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State witness gave Hirchson cash bribes

David Cohen, Hirchson’s former accomplice in Histadrut, testified that he repeatedly passed unaccounted cash to Hirchson. Cohen also asserts he gave cash to Olmert, though there is no evidence to confirm his testimony.
Another witness testified earlier that he gave Hirchson and other officials signed blank checks.
Histadrut is normally off-limits to Israeli justice, and the current trial of its ex-boss is a welcome attempt to bring the trade union mafiosi to justice.

Histadrut officials use blank signed checks

At Hirchson’s fraud hearings, his associate revealed that he routinely gave blank signed checks to Histadrut bosses, who then filled in the required salaries and reimbursements. The associate claimed the practice was sound because in Histadrut “they were all friends.”

Hirchson indicted for stealing from trade union

Avraham HirchsonFormer Finance Minister of Israel, former head of Israeli monopolist trade union Histadrut Avraham Hirchson, three other top officials of Histadrut are charged with stealing at least $1.5 million from the trade union. Hirchson and his accomplices forged and cashed checks.
Besides the stolen amount, Hirchson received huge benefits from Histadrut, including paid personal trips.

04 June 2008 Posted in labor

Mazuz indicts Hirchson

In addition to pressing unspecified charges against Olmert, the leftist Attorney General Mazuz announced indicting Olmert’s close associate ex-Finance Minister Hirchson. The investigation ended more than half a year ago, and the indictment is weak.

Hirchson does not find favor in Mazuz eyes

Attorney General Mazuz decided to indict the ex-labor leader and finance minister Hirchson for fraud, theft, money laundering, and other crimes.
The leftist appointee Mazuz recently dropped charges against ex-president Moshe Katsav who apparently complied with demand of Mazuz puppeteers and stepped down to clear the presidential slot for Shimon Peres. Attorney General also refrained from actively pursuing Sharon’s family after Sharon complied with leftists’ demands of withdrawal from Gaza. Other cases abound.
Mazuz launched investigation into Olmert’s purchase of an apartment somewhat below the market price, an insignificant incident not harmful to the state. The investigation is an apparent punishment for Olmert’s lackluster performance in the peace process and his efforts at reforming the activist self-serving judiciary.

Financial fraud in trade unions

Police announce it gathered enough evidence to convict former Finance Minister Hirchson for fraud, theft, and money laundering during his years at the helm of National Workers Union.

WJC scandals: Bronfmans strike back

Shortly after Bronfman junior (World Jewish Congress) was urged to step down amid charges of financial fraud, discreditable information on Israel Singer’s (former WJC boss) associate Hoxter has been publicized. Curtis Hoxter received $709,000 from the March of the Living for nothing. Israeli Finance Minister Hirchson received bribes from the same organization, funded by the Claims Conference which pockets the money received from Swiss banks for the Jews who perished in Holocaust. The Claims Conference distributes minor amounts to Holocaust Survivors while spending the most for salaries, benefits, bribes, and irrelevant programs.

Trading bad for worse: Hirchson steps down amid criminal charges, Olmert – also under investigation – takes his place

Olmert and Hirchson unveil plans to boost Arab employment opportunities

The plan reportedly also targets the haredim, though no details were made available