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For Jews, it’s about money

If Dan Halutz, IDF’s rather inept ex-Chief of Staff, is to be believed, Israel could have ransomed Ron Arad, a navigator whose plane was downed over Lebanon. The ransom was apparently large enough that Israeli leaders refused to pay it. We can guess that the offer came from Arad’s original kidnappers before he was transferred to Hizbullah.

Meanwhile, disproportional exchanges for terrorists proceeded unabated.

Ron Arad

Peace? With whom?

The authoritative Pew poll results should have prompted all honest peaceniks to commit hara-kiri.

Sixteen years after signing a peace treaty with Israel, 97% of Jordanians detest Jews. The situation has improved somewhat in Egypt; after 31 years at peace with Israel, only 95% of the population hates Jews.

Israeli Arabs are almost loyal: just 35% of them dislike their Jewish neighbors. Only half a million potential terrorists.

In nuclear Pakistan, Jews are resented by 78% of the population.

In Jordan and Egypt 56% and 52%, respectively, support Hamas. Among Palestinians, 44% support the terrorist group (the rest support Fatah, the second-largest terrorist group).

Israeli Arabs again proved loyal: only 21% support Hamas and 27% Hizbullah, which gives the terrorists only about 400,000 potential recruits.

Unless we expel them.

Hizbullah stocked 40,000 rockets,

some capable of striking any targets deep in Israel, Debka reports. Before the 2006 war, Hizbullah held about 10,000 rockets.
Hizbullah violated every term of the 2006 ceasefire, and deployed anti-aircraft batteries at Baruch and Sannin peaks. Though useless against Israeli fighter aircraft (but not helicopters), the batteries can give Iran advanced warning of Israeli strike.

Hizbullah extends its anti-Israeli platform

Now that the dispute between Israel and Hezbollah was limited to the minuscule mountain area of Shebaa Farms, it seemed probable that the conflict is nearing its end. Whether the high ground would be returned to Lebanon or Syria, Israel had no intention of keeping it, and Hezbollah’s claims against Israel seem to be satisfied.
A Hezbollah cleric Abdel al-Amir Kiblan declared that the terroriost group should fight to liberate the former Shiite villages in Israel.

UN’s wishful thinking

UN Middle East’s envoy Williams announced that Syria is ready to distance itself from Hamas and Hizbullah if starting peace talks with Israel. This week, Syria rejected Israeli offer of peace negotiations. Peace with Israel is irrelevant to Syria’s support of Hizbullah which stems from Syria’s interests in Lebanon.

13 July 2007 Posted in Syria

Prisoners release won’t hurt. Maybe.

Kadima and Labor voted to release 250 of would-be Arab terrorists held in Israeli jails. The terrorists “lack blood on their hands” – a condition of the release – mostly because Shin-Bet and the IDF cuaght them before they managed to kill Jews. Olmert asserted that prisoners’ release wouldn’t diminish the chances of rendering the kidnapped IDF’s soldiers. Shin-Bet’s Avi Dichter muttered that no prisoners’ release ever helped Israel. Traditionally, the released terrorists are welcomed back to Palestine as heroes and return to the ranks of acting terrorists.
Abbas decried the prisoners’ release as insufficient and unimportant. Hamas decried the release as Fatah’s collaboration with Israel.
Olmert rejected a list of prisoners prepared by Shin-Bet, IDF, and the Justice Ministry because Abbas complained that sentences of many on the list are soon to expire, anyway. Israeli government will approve a list of more dangerous terrorists to release, to be compiled shortly.
Shin-Bet works with Hamas and Hizbullah on the two prisoners swaps for Shalit and Regev/Goldwasser.

Hizbullah wants monopoly on terrorism in Lebanon

Hizbullah’s boss Nasrallah supports the Lebanese government’s efforts to destroy Palestinian terrorists in the refugee camp in Lebanon, but warns the government against escalation. Nasrallah is concerned that the prolonged conflict will draw Sunni guerrillas associated with Al Qaeda into Lebanon. Hizbullah and its sponsors, Syria and Iran, want a monopoly on violence in Lebanon.

Dignity no more: Goldwasser’s mother begs Hizbullah leader

to treat her son according to the Koran. According to Koran, though, infidel soldiers must be killed.