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60 years since the murder of the Altalena

murder of AltalenaIn 1948, acting on Ben Gurion’s orders, Haganah detachment under the command of Yitzhak Rabin drowned the Altalena ship.
Menachem Begin’s ETZEL fighter group used the Altalena to transport huge quantities of weapons which Israel desperately needed in the War of Independence. According to ETZEL agreement with Haganah, the weapons were to be shared. After the brief quarrel with Haganah commanders, the ship left Yaffo dock and stood on the raid in Tel Aviv.
At that point, Rabin opened fire at the defenseless ship, and continued even after it threw white flag. Rabin refused to allow evacuation of wounded Jews from the ship, and directed fire onto the Jews who jumped from the sunken ship and swam to the shore unarmed. 16 Jews from ETZEL were thus murdered in cold blood on Rabin’s order.
A huge crowd on Jewish leftist onlookers assembled on the shore but did nothing to stop the slaughter. Ben Gurion said about the murder, “Blessed be the cannon that shot the Altalena.” Decades later, asked in America to recount his experiences in the War of Independence, Rabin the murderer of Altalena hysterically boasted of “shooting and shooting” the Jews who swam for survival.
ETZEL refused to retaliate against fellow Jews for the murder.

Knesset celebrates Jewish terrorism

The Knesset held session in commemoration of Avraham Stern. He was the leader of LEHI, otherwise known as Stern Gang. LEHI engaged in pure terrorism against Arab civilians and British occupiers. By doing so, LEHI contributed tremendously into ending the Arab violence against Jews and evicting the British. Schizophrenic Israeli government condemns Dr. Baruch Goldstein for the very same actions. On Ben Gurion’s order, Haganah helped the British to track down and kill Avraham Stern. Ovadiah’s book, Samson Blinded, is dedicated to Avraham Stern.