several US-trained policemen were arrested for terrorism, and it suffered another blow when the PA announced that it is hunting many rogue policemen who work for Hamas or engage in racketeering.

The current round of crackdowns, though much touted, cannot establish Abbas’ rule in the West Bank. On the contrary, by eschewing assassinations and summary executions, such as were common under Arafat, Abbas actually encourages the political groups that work against him.

The end of Ulpana

UlpanaThe outpost which had been a symbol of the settlement struggle has ceased to exist; the government has demolished all the homes.

Despite promises by settlement leaders and right-wing rabbis, there was no opposition, and the eviction went smoothly. The residents lost their apartments and were moved into modular homes in the village of Beth El. There is no formal agreement for the government to reimburse them for the cost of their apartments, which they owned legally.

The court refused to apply eminent domain in the textbook situation when Palestinian private land ownership is doubtful and the cost of buildings greatly exceed the cost of land.

The government’s promises to build three hundred new apartments hang in the air, as there is no official document behind those promises, and a there is lot of opposition to such construction. The government also promised never again to support any petitions to the court for the demolition of outposts, but such promises are meaningless; the courts can decide to order demolitions regardless of the government’s response.

Schools cancelled in Ashkelon due to rocket fire

School cancellations are not news in Israel; we are used to canceling classes because of Palestinian attacks. But imagine the same thing happening in any other country—towns pounded with rockets, children hiding in bunkers—while the government refuses to react to the situation as war.

Ultra-leftists receive Cannes award for the best ad

Blood donorThe Direct Lions award went to the Israeli ad that invites Jewish and Palestinian donors to exchange blood under the slogan that people won’t shoot those who have their blood.

The campaign was illegal in the first place, because blood, like organs, cannot be exported if there is domestic demand. The campaign was silly, because there were few donors, most of whom were Jews; Arabs are normal, not eager to give their blood to enemies.

The campaign is also immoral, because it is our obligation to shoot our enemies when we are at war, regardless of any blood issues.

Sinai fence: dangerous to Jews, so far

One worker was killed when terrorists infiltrated Israel from Egypt and attacked a small group working on the fence construction. By any definition, that’s an act of aggression by Egypt, but the Israeli government prefers to read it as Palestinian terrorism—though Egypt could have prevented the attack by properly sealing its border with Gaza.

A handful of Arabs were killed in the ensuing pursuit.

The fence is less than a panacea, as the Arabs have learned to scale it or break it. In the Sinai, they can obviously try to break through the fence with trucks (that trick is impossible for them in Gaza or the West Bank because IAF would pursue them and blow up the trucks. The Israeli Navy expects a surge of infiltrations by sea once the fence is completed.

Israel: nowhere to run

The government is considering a home-front plan to evacuate hundreds of thousands of Tel Aviv-area residents in the event of rocket attacks. But what is the point?

If Hezbollah and Syria were to attack us with mid-range rockets, some 5 million rather than “hundreds of thousands” of residents would need to be evacuated. From Greater Tel Aviv alone, 1.5 million people would have to be moved. But moved where?

Our southern regions are just as vulnerable to attacks from Gaza, where Palestinian factions have accumulated some 50,000 rockets, many of them not so crude.

Jewish craze: soldiers throw stones at Palestinians

Arabs throwing rocksThe IDF suspended a junior officer for failing to report a shooting incident. Actually, there is more to the story.

According to the Palestinian video—which, though inadmissible in any court proceedings, was taken by the army at face value—several Arabs attacked the soldier with stones. The Jew, fearing punishment if he were to shoot back, started throwing stones at them. A soldier, yes. He also had to fire a few shots to discourage the Arabs from lynching him.

Fearing punishment for defending himself against Arabs, the Jew did not report the incident. Which, to the army, is also a crime.

Israel and Vatican: who needs whom?

After thirteen years of deliberations, Israel and the Vatican have prepared a stripped-down economic agreement. That’s an essential requirement for full diplomatic relations, which the Vatican agreed to establish with us only in 1993.

Since then, the parties have bickered over Vatican property in Israel. Several Christian denominations cannot decide among themselves who owns what, and matters are complicated by the fact that many properties are located in the Palestinian-occupied territories.

Instead of just closing off the Vatican’s access to all these properties until the economic agreement has been signed on Israel’s terms, our government has accepted the Catholics’ demands. Halacha is unambiguous: all those properties must be demolished.

Pope in Israel