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Iron Dome cost is twice more than reported

The IDF finally confirmed a long-circulated rumor: what was thought a temporary performance glitch is actually a built-in feature. The system fires two missiles to intercept each rocket.

That brings the cost of intercepting a $200 Kassam to $250,000.

Iron Dome

Kassams hit Palestinians? Jews pay.

In a truly crazy decision, the Labour Court recommended that the National Insurance Institute pay workers’ compensation to Palestinian laborers injured in the Kassam strike on Israel.

So the Arab residents of Gaza who were injured in the 2005 rocket attack on Gush Katif would be treated as if they had suffered work-related injuries.

IDF chief: Hamas is not that bad

IDF’s Chief of  South Command told residents of Eshkol, which has been ravaged by rocket and mortar fire from Gaza, that their troubles stem from anarchy on the Strip. The implication is that Hamas cannot control various terrorist groups, including its own armed wing.

There is no anarchy in the sense that Hamas is unable to enforce a ceasefire. It finances Izz ad Din Kassam Brigades and can always order a stop to the attacks. Similarly, Hamas can control PIJ, even though Islamic Jihad has greatly increased its arsenals since the 2009 war. Rather, Hamas dances on the thin line between placating Israel and the Arab terrorists.

And indeed, Hamas offered Israel to renew the de facto ceasefire, a sure sign that the terrorist group can control the fighters when it wants to.

Israeli fireworks: now from Gaza

New Year’s fireworks included ten Kassam missiles launched from Gaza at Jewish population centers.

Shaar haNegev residents have been lobbying the government to fortify more buildings. But the government, which is always able to find money to satisfy trade unions, Arabs, or the military-industrial complex, is out of money to protect Jews who live in the poor regions.

It is emblematic of the post-Zionist mindset that those residents clamor for protection instead of revenge.

Al Maqadmah: the craze of Jewish guilt

Israel is yet again engaging in self-flagellation before the rest of the world. Answering Goldstone’s charges that it attacked a mosque, the IDF found itself guilty.

The IDF was at that time pursuing a Kassam crew. Not by bombing the entire neighborhood, as any normal army would have done, but by attempting to take them out with a missile. The guerrillas hid near a building which Hamas later declared to be a mosque, though it had no minaret.

The results: an IDF captain who suspected that the building might be a mosque but did not stop the strike was demoted, and two officers who used a heavier-than-prescribed missile for the lack of a smaller one we charged with misconduct.

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Israel-Gaza: fake war goes on

A Kassam rocket launched by Palestinians exploded in the Israeli desert.

IAF hit one Gaza tunnel out of approximately 500. The strike took place at night, so as to avoid enemy casualties.

In Israel, as in Gaza, the ruling elites keep their voters satisfied by making a show of action.

IDF acts in Palestinian capital

The Israeli army has arrested Maher Ouda, founder of Hamas’ Izz ad Din Kassam Brigades in Ramallah. For 20 years IDF did not arrest Ouda despite the fact that he was a wanted terrorist. But now, at a time when he has not been very active, the army acts. The Israeli government is collecting pawns for the Shalit exchange. That strategy failed when Israel imprisoned dozens of Hamas politicians, and is unlikely to succeed with its guerrillas.

Ouda lived in the Palestinian capital, which is allegedly controlled by Abbas’ US-trained police.

Iron Dome is too expensive for Sderot

The Haaretz reported that the Iron Dome anti-missile defense will not be deployed in Sderot at the Negev kibbutzim, which suffer from Kassam attacks.

The Iron Dome was touted as the ultimate defense for Sderot, but we have pointed out all along that it cannot be used against Kassams for economic reasons: a $200,000 interceptor missile for a $100 projectile.

The Iron Dome will be deployed at IAF bases and other military installations to defend against Fajr rockets, which are still very rare. As for Sderot—who in the government cares about it?

Which way will the Iron Dome go?

The anti-Kassam system has passed another successful test and will be deployed near Sderot this year—a sign that the government does not expect peace anytime soon. The Iron Dome expends a $200,000 rocket for each $100 Kassam projectile.

On one hand, the Iron Dome will provoke terrorists to shoot more rockets at Israel: they can both show activity to their sponsors and avoid irritating IDF with Jewish civilian casualties. Other other hand, the Iron Dome will make rocket launching futile and might eventually lead to the collapse of the Kassam industry.

The Iron Dome does not intercept shells, an increasing part of the fire from Gaza.

Palestinians use junk rockets

Parts from Soviet-made S-5 rockets were found near Gaza. This rocket has a very short range of just over two miles, cannot be targeted, and is therefore unsuitable for Gazan terrorists.

The facts that they have used such rockets shows that they have no problem with smuggling. Terrorists find it easier to transport virtually useless rockets into Gaza than to manufacture their own Kassam rockets.

Hamas fights radicals in Gaza

In what amounts to a war by Gaza’s standards, twenty-two Arabs were killed and over 150 wounded when Hamas assaulted a mosque full of Jund Ansar Allah members. Unlike Israel, Hamas had no qualms about tearing down a mosque.

The fight called the bluff of Israeli propaganda during the Gaza war. When several high-level Muslim commanders died fighting the IDF, leftist Israeli media asserted that lower-level commanders had fled the battlefield, making it necessary for the major figures to rally their troops. We believed, on the contrary, that brave guerrilla leaders led their troops into deadly battles—unlike the IDF’s top brass, which sat in Tel Aviv bunkers. In the Jund Ansar Allah clashes, the leader of Hamas’s Izz ad Din Kassam Brigades was killed—confirming our view that Palestinian guerrilla leaders join the battles of their own free will.

Jund Ansar Allah sought to enforce Muslims values on Gazans, and proclaimed the place an Islamic emirate. Compared to them, Hamas and the Islamic Brotherhood are very moderate. At most, Hamas imposes a dress code on female lawyers, but otherwise refrains from enforcing Islamic conduct.

For now, Jund Ansar Allah and other radical Muslim groups in Gaza are rather small, but they can grow quickly if Israel continues to weaken Hamas.

Hamas operates 160 tunnels

Haaretz cites IDF sources for this staggering number. If true, it represents an eight-fold increase over the prewar figure. Though the total number of tunnels was over 400, Hamas operated only about two dozen of them, and did not use commercial tunnels for secretive military cargo.

Hamas received portable SAM batteries, long-range rockets capable of hitting Tel Aviv, and produced Kassam-4 rockets with a reliable fourteen-mile range.

Government at the price of Sderot schools

Less than a year ago, Olmert’s government told the Supreme Court it could not spare 100 million shekels to fortify Sderot schools against Kassam rockets.

Bibi proved more capable financially, and found the 100 million for security needs—his own security.

The annual cost of guarding Netanyahu’s mammoth government of thirty ministers exceeds 100 million shekels.

Diskin: Weapon smuggling continues

Shin Bet reported to the government that in the two months since Israel stopped her war in Gaza, Palestinians have smuggled twenty-two tons of explosives, tens of tons of ammonium fertilizer for Kassam rockets, hundreds of shells, and some anti-tank rockets. Egypt does nothing to prevent smuggling through the Philadelphi corridor. Hamas enforces a rocket-calm on Gaza so that Israel will not attack, and the Palestinians can rebuild their rocket-manufacturing facilities.

Bibi and Lieberman promised during their election campaigns to eliminate Hamas, but if their government stays in power for four years, we will see them recognizing Hamas and negotiating with it. In their talks with Fatah and during the Doha summit, Hamas has refused even nominal recognition of Israel.

The West faces a choice: to forget and ignore the ravaged Gaza or channel the reconstruction aid through Hamas.

Iron Dome tested successfully

Iron Dome rocketIn addition to reinforced concrete roofs, Sderot will also receive the Iron Dome soon. Israel tested the anti-missile system ahead of schedule.

Jews will be using $200,000 interceptor missiles for $100 Kassam rockets. The Iron Dome is useless against shells, which are used with increasing frequency by Palestinian terrorists, and its efficiency against Grad and newer Kassam-4 rockets is questionable.

The Iron Dome was chosen over the American laser system due to the pressure from Histadrut trade union and the Israeli military-industrial complex.

A much cheaper and more efficient solution would be to annex Gaza and expel its inhabitants into Egypt.

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Terrorist leaders met in Israeli jail

Hamas MPs, Izz ad Din Kassam militants, and other jailed terrorist leaders met in Israel’s Ketziot prison to discuss their exchange for Gilad Shalit.

The meeting was not unique: Israel generally allows terrorist conclaves in her jails. Terrorist leaders even command their troops by phone directly from their cells.

The evil Israeli government has, however, refused them a conference room.

Defense Ministry: schizophrenia or stupidity?

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai declared that Israel must recapture the areas of Gaza from which the Arabs fire rockets at us.

Sounds good? Sounds stupid. Grad-type and Kassam-4 rockets can be fired from practically any place in Gaza. Are we going to recapture the entire Strip and make our soldiers walking targets for Hamas snipers? Or are we going to recapture isolated patches, so that an IDF detachment would be placed on every patch of land from which a rocket has been fired?

The only solution to rocket fire is to expel all of Gaza’s population into Egypt and take over the empty place.

Fake war continues

IAF bombed Hamas’ “weapons storage” in Gaza City—an empty shack. Hamas retaliated by launching four Kassam rockets into Israel’s open areas. Though Kassams cannot be targeted precisely, such wide misses indicate that Hamas, too, wants only a show, rather than an escalation.

Israel pays Hamas-Kassam salaries

According to Debka, after Hamas’ takeover of Gaza two years ago, the number of civil servants there increased from 35,000 to 70,000.

Hamas fired thousands of Fatah security forces, so the 40,000 increase is left unaccounted for. Some of it applies to Hamas’ own military wing, Izz ad Din Kassam Brigades, which shell Israel. But the main part, written of as salaries, is actually used to purchase weapons from Iran and pay for them to be smuggled into Gaza.

Palestinian wages are financed by Israeli tax transfers, and by US and EU donations.

Ashkelon parents strike: too late

Responding to a Palestinian rocket attack on Ashkelon school, the local parents committee called for a strike until the city’s schools are fortified.

Unfortunately, the damaged school was fortified. Kassam-4 rockets can break through the current fortifications.