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Israel finances anti-Israeli protests

Israel’s security establishment is pressing Fayyad to end the PA’s financial and administrative involvement in “anti-fence” protests in Niilin and Biliin.

Since Israeli tax transfers are the PA’s major source of revenue, Israel indirectly finances Palestinian riots against IDF. Instead of stopping the transfers, Israel pleads with the PLO.

Palestinians defy military orders

As usual, hundreds of Palestinians staged riots at Niilin and Bilin, undeterred by IDF’s closure of the areas.

As usual, IDF reacted with rubber bullets, thus assuring the Palestinians of their safety, which will encourage them to repeat the riots the next week.

Human rights means firebombing Jews

ACRI and other ultra-left organizations lambasted the army for imposing curfews on the open areas near Niilin and Bilin villages where the leftists used to stage weekly riots and hurl stones and firebombs at soldiers.

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IDF: Hit me

The army’s spokesperson vehemently denies rumors that the troops used plastic bullets during routine Niilin riots.

The army would be stupid to hold its fire while two border policemen were wounded.

It took 5 years to indict an Arab MK

The Attorney General has finally filed an indictment against Israeli Arab MK Baradeh for assaulting policemen during the Niilin riots in 2004.

Justice is far more prompt for Israeli right-wingers, who merely resist police evicting their families.

IDF tries new anti-riot measures

At Niilin, IDF resumed using skunk bombs against rioters. Half a year ago, skunk bombs were barred unofficially because of court pressure; the Jewish court and “human rights” activists were concerned about the pervasive smell.

The Niilin anti-fence protesters are mostly renegade Israeli Jews rather than Arabs. Despite having lost their Jewishness, they have retained their brains and will counter skunk bombs with commercially available gas masks, making for nice photo ops.

Heat is bad on protesters

Due to the summer heat, both the leftists and Arabs appeared in bad mood.

Friday’s routine clashes at Niilin turned uncommonly violent as the Arabs, encouraged by leftist Jews, threw firebombs at Israeli soldiers.

Under strict orders to avoid killing the poor Arabs, the soldiers responded to the firebombs with tear gas and rubber bullets. The mild response provoked the Arabs to more riots.

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IDF cleared of murder, guilty of stupidity

The Palestinian killed in Friday’s routine riots near Niilin was properly shot with a rubber bullet, the army says.

The fellow, a known Hamas operative, had been arrested many times—and released to continue his anti-Israeli activities. It is not only the Torah, but also common sense that commands you to kill or at least expel your enemies rather than releasing them back into the West Bank after every arrest.

IDF’s mild reaction made Niilin a favorite spot for Arab and ultra-leftist rioters. The government does not allow the army to stop the riots there once and for all by using live ammunition.

Weather is fair at Niilin

In an unmistakable sign of warming, the crowd of leftist and Arab protesters against the separation barrier reached over a thousand nuts. Just one of those picnicking Arabs was wounded by a tear gas canister.

Friday show in Niilin

Enjoying themselves on the Muslim day of rest, hundreds of Arabs, along with Israeli and foreign ultra-leftists, pelted IDF with stones near Niilin. The site of the separation barrier is a hot-spot for Arabs, as tens of thousands of illegal Palestinian migrants used to sneak into Israel near Niilin, which made the villagers rich.

The show goes on every Friday.

The army used tear gas and plastic bullets, thus assuring that the Palestinians would come back the next week. Once, during the Intifada, Rabbi Kahane—an IDF reservist then—was sent to quash Arab riots in Hebron. On that day, Arabs were killed all over the West Bank, but none died in Hebron. As the Palestinians expected an exceedingly harsh response from Rabbi Kahane’s unit, they stayed at home.

Jews trying to save anti-Semite

For some hard-to-understand reason, Jewish doctors from Tel Aviv’s Tel HaShomer hospital are trying to resuscitate a foreigner named Tristan Anderson, one of the anarchist activists who attacked Israeli troops at Niilin. Anderson was struck in the head by a tear-gas canister: merciful IDF soldiers fired tear gas rather than bullets.

Tristan receives free treatment from Jews after he sought to undermine our security by damaging the separation wall.

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Leftist picnic in Niilin

Celebrating the warm weather, 400 ultra-left Israeli activists (an unusually high number) joined hands in inciting the Arabs to hurl stones at Israeli police and construction workers, who are trying to separate our country from the Palestinian-occupied territories with the barrier.

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Riots resume in Niilin

Arabs hurled stones and firebombs at Israeli police. The Arabs protest the construction of the separation barrier, as it prevents illegal migrants from coming to work in Israel; the Niilin village thrives on labor trafficking.

Recently, Israelis tried to make Niilin Arabs love Jews with a Holocaust exposition.

Unlike the Jewish teenage protesters in Tel Aviv, no Arabs were arrested.

Abomination: Holocaust museum in Niilin

Now the Arabs have an amusement park of their own: Jews have presented them with an exhibition of their suffering. Hundreds of Arabs flocked to the memorial on its opening day to enjoy the pictures of murdered Jews. The exhibition sends Esau a clear message: just as the Germans were readmitted into the family of nations immediately after Holocaust, so the Palestinians can gain international respect by killing more Jews.

The leftists chose no other place for the exhibition than Niilin, a place of daily clashes between IDF and Arab rioters.

Arab riots: it’s prayer time

Palestinian riots in IsraelAs usual on Fridays, duly incited in mosques, Palestinians rushed into the streets.

Media reported that IDF killed a twenty-year-old participant in a pro-Gaza demonstration in Hebron. The truth is that the Palestinian mob tried to break into the Jewish quarter of Hebron with obviously murderous intentions; regrettably, IDF killed just a single Arab rioter.

Routine clashes continued at the separation-wall construction site near Niilin, the place where illegal migrant workers are trafficked from the West Bank into Israel.

In Arara town in the Negev, a few thousand loyal Israeli Arabs protested against the evil Jews.

Small groups of Arabs rioted here and there in Jerusalem and other cities.

Arabs riot in Israel and the territories

In Hebron, Arabs hurled stones at the very troops who defended them just days ago against the rampaging settler youths.

Routine protests near Niilin turned violent, with almost two Arabs killed (one hasn’t died yet). Crazy Jews are investigating whether the soldiers used live bullets properly instead of the usual plastic ammunition.

Arab MKs instigated riots and supported the general strike announced by the PLO. Police arrested dozens of Arab rioters and stone-throwers.

Under the cover of the riots, the US-trained Fatah thugs deployed all over the West Bank, ostensibly to stop rioting. Normally, every town comes under their control after prolonged negotiations with the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

In East Jerusalem, Umm al Fahm, Nazareth, Lod, Haifa, other Israeli towns, Arab riots continued on a moderate scale. Two Jews who veered into the Israeli Arab town of Umm al Fahm, normally off-limits to Jews for security reasons, got badly beaten by a friendly Arab mob.

Israeli Arabs rioted under PLO flags, which are illegal in Israel. Compare this to police objections to Marzel & Associates marching in Umm al Fahm under Israeli flags. Arabs chanted their usual calls to murder Jews and “save Gaza in [Jewish] blood.”

Government persecutes Hebron shooter

The prosecution appealed a Jerusalem court’s decision to release Zeev Braude from jail to house arrest. The government acts in a purely punitive fashion. Zeev is a family man who has nowhere to flee; he’s too poor to buy a plane ticket. The police took away his weapon, and he presents no danger either to Jews or to Arabs. There is no conceivable legal reason to keep Braude in jail until trial, especially since he has not even been indicted on the ridiculous charges. According to the police version, Zeev ran into a Palestinian neighborhood, ordered all Arabs to stay in their houses, shot two of them who refused, and the Arabs lynched him in self-defense. In any country with a modicum of the rule of law, the police would be laughed out of court with such absurd charges.

Justice is altogether different when leftists, rather than the conservatives, clash with police. In a routine incident, Jewish leftists clashed with Israeli police at the construction site for the separation barrier near Nilin village. As usual, no leftists were arrested despite the fact that the clashes were much more violent than the Beit HaShalom evacuation and the leftists infringed on Israeli security.

Leftists attack Jewish supporters of Israeli police

Representatives of Im Tirzu (If you desire it) arrived in Niilin area to deliver small gifts to Border Police troops who defend the construction barrier for months against Arab and leftist hooligans. The hooligans then attacked the normal Jews, at which point scores of them got arrested.

Arabs pound Israeli soldiers with concrete blocs near Niilin

IDF opened fire, wounded merely a single Arab.

Arabs injure four policemen in Niilin clashes

Incited by Jewish and foreign ultra-leftists, Arabs protest border demarcation (separation barrier) for months. Niilin is a hub for illegal migration into Israel, where sometimes tens of thousands of illegal workers cross each day into Israel to be picked mostly by building contractors. Nilin villagers protest Israel closing the border loophole.