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Jewish state develops Jesus tourism

YardenitLieberman’s Ministry of Tourism has allocated a small amount to a major cause: developing the Gospel Trail, the area in the Galilee where, according to Christian beliefs, Jesus once walked.

We can understand the government’s reluctance to employ halachic measures against Christianity in Israel. In the current political climate, we cannot ban private investments in Christian tourism. But to sponsor Christian values with Jewish funds seems a bit too much.

$10 mil a year wasted for asbestos scare

The Environmental Ministry doubled its budget for removing asbestos from Galilee houses.

The asbestos scare was fashionable decades ago, but was completely disproved in the 1990s, when several studies found no link between asbestos and lung cancer. The protocols of the earlier tests were published, showing that mice developed cancer only after being fed asbestos by the spoonful.


Israelis kill a 12-year-old Arab boy

This time the news did not make world’s headlines as it did in Al Dura and similar incidentsóbecause the Israelis were Israeli Arabs. Two feuding Arab familiesócommon families, not criminal clansóbegan shooting at each other in Jdeide village in the Galilee, as Arabs often do, and the boy was killed by a stray bullet.

Hezbollah is unlikely to start an all-out war

There has been much analysis of Nasrallah’s speech to his commanders a week ago detailing his plan to launch 10,000 rockets at Israel and capture enclaves in Galilee. That is not realistic.

How many rocket-launching sites and weapons stores might Hezbollah have that we do not know of? A few dozen, perhaps. Add a hundred locations inside villages that we might find it difficult to bomb. We’re talking a few hundred rockets that could be launched before they were destroyed. And those are low-yield rockets, which can damage buildings but not flatten blocks.

But Hezbollah understands that Israel would use massive attacks as a pretext to retaliate against Lebanon and try to oust Hezbollah from its hard-won political position. So it makes little sense to risk such losses to help the ayatollahs.

Ecologists join Arabs

The Israeli Land Administration canceled its approval for a tourist village at Betzet beach in Western Galilee, ostensibly to keep the area commercial-free (why?), but mainly so that Jewish vacationers won’t disturb the Arabs.

The war of arson

Large wildfires rage in Western Galilee, with firefighters registering more than twenty arsons over the course of the weekend. That, of course, is a common method of Arab terrorism. And the spike is attributable to Israeli Arab exuberance over the Shalit exchange.

Fire in Galilee

Galilee edges closer to the West Bank

Arabs killed a security guard in the Galilee. Those who thought that we could solve the Arab problem by abandoning the West Bank should consider Galilee: a core Israeli land with an Arab majority.

Palestinian compassion is obscene

Carmel fireThe PA is assisting Israel in fighting the Carmel fires. The Palestinians have sent several fire brigades into the Jewish state.

Palestinian firefighters will only protect Arab population centers in Galilee. Even during a humanitarian crisis, our Palestinian enemies are unwilling to extend help to Jews. Never mind that Israel gives them everything from electricity to money to free vaccine for their cattle during the swine flu.

We should not have accepted the Palestinians’ help, which only helps the PA to score points with Israeli Arabs. There are enough Arab firefighters in Israel; let them take care of their own villages.

Meanwhile, two Arabs from the Druze village of Daliat el Carmel were arrested for arson, and other Arabs from Gaza continued shelling Israeli population centers in the Negev.

Israeli police stoned. In Israel.

In Nazareth, loyal Israeli Arabs unleashed a hail to stones on traffic police inspectors.

Those who think that we can put a stop to daily stone attacks by abandoning Arab territories might add the Galilee and Negev to their list.

Four loyal Arabs convicted

Four Israeli Arab citizens from the Galilee have been convicted of planning attacks on Jews and planning to kidnap Israeli soldiers during the Gaza war.

Good Jews have to be vandals

In the perverted reality of the state of Israel, the good Jews who want to rid our country of its fifth column have to resort to ugly methods. A mosque in the Arab village of Ivteen, Galilee was ‘vandalized’ with a Star of David and some Jewish slogans.

How can Jews be nice when Arab marauders make their lives in the nearby kibbutzim unbearable with constant attacks and robberies while police do nothing? It is a good sign that ‘price tag’ revenge, which has been practiced by the West Bank settlers before, has made its way into Galilee.

10 June 2010 Posted in Arabs

Shots in Galilee

Not in the West Bank, but in the Arab-dominated Galilee, a guard at the Ganim beach and a bystander were wounded by random gunfire.

Swastikas in Galilee

As usual on the eve of Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day, swastikas appeared in Jewish towns. This time they were drawn in the village of Givan Avni in Galilee.

Looking for culprits? Arabs or Slavs, take your pick.

Businessmen busted for unavoidable crime

Police are investigating what is being touted as one of the biggest bribery cases in Israeli history. Holyland, Polar Investments, and other companies paid “tens of millions” of shekels in bribes to municipalities and other officials to facilitate their projects in Jerusalem, Galilee, and other places.

It seems so far that the bribes were purely facilitatory and did not infringe on public interest. It is common knowledge that construction in Israel is impossible without bribes. The Israeli government has created a bureaucratic mess that is impossible to navigate honestly. No wonder that projects worth billions of dollars have generated a few small bribes.

The investigation targets Uri Messer, which may discredit him as a witness against Olmert.

Another car attack on Jews

Israeli Arabs ran over a Jewish soldier near Kiryat Shmona in the Galilee. Unwilling to invoke nationalist motives, police classified the attack as criminal-related simply because the Arabs took his rifle.

Israeli Arabs get $15 billion boost

The government has approved 60 billion shekels to be spent on railroads.

One railroad would link Carmiel in the Galilee to Tel Aviv. A few Jews might benefit from the project, but it will mainly bring hundreds of thousands of Arabs from the Galilee into Central Israel’s Jewish towns.

Another railroad would connect Haifa and Afula in the Galilee with Beit Shean in the South, again benefiting mostly Arabs in the surrounding villages.

Billions of shekels will be spent to improve roads in the Galilee, even though Arabs there don’t even pay taxes.

The only good thing about this project is that the government won’t be able to budget that much money, and looking at other infrastructure projects such as Jerusalem’s light rail, a generation of Arabs will die before the first cars will ride on the new railroads.

Done: Arabs are majority in Galilee

According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, Arabs now constitute 53% of the population in the North. The ratio of relatively loyal Druze and Christians among Arabs continues to fall.

In demographic terms, Galilee is no less a Palestinian territory than the West Bank.

Unless we expel the Arabs.

Arab family imprisons their retarded son

An Arab family from Galilee kept their mentally ill 46-year-old son for five years in a basement. Neighbors heard his screams, but did not pursue the matter.

The toys of Arabs

An Arab kid from the Galilee village of Jadida was hurt when the pipe bomb he had been assembling exploded in his hands.

If assembled properly, the pipe bomb might have blown up some Jews.

Left: Benefits for Arabs, not settlers

Leftist ministers and MKs slammed Netanyahu’s decision to allocate benefits and development funds mostly to the settlements rather than Negev and the Galilee, where they would have benefited mostly Arab communities.