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Regional authorities protest government plans to settle illegals

The regional council of Ramat ha-Negev has ordered the demolition of the camp for illegals which the government had started building in the area. The camp would have hosted about 5,000 criminals.

Residents naturally object to government plans to dump 5,000 Africans on them. The idea was to remove the Africans from large cities into sparsely inhabited areas, disregarding the opinions of residents who do not want thousands of HIV-infected African Muslim criminals living nearby.

Bedouins defied court order 38 times

Bedouin villagers of Al Arakib in the Negev are protesting the government’s efforts to demolish their illegal hamlet for the thirty-ninth time. Every time the government demolishes their shacks, the Bedouins quickly rebuild them. Their persistence exceeds that of Jewish settlers.

14 June 2012 Posted in Arabs

Big deal: stopped few Bedouin infiltrators

IDF announced that they intercepted four Bedouins in the Negev who tried to cross illegally into Israel; one Arab was killed.

Yet Bedouins are roaming practically free between Sinai and Israeli Negev. Their brethren in Israel are much more effective than IDF at preventing them from moving here en masse.

Fortified road, now in the South

Free and fearless in our land, we Jews have built yet another set of fortifications, this time on Route 12 in the Negev. The road was closed for half a year following an Egyptian terrorist attack.

Instead of eradicating terrorists in the Sinai, the government hides its head behind a new wall.

Jews always owe someone

Bedouin village in NegevThe State Comptroller issued a report criticizing the government for its failure to provide adequate infrastructure and other services to some 50,000 Negev Bedouins.

It speaks of Jewish madness that the comptroller wants the government to increase its services to residents of mostly illegal villages constructed on huge swathes of state land. A sensible solution would be to evict the squatters, but Jews are too nice for that.

The comptroller was not bothered by the fact that the Bedouins in question pay almost zero taxes. Moreover, they receive vast subsidies because their multiple wives are registered as single mothers.

Obama is certain of Israeli servility

This year the White House approved all Israeli requests for military assistance and supplies. Such a level of military cooperation is unprecedented. It is, moreover, being augmented by massive intelligence cooperation.

At the same time, the Obama administration sternly opposed an Israeli strike on Iran. His levers include refusing to share data with Israel from the Negev-based X-band radar and refusing to activate Patriot batteries manned by American teams. Both measures leave Israel vulnerable to an Iranian missile attack, though not completely defenseless. It is our prediction, however, that the Iranians would not counter-attack.

Intercepting or welcoming African infiltrators?

Last month, the IDF intercepted some 2,700 African illegals in the Negev, the highest number ever. But instead of sending them back to Egypt, the government keeps transferring them to detention centers, from which they are promptly released into Israel. Thus we can estimate that about 4,000 illegal Africans will join their brethren in Israel in December.

Government fakes border closure

In response to the shocking infiltration of 620 Africans into Israel over weekend, the government called up reservists to seal the southern border.

Another lie from Netanyahu. Mobilization cannot be sustained for that long. At any rate, IDF has more than enough conscripts to maintain order in the Negev. But the main issue is that they are powerless, not being allowed to shoot the infiltrators.

Turning Bedouins into Arabs

The government has approved a $300 million plan to resettle tens of thousands of Bedouins from illegal villages into towns. In practice, the plan would cost upward of a billion dollars when other preferences and subsidies are accounted for. The plan is exceedingly immoral: why should the government provide free homes for Bedouins, who are economic parasites, when there are so many needy Jewish taxpayers around? Why does the government compensate Bedouins for their illegal structures, but not Jewish settlersófor example, for the demolished homes of Migron?

Settled Bedouins become just ordinary Arabs. They go from being allies of Jews to becoming our enemies. The government wants to clear the Negev for development, which is impossible now because of Bedouin squatting. But resettlement won’t help, either: the Bedouins will still control the territory unless Jews find the guts to restore law and order in that area, which increasingly is becoming off-limits to Jews.

Terror: overreaction or underreporting?

The eight deaths reported in the Negev terrorist attacks are statistically unexceptional, especially if we only count civilians, as the government does when considering proportional retaliation. Yet the government’s reactionóthe immediate assassination of terrorist leadersówas unprecedented. This is not a particularly aggressive government, and it has a history of inaction against terrorist and rocket attacks.

The official death toll from terrorist attacks is rumored to be significantly underreported.

Sinai remilitarization: Israel surrenders

Sinai peninsulaThe army announced its response to Egyptian demands that the Camp David treaty be amended to allow Arab troops in Sinai. The IDF will beef up its units in the Negev, on the Egyptian-Israeli border.

That’s silly. The treaty did not preclude an Israeli military presence in the Negev. By bringing more units to the border, IDF will not match Egypt’s violation of the treaty, but merely accept the Egyptian violation. The new units are useless for strategic defense, which was only provided by Sinai’s depth. Most importantly, no amount of Israeli troops on the border would offset the Egyptian anti-aircraft batteries that would be brought in the midst of Egyptian reinforcements.

Unless the US immediately approves a strong autocrat in Egypt, that country’s government will be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, which would use any pretext, real or imagined, to incrementally remilitarize Sinai. The irony is that the Israeli and Egyptian governments have a common aim in Sinai: to flush out the Islamists. But doing so will require a large Egyptian military presence in Sinai, and the Islamists would use that pretext to demand the remilitarization of the peninsula. A large-scale NATO or Saudi presence would be an option acceptable to both sides.

Israel has the only way to restore quiet to Sinai: accept that the Camp David treaty is dead and declare Sinai a free-fire zone without occupying it.

Refusing orders vs refusing orders

African migrants in IsraelLeftist media speak approvingly of the Negev Brigade reservists who refused orders to expel African illegals who had infiltrated the Jewish state. These reservists, mind you, showed compassion to the illegals who had already made life unbearable for Jews in South Tel Aviv.

The attitude contrasts with the typical leftist howling when soldiers refuse to evict Jewish pioneers from their homes.

As for us, we believe that soldiers are entitled to discretion in both cases. The Army is meant to be used for national emergencies, not evictions, be it of Jews or African Muslims.

Some Jews are less equal than others

Rocket hits SderotThe Israeli government has accepted a ceasefire arrangement with Hamas under which the terrorist group will refrain from firing missiles at larger Israeli cities such as Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Beersheba, but will be permitted to continue small-scale attacks on Sderot and the Negev kibbutzim.

Think about it: Hamas is concerned that its credibility with Gazans will be damaged unless it keeps up its attacks on some Jewish cities, but the Israeli government’s credibility remains intact if Hamas attacks some Jewish towns.

The ceasefire reinstates an earlier situation in which Hamas fired at backwater Jewish communities at will while IDF contented itself with striking empty shacks in Gaza.

Iron Dome is not a panacea

So far, the Iron Dome batteries installed in the Negev have missed most of the missiles fired at Israel and were not used against mortar barrages. The distances are too small for the Dome to react reliably, the number of batteries is too low to achieve saturation level, and the cost of interceptors is too high to use them against probable targets.

The Iron Dome’s operation confirmed our expectations: after it intercepted a Grad rocket fired at Ashkelon, IDF did not retaliate as it would usually do when large population centers are targeted. That led to escalation because the Muslims saw that they could score PR points with impunity.

Iron Dome battery

11 April 2011 Posted in army

Good defense caused school bus attack

The Iron Dome and Trophy made Israeli towns and tanks less attractive targets for Gazans. Predictably, they switched to attacking Israel’s soft underbelly, our civilian targets. Thus the recent Muslim antitank-rocket attack on an Israeli school bus in the Negev.

The decision to install the Iron Dome is utterly wrong. Terrorists do not aim to eradicate all Jewish presence, they only need to score some hits. When we deny them hits by intercepting their rockets, they have to switch to our less protected targets. The only proper response to Muslim attacks from Gaza is retaliation.

Bus hit by rocket

Palestinian compassion is obscene

Carmel fireThe PA is assisting Israel in fighting the Carmel fires. The Palestinians have sent several fire brigades into the Jewish state.

Palestinian firefighters will only protect Arab population centers in Galilee. Even during a humanitarian crisis, our Palestinian enemies are unwilling to extend help to Jews. Never mind that Israel gives them everything from electricity to money to free vaccine for their cattle during the swine flu.

We should not have accepted the Palestinians’ help, which only helps the PA to score points with Israeli Arabs. There are enough Arab firefighters in Israel; let them take care of their own villages.

Meanwhile, two Arabs from the Druze village of Daliat el Carmel were arrested for arson, and other Arabs from Gaza continued shelling Israeli population centers in the Negev.

Thriving at Jewish expense

The government will vote today on the construction of a camp for African illegals in the Negev.

The Africans will live there for years, receiving pocket money, first-class medical treatment, and food from humane Jews. Too many Jewish charities will rush in to educate the Africans, and soon ultra-leftists will point to African children speaking Hebrew in fake IDF uniforms to prove that they must be allowed into our country as good citizens.

The facility will hold a mere 8,000 Africans, some 20% of the total number.

The Africans crossed into Israel to work for food. The government now offers them a better option: to get food without working.

Israeli police stoned. In Israel.

In Nazareth, loyal Israeli Arabs unleashed a hail to stones on traffic police inspectors.

Those who think that we can put a stop to daily stone attacks by abandoning Arab territories might add the Galilee and Negev to their list.

Jews evicted without court order

Israeli police razed several ‘illegal’ shacks and a synagogue near Hebron. Jewish pioneers were given just a ten-minute notice of eviction. Four Jewish families have been made homeless.

A day ago, the government razed a similarly unauthorized Bedouin settlement in Negev.

These things are only happen with Jews and somewhat loyal Bedouins. Illegal Arab structures are almost never demolished.

IDF: lies or big lies?

In response to rocket attacks from Gaza that damaged a factory in the Negev, IAF bombed a tunnel intended for the transportation of terrorists into Israel.

If such tunnel was known to exist, why wait for a rocket attack to destroy it? If, as is more likely, the tunnel is just an abandoned construction site, would the army please stop lying to us?

The 30,000-tons-a-week aid to Gaza continues unabated.