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Jenin infamy: now by Fatah

Jenin is a bad word for good Jews. In 2002, twenty-three Jewish soldiers were killed there and hundreds more were wounded because of a mad order to enter a terrorist nest on foot, lest we harm innocent terrorists and their supporters. In the ensuing fight, only fifty-three Palestinians were killed, perhaps the lowest death ratio in any of the IDF’s modern operations.

Now Jenin has become scandalous for the Palestinians. After Fatah militiamen attacked a local governor, the PA ordered a wholesale crackdown on its own militants there, with scores arrested for criminal activities. Recall that all of them receive pensions funded by Israeli tax transfers.

Would the IDF sue an Arab filmmaker?

Five soldiers who fought in the Defensive Shield in 2002 have lost their libel suit against the Arab producer of the Jenin, Jenin movie. The court confirmed that while the film—which is already banned in Israel—is full of lies, it is defamatory only toward the IDF and not any particular soldier.

The court’s decision is sensible, and it pushes the IDF into a politically uncomfortable corner: the legal road is open now for the army to sue the Arab.

Jenin, Jenin

Libel against Jews is no libel

The Attorney General has refused to indict Muhammad Bakri, director of the infamous “documentary” film Jenin, Jenin. Bakri clearly presents IDF soldiers as guilty of multiple war crimes, which according to Israeli law constitutes criminal libel.

Mazuz cannot touch Bakri because many movies about IDF by Israeli Jewish film directors are similarly libelous, and he cannot prosecute the entire ultra-left bunch.

Holocaust is too political for UNRWA

Palestinians disbanded the Jenin children’s choir after it performed for Holocaust survivors in the Israeli town of Holon. The Fatah-controlled, UNRWA-funded administration considered the performance “too political.”

Palestinian attack foiled in Hebron

This is a common thing: IDF arrested two Arabs armed with knives who tried to sneak into the Jewish Quarter of Hebron. Terrorists have been able to operate with much greater ease since the Olmert government allowed them to walk freely through the Jewish neighborhood.

Near Jenin, IDF arrested a Palestinian stone-thrower who happened to own a pipe bomb. Two other stone-throwers were set free.

Fatah jailed terrorists to protect them from IDF

JeninMuch to the pleasure of the Israeli media, Fatah police arrested dozens of Hamas and PIJ activists in the West Bank. Fatah officials rushed to dispel Hamas’ accusations of collaboration with Israel.

Fatah’s police chief in Jenin clarified that his forces did not arrest Hamas and PIJ resistance fighters, but that the fighters had sought protection from IDF reprisals in Fatah jails, which is a common practice among Palestinian terrorists.

Zionists arrest Palestinian kid in the occupied territories

IDF intercepted a 17-year-old Palestinian at a roadblock near Jenin, one of the checkpoints the US Administration demands be removede checkpoints the US Administration demands be removed. The Palestinian was armed with a knife and told interrogators he was planning to kill a few Jews.

Axe terror on Herzl street

A few days ago, Russian Nazis painted swastikas in Herzliya, a city named after Theodore Herzl. The arch-Zionist’s reputation sustained another wound as an Arab kid armed with axe attacked two Jews on Herzl Street in the central Israeli town of Rehovot. The kid came all the way from Jenin, a model refugee camp where Fatah police have replaced Israeli troops. As both of his victims survived, the Arab kid will be released pretty soon, a hero for his neighbors.

We took away their bombs, and they attacked us with bulldozers. We tightened security a bit, and they rammed cars into Jewish crowds. Now they attack us with axes. Should we take their teeth off?

Rice is not so sure about peace

After Obama’s election, Condi Rice is deemed expendable. So her meeting with Fayad was scheduled in Jenin—a hotbed of Palestinian terrorists which has become the testing ground for the US-trained Fatah “police,” and still remains the hotbed. No sensible person, let alone a politician, ventures there. The PLO and UNRWA keep Jenin intentionally overcrowded as a monument to the Palestinian refugees, though there’s plenty of land available nearby for construction.
Nevertheless, Rice defined the notion of death wish, as her armed-to-the-teeth motorcade drove to Jenin through Israel rather than the Palestinian-occupied territories.

IDF confiscates 100 lbs of bombs in Fatah-land

Two fifty-pound bombs found and destroyed near Jenin, in the area fully controlled by the Fatah forces.
The peace process would deprive IDF the right of operation in the West Bank’s terrorist nests.

Leftists pardoned the leader of Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades

Israel pardoned Zecharia Zubeidi, a notorious leader of Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades in Jenin. Zubeidi carried a number of attacks against Israelis and their Palestinian collaborators, and vehemently opposes to peace. He claims, however, that Israelis appointed him to police Jenin.
The real reason for Zubeidi pardon is probably related to his late father. Mohammed started as terrorist but realized he cannot beat Israel with arms, and joined Israeli peaceniks. Zubeidi’s family is a darling of Israeli ultra-left.

Germany finances 5 Palestinian police stations in Jenin

Current German leaders were too young to join Holocaust, so they have to settle for something simpler.

US-trained Fatah police aids terrorism

Israeli defense officials universally slam the US-trained, Israeli-financed, and Jordan-armed Fatah “police”, such as the 600 Arab gangsters recently deployed in Jenin and 3,000 of them in Schem. After the Arabs took daytime charge of the security in Jenin, Islamic terrorist attempts rose dramatically. Fatah gangsters operate against civilians and petty criminals but provide a security shield for terrorists. Fatah policemen sell their US-supplied weapons to Hamas cells.

Palestinian police in Jenin seek increase

from 600 to 1,500 to counter the competing militants. The initially approved number was 300. That’s just in a single refugee camp. So how many armed Hamas supporters are there in the West Bank altogether?

Palestinian police in firefights in Jenin

The 600 Fatah cutthroats cannot enforce the law where only a handful of Israeli soldiers maintained a semblance of security with daily raids.

IDF comes to Jenin when night falls

In the daytime, 300 of the US-trained Fatah gangsters will maintain law and order in the terrorist nest.

600 trained Arabs will join terrorists in Jenin

Ehud Barak allowed 600 Fatah “policemen” trained in Jordan to enter the terrorist nest of Jenin, ostensibly to install a semblance of order there. Fatah “policemen” routinely participate in attacks on Jews. According to Barak, he wants to exhaust all options for the peace process.

IDF fears

Palestinian fighter stubbed an Israeli soldier at a checkpoint near Jenin. The other soldiers merely restrained the attacker instead of killing him on the spot. Israeli soldiers are routinely arrested, tried, jailed for shooting the Arabs.

Israel pardons Al Aqsa Martyrs

The list of the PLO-Fatah terrorists Israel pardoned in July includes the leader of Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade in Jenin, major terrorist cell that continues operating against Israel.

IDF officer sentenced for having been lynched

IDF major who accidentally entered a friendly Palestinian town of Jenin on Monday and almost got lynched by the crowd of our Palestinian neighbors, is sentenced to a month in jail for violating IDF security regulations. No Palestinians are arrested in the connection with attempted murder.