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Media scream about routine brawl

In a man-bites-dog incident, a group of Jewish teens in Jerusalem got into a fight with three Arabs. One of the Arabs was kicked in his head and is now in stable condition.

Israeli media are treating the event like a murder, even though the Arab’s injuries are in fact minor, and similar incidents involving Jewish victims often get little attention. Police arrested a Jewish teen who took part in the brawl, though criminal charges in such a case are unsustainable since no one can ascertain whose kick sent the Arab into unconsciousness.

For White House, Jerusalem is not Jewish

The White House slammed Romney for speaking of Jerusalem as the Jewish capital. Not that we expect that Romney would hold that position if elected, but it is still a significant comment given Washington’s ambivalent position on that issue for the last four decades.

The government spokesman accused Romney of undermining Obama’s position that Jerusalem is the Palestinian capital as well.

Police arrest Jewish ‘criminals’

Graffiti Two young Jews have been arrested for political expression. One wrote ‘Kahane was right,’ and mild threats on a Peace Now activist’s house, and another slashed tires of an Arab’s car in East Jerusalem. To have people arrested for such minor misdemeanors is absurd, especially considering that the police look the other way when the Arabs of East Jerusalem vandalize any Jewish cars which venture into that area.

Police investigate Palestinian nationalism

According to a press release, police are investigating an incident in which Arabs hurled stones at a Jewish driver who entered their village of Kalandiya, near Jerusalem.

What exactly is there to investigate? We know that most Arabs living in this land hate Jews. This is not a crime, but nationalism, which Jews are not normal enough to express toward their enemies.

11 July 2012 Posted in Arabs

Palestinian blood is far more expensive than Jewish

Palestinian blood is far more expensive than JewishJerusalem court sentenced two police officers to 2.5 years in jail for leaving a wounded Palestinian by the roadside. The Palestinian, mind you, was driving a stolen car and was in Israel illegally. The officers left him in a public area with plenty of Arabs around, but no one offered help to him. Still, none of the Arabs were charged, but only the Jewish policemen.

Curiously, just recently an Israeli court heard a similar case: a group of Arabs and a female of Jewish origin attacked an elderly Jew at Tel Aviv beach. She was found guilty only of withholding help from the elderly man, and received a token punishment.

Arson terror spreads to the south

After at least two hundred arsons in the Jerusalem area this month, major arsons were reported in Ashdod and Ashkelon, where the Arabs set forests on fire.

For decades, arsons have been a major tool in the arsenal of Israel’s Arabs, who have annihilated tens of millions of trees. Rabbi Kahane famously wrote on this topic.

Forest fire in Israel

Arabs not afraid of Israeli soldiers

Arab teens set fire to IDF’s Oferit base in Jerusalem. Ten soldiers were wounded. None of the attackers were killed, so police will merely arrest them, and since no one was killed, they will receive mild punishments.

Jewish vigilantes attack illegal African pub

Driving by on a motorcycle, terrorists threw a firecracker into Zegeta pub in South Tel Aviv. Following the incident, police told the pub owner to close the place.

The pub, open late into the night, attracted scores of African illegals, but the police did not intervene to enforce the law and protect the peace in the poor neighborhood.

There is little doubt that the forty-four-year-old Jewish mother who was brutally murdered at the Tel Aviv central bus station last week died at the hands of the African criminals who control the area. In May alone Arabs staged dozens of arsons in southern Jerusalem.

Arson is terrible, but what can we do?

Vigilantes set fire to a house filled with African illegals in the center of Jerusalem. Firefighters acted quickly, and there were no casualties.

It is certainly wrong to burn Africans, but what are the options for people who are sick of the crime they bring to the neighborhood and have no recourse to the law because the police turn a blind eye?

In France, police are searching for ten Africans who assaulted Jews with iron bars.

04 June 2012 Posted in crime

Politically correct Knesset offers tax breaks to Arabs for settling Israel

The Knesset passed a largely symbolic bill providing tax breaks for people who donate to charities that support the settlements. The settlements can be located anywhere in Israel, including Judea and Samaria.

But the bill automatically provides tax breaks to Arab NGOs that finance the expansion of Arab villages—mostly illegally—and the settling of Jerusalem.

Equality Israeli style: 5 Arabs, 10 Jews arrested

The arrests took place during the Jerusalem Day demonstrations. Jews were detained for chanting nationalist slogans (what a crime on Jerusalem Day) while the Arabs were throwing rocks at the Jews (their way to mark our liberation). If the police arrested all Arabs who chanted anti-Jewish slogans, there would be no space left in our jails.

20 May 2012 Posted in Arabs

Leading presidential candidate ignores Camp David treaty

Amr Moussa has declared the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty dead. While he would not (indeed, cannot) denounce the treaty, Moussa promised to abide first by the terms of the Arab League peace initiative, which requires Israel to withdraw to the 1948 armistice line, surrender Jerusalem, and allow Palestinian ‘refugees’ to return.

Moussa lied when he said that the treaty was conditioned on the creation of a Palestinian state; there are many memoirs that show how irrelevant that issue was for Sadat.

Amr Moussa

03 May 2012 Posted in Egypt

Even Abbas remains ambivalent about recognizing Israel

In response to the outcry in the Arab world regarding the visit of a top Egyptian cleric to Al Aqsa in ‘occupied’ Jerusalem, Abbas clarified that visits to Jerusalem should not be viewed as legitimizing Israel. That’s how he speaks when out of earshot of Western media: no recognition of Israel.

Mahmud Abbas

An eleven-year-old is hit with rocks

Arabs rioting near the Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem hurled rocks at Jews. A Jewish boy is hospitalized after being wounded. The attack happened on Israeli Independence Day. Yeah, “independence” when the country is one-fifth Arab and counting.

The police, who gladly arrested Jewish football fans who insulted Arab cleaners after the match, ignored the incident because it is normal for Arabs to attack Jews.

Draft-dodging threat among haredim greatly exaggerated

In a widely publicized move before the expiration of the Tal Law, leftist reservists staged a protest near the government office in Jerusalem demanding to stop benefits to haredim who do not serve in the army. They claim that 63,000 haredim are dodging the draft through Tal Law exemptions.

That is not entirely correct. That figure includes a large number who are over the age of twenty-eight and have three or more children. Obviously, the state would find it prohibitively expensive to draft them and subsidize their families.

Tellingly, the protesters say nothing about draft-dodging among leftists, who need no Tal Law to claim medical exemptions and avoid being drafted by other means. They are also fine with Arabs being exempt from the draft and avoiding the alternative National Service in massive numbers. As usual, religious Jews are made into scapegoats.

22 April 2012 Posted in army

Teens arrested for advocating tradition

Bus in IsraelPolice arrested two teenagers and two haredi men for advocating gender segregation. The youngster stood near the bus stop at the Dung Gate in Jerusalem and used a loudspeaker to call on women to board the bus through the rear entrance. There was no coercion whatsoever.

Whether we agree with their views or not, the teens were exercising their freedom of expression. Unfortunately, no such thing exists in Israel.

Israeli settlement happened to be Jewish

The government commission responsible for handling the restitution of Jewish property confiscated in the Holocaust found some bombshell documents showing that almost all the territory of Pisgat Zeev was purchased by individual European Jews in the 1930s. All of them have perished since then.

Though a district of Jerusalem, Pisgat Zeev is internationally classified as an illegal settlement.

Certainly, our right to the land has no bearing on jurisdiction, but the fact that Jews purchased it eighty years long ago is morally significant.

Pisgat Zeev

Arabs don’t have to work

Israeli Arabs are so comfortable on welfare paid by Jewish taxes that their women need not work. According to new data, just 20% of Arab women are employed, a mere 10% increase in forty years.

Arab women in Jerusalem

Anti-Arab incident in Jerusalem is greatly exaggerated

Following the example of Haaretz, foreign and leftist media are screaming over the beating in Jerusalem Malcha shopping mall, where hundreds of Beitar football club fans allegedly lynched Arab customers.

Actually, all that happened was that a few dozen soccer fans behaved indecently toward a few Arabs. There were no beatings at all, and the situation was so ordinary that neither police nor even security on the premises rushed to intervene. After screening the video recordings, police found no reason to charge anyone with anything. Preposterous media charges continued, however, including that the Arabs were saved from lynching only by the cafe owners’ refusal to give knives to the mob.

The behavior of these Jews was indeed indecent. Even though we have a religious and political obligation to expel the Arabs, this must be done with as much respect as possible. But on the other hand, in their rage the soccer fans behaved normally in a way that nice Jews often are afraid to—to hate those who hate us.

Abbas braves Obama’s ultimatum

Speaking on the phone with Abbas, Obama was characteristically rude, which is especially an affront in conversation with Arabs. The US president demanded that Abbas return to negotiations with Israel immediately, something which the Palestinian leader, like any sensible person, regards as totally worthless.

Abbas, even though his statelet fully depends on the US for finances, rejected Obama’s demands. Quite a lesson for the White House’s puppets in Jerusalem.

Abbas and Obama