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Israeli attorney admires Bin Laden

Maariv ran a curious piece on the former Bin Laden family house in East Jerusalem. Its current owner, an Arab attorney, will only agree to sell it to Osama.

And it is with such views that the fellow practices in Israeli courts.

Just how illegal was Oslo?

Maariv has published yet another compelling argument against the Oslo Accords.

According to the newspaper’s investigation, Rabin’s government purchased the vote of Bedouin MK as-Sana from the RAAM Arab party. The Bedouin was given 27 acres of state land, and the government undertook to build 70 homes for his family, which it gave to them practically free.

Lieberman wins—again

According to Maariv, Netanyahu is personally negotiating with Livni to allow Kadima to join the government. If this is true, as it seems to be, it represents Netanyahu’s full submission to Obama: on Iran, East Jerusalem, construction in the settlements, the blockade of Gaza, and now on bringing Kadima into the government.

Left without his FM portfolio, Lieberman would likely leave the government and distance himself from its defeatist policies, which he has until now embraced. Unless he is indicted, Lieberman will be the only significant right-wing politician in the next elections who is untainted with defeatism.

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Jews are suckers, and proud of it

The Maariv recently published a letter by Dr. David Zangen, a consultant in Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes at Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem. The doctor proudly tells Goldstone that over 50% of his patients are Palestinians from Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza.

And Jewish taxpayers foot the bill for treating the next generation of terrorists.

JFK Jr. – ten years after

by Barry Chamish

At 9:20 PM, July 16,1999, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. radioed the tower at an airport near Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts announcing that he was preparing to land. Seconds after, his plane exploded in mid-air, and this was witnessed by several witnesses including a local newspaper reporter and an attorney. On board were his wife Caroline Bessette and her sister Lauren. Lauren’s luggage was recovered miles from the crash site, an event that can only be caused by a mid-air explosion.
For reasons that would later become clear, search for the missing plane was delayed for 5 hours, when Pres. William “Bill” Clinton sent out the equivalent of the Sixth Fleet to find the wreckage, hide it and the bodies from the snoopy media, and though JFK Jr. was never in the Navy, and though the families did not consent, cremate the corpses, or evidence, and throw the ashes into the water in a quickly planned, elaborate, Navy funeral at sea.
Behind the scenes, a hokey cover story was concocted. The weather, which was perfect, became stormy. JFK Jr. had a gimpy leg. Reports by the FAA and FBI, both concluding foul play was involved, were buried, the arrival of Israeli PM Ehud Barak to Clinton’s court the day before was given an alternative explanation…In fact JFK Jr.’s profound affect on Israel was never mentioned.
But it was huge. In the March, 1997 issue of his magazine, George, JFK Jr. became the only publisher of a major American publication to expose the conspiracy to murder Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. His 13 page expose shook the Israeli establishment to it’s foundations:

Jewish Web Network News April 02 1997

Israeli Prime Minister Rabin’s widow charged Tuesday that John Kennedy Jr.’s magazine crossed “the red line” by publishing an article by the mother of her husband’s assassin. “How, of all people, could he do such a thing?” Mrs. Kennedy asked of the son of President Kennedy who was assassinated in 1963. “Perhaps he needed a sensational story to sell his paper. I would expect that he would take a higher moral stand in his paper.”
The article claimed that Amir was goaded to shoot Rabin by an undercover agent for the Shin Bet, Israel’s security agency. (It) thought it would be done with a doctored gun. The security force let the attack happen so they could take credit for saving the prime minister.

And JFK Jr. was about to publish the final truth about Rabin’s murder. This, Israel could not allow. It’s operatives were called into action.This interview with JFK Jr.’s driver appeared in Maariv shortly after the Piper crash.

Yoel Katzavman drove John Jr. 48 hours before the plane broke up. “He was a quiet and humble client.”
“How could he have flown that plane with a broken leg? It was really suicidal?,” said Yoel Katzavman (38), a limousine driver born in Hakiriot, who drove the Kennedy couple many times. Katzavman arrived in the US three years before and was employed by the Empire limousine service. He was often called to drive John Jr. and Carolyn Kennedy from their New York apartment. He recalls his last ride with John Jr., less than 48 hours before the final takeoff.

It was this self-serving interview that raised my suspicions and I went looking. Here is what I wrote in July, 2009:

So now what do we do about the information coming out on the explosion of JFK Jr.’s plane? The day it happened I wrote that JFK Jr. was doing more than any other American media figure to get to the bottom of the Rabin assassination truth. I reminded readers that his magazine George ran a 13 page expose of the Shabak’s involvement in the assassination. I suggested that this was a brave but risky stand. Then came the tidal wave of data. The FBI Preliminary Report confirming the bomb on the plane and noting the type of explosive was used by certain foreign intelligence services. This was followed by Catherine Crier of Fox TV’s The Crier Report, announcing that JFK Jr. was about to meet high ranking Mossad officers to get the full story on the Rabin assassination. Then the German newspaper, Franfurter Allgemaine Zeitung, reported that Kennedy had met with the deputy chief of the Mossad, Amiram Levine to get the full story on the Rabin assassination two days before his plane went down. Then Maariv ran an interview with JFK’s chauffeur, who happens to be Israeli. Then people started noting that Ehud Barak was in Washington at the time of Kennedy’s finale in life.

And I was not alone in my investigation:

WORLD AFFAIRS BRIEF August 27 1999 Copyright Joel M. Skousen.
Quotations with attribution permitted.

Evidence continues to mount that JFK jr. and passengers were
killed by an altitude triggered bomb planted in the tail section of the
Here is the evidence: Kennedy*s sister in law’s ( Lauren
Bessette ) suitcase was found miles out in the ocean, away from the crash
site. Lawyer Victor Pribanic was on the shore fishing and heard the
explosion from the same location and time frame where the plane went
down. The wreckage of the plane was recovered under *national security*
conditions and no reporters were allowed to see or photograph it. The
wreckage was loaded on to sealed containers and taken away. The FAA report
indicated the recovered engine was fully functional. The presumed bad
weather that caused Kennedy to spiral into the water was some 8 miles
away from the crash site at that time, so the report of bad weather was
part of the cover-up.

Soon after, a correspondent wrote me:

re JFK Jr.

At the time his plane went down, I was living in Massachusetts.
Kerryville. The state has gone under.
On the particular day, I heard the news.
A reporter for The Vineyard Gazette who was on the island, was quoted as having seen the plane come down to land, and to have seen a flash on the plane. Next thing the plane went out of control and crashed into the sea below.
He was quoted on the internet saying this.
Having been a reporter, and having seen many other events go down [I get put in this situations, to witness, etc.] I decided to call the reporter in question.
Somehow I quickly reached him.
He repeated the story.
Next, the article disappeared from the internet, and no more report was made on the news which included any of the information from the eye-witness reporter.
Next, I noticed this disappearance of the article, and called the reporter back.
All of a sudden he no longer existed.
I couldn’t find him no matter what I did, despite my having spoken to him hours before.

There were reports that JFK Jr. was planning to run for the New York senate seat that Hillary Clinton coveted. Hence the motive. Indeed, that may have been a factor. Pres. Clinton called in the Navy to hide the crime, his so-called Shalom Haver friendship with Rabin was clearly a sham, and his wife’s political ambitions could have been promoted by murdering JFK Jr.
But, looking at the priorities, Shimon Peres and the “peace” process had to be protected first. The brave and wonderful publisher JFK Jr. was set to explode all the myths surrounding the murder of Rabin. Unless he exploded first.

Obama betrays Palestinians, too

The Maariv reports that Obama has “allowed” Israel to complete 2,500 housing units in the West Bank, which are in advanced stages of construction.

The Kenyan also made impossible demands on Arab countries to warm their relations with Israel.

The moves will discredit Obama on the Palestinian street, which had hoped for unrelenting pressure on Israel.

Russian joke: S-300 sale to Israel

Maariv reports that Russian President Medvedev offered Lieberman the opportunity to buy out the S-300 batteries made for Iran.

This confirms our long-standing belief that Israel can engage Russia very closely by buying its weapons. Our $2 billion a year in purchases of American weapons are nothing for the United States, and do not affect relations significantly, but Russia would do everything for a $2 billion-a-year customer. Russian weapons are three to five times cheaper than American weapons and are of adequate quality.

Pentagon banned Israeli drone sales

Maariv reports that in December 2008, the Pentagon barred Israel from negotiating sale of the Heron UV to Russia, potentially a $1.5 billion contract. Various America restrictions on Israeli arms exports cost us more than we receive in aid from America.

Arabs drink at Jewish expense

The Israeli government introduced drastic conservation measures in response to drought and overpumping of Lake Kineret.

Meanwhile, Israeli Arabs continued stealing water from intercity pipes and not paying for metered consumption.

Maariv revealed the exact details of the well-known treachery: despite the severe water crisis, the Israeli government actually increased the water supply to our Arab enemies. Livni’s Foreign Ministry repeatedly pushed the Water Authority to supply Jordan in excess of its 55 mil cub.m. quota.

The Israeli-Palestinian agreement promised our enemies 29 million cub.m. of water, but the government supplies them 65 million. The amount isn’t great compared to Israel’s own consumption, but demonstrates the government’s preferences.

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Government truce policy clarified

In a rare public outburst, Israeli negotiator Amos Gilad complained to Maariv that he received one set of instructions before flying to Cairo and another upon returning.

Gilad implied that he received his original instructions for negotiating with Hamas from Barak, but that Olmert changed Israel’s stance later specifically to frame his defense minister. In 2008, Barak pushed for a truce with Hamas despite Olmert’s opposition. By tying the truce to the problematic prisoner exchange, Olmert subverts Barak’s rapprochement with Hamas.

Netanyahu cannot accept Barak as defense minister in his government because he would overpower Bibi.

Rahm Emanuel sorry he is not an Arab

The father of Obama’s chief of staff is a very right-wing Jew, a former member of Irgun. In an interview with Maariv, he wrongly surmised that Rahm would be very pro-Israel because “he is not an Arab.” (Never mind Jimmy Carter also was not an Arab.)
Rahm apologized to American Arabs for his father’s remark.

IDF knew of Shalit kindapping hours before

Maariv reports that hours before the attack of June 25, 2006 at Keren Shalom crossing to Gaza, Shabak passed to IDF the information of the impending attack. The information was disregarded as generic.

37% of Americans are fine with nuclear Iran

According to the Israeli Project poll, only 63% want to destroy Iran’s nuclear capacities, and even that by Israelis, and even then if diplomacy fails, as if it didn’t already. The sanctions are purposely toothless; they don’t address Iran’s weakest points: its oil infrastructure and oil exports. Iran announced that the number of uranium enriching centrifuges in Natanz increased from three to four thousand.
And why not? America feels no threat from nuclear India, Pakistan, and North Korea, and realistically Iran would never nuke the United States. The business is really Israel’s, and our government must be stupid to listen to the US Administration.
Even if the US doesn’t authorize Israeli strike on Iran, the US forces in Iraq won’t go as far as intercepting Israeli planes en route to Iran.
Maariv reports that the government authorized military preparations for the strike. Whether the story is truthful or just another orchestrated leak designed to press Europeans for stronger sanctions, is unknown.

US airlifts arms to Georgia

from the day one of the conflict, since Friday. Four cargo planes leave Jordan for Georgia daily, reports Maariv. The US is also sending Georgian contingent in Iraq back home.
During the 1973 war, it took the US more than a week to decide on the airlift to Israel.

Maariv goes after Yona Metzger

with allegations of bribery and homosexuality. Whether the allegations are true or not, Metzger is an ugly character unworthy to be born a swine. His entire career is shrouded in corruption scandals.

Poll: Israelis support Olmert

Maariv poll indicates that Israelis are finally coming to grips with common sense: 42% want Olmert to stay in power at least until the due elections. Olmert’s government evicted almost no Jewish settlers, gave nothing to Palestinians, fought a reasonable if politically unsustainable Lebanon war, and counters well the US diplomatic aggression. Ehud Barak has already demonstrated his willingness to give Arab enemies Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria (more than Olmert even discusses now) and Netanyahu reneged on his promises to pull out of Madrid and Oslo accords.