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Eshel affair: no crime, but a moral flaw

New sexual harassment allegations have been brought against Natan Eshel, a very close Netanyahu advisor who allegedly called a female staffer and sifted through her e-mails. This is hardly a crime, but it shows us something more important: our prime minister, the person who must lead the nation in the war with Iran, cannot choose his own advisors wisely. Indeed, what kind of person hires an advisor with a habit of harassing good-looking females?

Netanyahu and Eshel

Clinton’s Israel: bigger than a prison cell

Speaking at his Global Initiative conference, former president Clinton said that right-wing Russian immigrants to Israel were the reason that peace could not be achieved.

It is mind-boggling that a person with such silly ideas dictated the world’s Middle Eastern policy for a decade. Of course the Russian immigrants of 1993 made peace impossible in 1948, and in 1967, and in 1973, and during the two Intifadas. Did they also write the Hamas and Fatah charters, which call for the destruction of Israel?

Clinton provided an anecdote. In 2000, Natan Scharansky opposed Clinton’s peace plan because it would make Israel ludicrously small. Clinton retorted that such an Israel would still be bigger than Natan’s prison cell in the USSR. Ten years later, the president still approves of that line of reasoning.

Police watched Jew’s lynching

Police claim to have lost a videotape which recorded the lynching of IDF soldier Eden Natan-Zada by a Palestinian mob in Shfaram. The tape was recorded from a police helicopter.

Though the absence of the film will likely lead to the acquittal of the Palestinian murderers, police cannot provide the tape because it would show their complacency. As the lynching went on for nearly an hour, the police helicopter did not so much as fire warning shots at the Palestinian crowd.

The presence of a police helicopter in such an unlikely place as Shfaram confirms our suspicions that Natan Zada was framed. Just as in Baruch Goldstein’s case, his self-defense was framed as a mad right-winger’s massacre of Arabs.

Lynching a Jew is no murder

The twelve Arabs who lynched Jewish soldier Nathan-Zada are being charged with minor offenses such as resisting the police and rioting. It took the prosecution four years to file even those ridiculously small charges.

Arab MKs blasted the charges as racist.

In the wake of the Gush Katif debacle, Nathan-Zada killed several Arabs in Shfaram. The Arabs lynched Nathan-Zada after Jewish police disarmed and arrested him.

Several Jews are serving life sentences in Israel for killing Arab terrorists after disarming them, but the prosecution is more lenient toward Arab murderers.

Arab judge acquits Jewish supporters of Natan Zadah

Haifa court acquitted three Jews who distributed leaflets with praise toward heroic actions of Israeli soldier Natan Zadah. During the disengagement, he allegedly shot a number of Arabs in a bus, and was lynched by the Arab mob. Other accounts suggest that Natan Zadah was shooting in self-defense.
The Jews were charged with incitement to riot. There is no freedom of speech in Israel, certainly not for Jews.

Arab Israeli MK wants to honor Jew-murderers

Taleb as Sana recommended honorary citations for the Arabs who murdered Jewish soldier Natan Zade.
In 2005, Natan Zade killed a few Arabs in a bus. Israeli police disarmed him on the spot but Arabs lynched Natan Zade. Israel’s Attorney General refused to charge Israeli Arabs with rioting and murder.

26 June 2008 Posted in Arabs

Natan Zada ordeal: Lynching Jews is no crime

Israeli soldier Eden Natan Zada went into a bus and shot several Arabs in 2005 in the wake of Israeli evacuation from Gaza. Natan Zada was lynched after being arrested by Israeli police. Palestinian mob also beat five policemen.

Attorney General office formally refused to charge any Arabs with murder or even manslaughter. Likewise no Arabs were charged with lynching Dr. Baruch Goldstein.

Israeli Jews are routinely jailed for shooting Israeli Arabs after disarming them.

Israeli Arab Knesset members lashed against indictment of the Arab murderers who were charged with mere assault.