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Dichter calls for recapturing Gaza

Avi DichterThe former Shabak head says that Israel needs to re-occupy Gaza for ’several years’ in order to cleanse it of terrorist organizations.

It is worth remembering that Dichter supported Sharon’s ill-fated withdrawal from Gaza five years ago. But how can a person so well informed be so silly as to suggest that Israeli occupation can rid Gaza of terrorists? We failed to do just that in Lebanon for eighteen years, and our success in the West Bank has been very limited, punctuated time and again by intifadas, grassroots terrorism, and Hamas activity.

PLO flags on the Temple Mount

PLO flags on the Temple MountPolice barred Arab students from entering Haram ash Sharif compound with PLO flags as part of Fatah’s attempt to paint Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.

In fact, Al Aqsa on the Temple Mount is a much greater offense to Jewishness than the mascots of some Palestinian gang.

The unusually harsh police response was provoked by Public Security Minister Dichter’s capitulation to Hamas: a few days ago, at the government meeting to discuss the Shalit “exchange,” Dichter agreed to release 375 Jew-murderers; for two years, he has vowed to release no more than twenty-five of those criminals. The minister feels himself raped as Moshe Katsav’s Aleph, and vents his feelings on Fatah.

Egypt fakes the war on weapons smuggling

Public Security Minister Dichter told the Cabinet what everyone else knows by now: the Egyptian war on Hamas’ weapons trafficking is merely a show. Egypt does not want to alienate powerful Bedouin tribes in Sinai who live off the smuggling. In several previous government crackdowns, the Bedouins perpetrated terrorist attacks against tourist targets.

Dichter’s other truism was that many Palestinian factions besides Hamas launch rockets at Israel, and there is nothing that Hamas can do to stop it.

Shalit as elections stunt

During his trip to Cairo, Amos Gilad will discuss a prisoner exchange for the return of Gilad Shalit. Avodah and Kadima desperately need to bring Shalit back before the elections to boost their ratings.

During the Security Cabinet meeting, Livni and Barak twisted the arm of Public Security Minister Avi Dichter, forcing him to change his stance on prisoner “exchange.” Now Dichter accepts releasing Jew-murderers (“blood on hands”) and only asks that they be transferred to Gaza or Lebanon.

From a practical viewpoint, the terrorists can return to their trade in Gaza even more easily than in the West Bank. Even in Lebanon, they would take on an educational role, as Samir Kuntar did.

Previous governments also have released Jew-murderers, as Rabin did in the Jericho deal.

It is far from certain whether Shalit is alive. During the Gaza campaign, Hamas refused to take responsibility for his safety.

Hamas sets up HQ in Shifa Hospital

According to Public Security Minister Avi Dichter, IDF cannot attack a hospital for “obvious reasons.” Hamas members even wear medical robes in the hospital. This underscores the impossibility of waging a war against an enemy population while trying to separate wolves from the sheep who vote for them.

Dichter also confirmed that every UNRWA school and installation houses scores of terrorists who fled there.

Earlier today, PIJ revealed that they used Red Cross ambulances to cross into northern Gaza to fight IDF.

Gazans breach border with Egypt

Gazans have breached the border with Egypt after IAF blew the border wall, apparently by mistake. The Gazans cleared other passes with mines and bulldozers. Close to a thousand Gazans entered Egypt, more or less all of them civilians fleeing the chaos. This is rather in contrast to Security Minister Dichter’s announcement that many in Gaza welcome Israeli strikes against the oppressive Hamas regime.

Egypt and other Arab countries (except Syria) appear to support the Israeli attack on Hamas. In a telling gesture, the Arab League postponed its meeting, which was meant to condemn Israel.

Egypt is slated to receive a bad beating on the Arab street, as Mubarak is widely viewed as an Israeli collaborator. The Egyptians received a warning from Israel hours before the attack to withdraw their security personnel from the Rafah Crossing attacked by IAF.

Olmert calls for crackdown on protesters

Olmert, still the PM, instructed Internal Security Minister Dichter to jail Jewish protesters in Hebron and the nearby settlements for the crime of incitement. Olmert is oblivious to the fact that anti-Jewish incitement a thousand times stronger goes on daily in every mosque in Israel.
The curses unloaded on IDF soldiers who were evacuating an outpost near Kiryat Arba were largely symbolic, and clearly do not qualify as criminal incitement. On the positive side, Jewish pioneers hurled stones at their IDF attackers.
After the outpost’s destruction, Jewish activists damaged dozens of Arab cars in Hebron. A very small number of Jews took part in these events.
The settler movement’s officials condemned the activists who assaulted the IDF traitors.
The settlers proceeded to rebuild the destroyed outpost.

Livni condemns Jews for defending themselves

against Arab rioters. Livni’s government “won’t allow citizens to take justice into their hands.” Perhaps the government wants to do something about justice itself? No – Dichter, too, promised to lock up “the inciters” – presumably, those Jews who organized self-defense against rioting Arabs. Hundreds of policemen deployed in Acre to stop Jews and Arabs who throw stones at each other.
For many years, Acre hadn’t seen such police presence despite its status of an Israeli Gaza. In Acre, Arabs push Jews out of neighborhoods, sell drugs openly, and engage in rampant violent crime, often against elderly Jews.

If this is a democracy, what is not?

Livni became a prime minister of Israel with the lead of 431 votes over Mofaz. He could have easily won in a coalition with Dichter or Sheetrit.
Livni’s victory is somehow related to the odd extension of voting time for half an hour until 10.30pm. The extension was requested by her staff and granted on the spot. Apparently, Livni squeezed in a number of additional voters in the afterhours.
Livni takes over the Olmert’s infamous record of being elected with the least number of votes.
About 35,000 of Kadima members took part in the primaries, half of them in the late hours which makes the elections seem rigged.

Livni’s opponents refuse to unite

Mofaz, Dichter, and Sheetrit together score more support in the polls than Livni, and can beat her by fielding single candidate. Realistically, each of them would conduct the policy essentially similar to Livni’s.

Israeli voters are certified mad

Polls show the support for Livni at 47% while the security professionals Avi Dichter and Meir Sheetrit got just 6-8%.
During the Iranian debacle, who can wish for Livni as she is still proud of ending the Lebanon war with indecisive ceasefire and worthless UN troops?

Ex-police officers massively join organized crime

after leaving their offices – confirms Avi Dichter.

Police fake tough measures against terrorists

In the aftermath of the two bulldozer terrorist attacks in Jerusalem in a month, police is hard pressed to show some action. Accordingly, Jerusalem police toughly inspect driver licenses and work permits of Arab machine operators. It remains unclear how these measures can prevent future terrorist acts if both attackers legally resided in Israel and held work permits.
In the attempt to demonstrate that the terrorists are somehow unusual, police spread the rumors of them committing terrorist acts to vindicate their criminal past. That is nonsense: both Palestinian terrorists had good reputation and meager criminal records, typical for about 200,000 Arabs.
The real problem with the bulldozer terrorist is that they are just average Arabs, and there is no solution to stop that type of terrorism short of boycotting Arab labor and expelling them into one of the 22 Arab states.
Both bulldozer attacks came extremely handy for Olmert: the first disrupted Avi Dichter’s (Shin Bet chief) major revelations against Olmert by showing Dichter’s own powerlessness, and the second one came just after the Kadima party bosses colluded to oust Olmert during the primaries.

IDF has no plan on Gaza

Public Security Minister Avi Dichter reminded Israeli government that two months ago it instructed the army to prepare a plan for ending the Kassam rocket attacks. Until now, the plan did not appear – because there is no way to stop the attacks short of re-taking the Gaza Strip.
Dichter warned that ceasefire with Hamas means accepting the terrorist group’s legitimacy.

IDF sets a live shield near Gaza

At the place where the Public Security Minister Dichter’s aide was wounded by a sniper from Gaza, IDF set an army post meant to dissuade visitors from approaching the area. So IDF puts many Jewish soldiers at risk in the known area of sniper fire from Gaza to show it does something about the Dichter’s assassination attempt.
Europeans fought the World War I over the assassination of their top official by terrorists fighting for their country’s freedom.

Dichter: No one cares about Shderot

After another alert sent 120,000 residents of Ashkelon into shelters, Public Security Minister Avi Dichter lambasted the apathetic Israeli public, underperforming IDF, and the unperforming government for doing really nothing about Palestinian terrorism.

Hamas attempted assassination of Israeli Security Minister

Dichter near Gaza. Dichter’s aide is wounded.

Dichter: Expel terrorist accomplices

Israeli Public Security Minister Dichter suggested finding a legal way to expel the Arabs involved in terrorism to the West Bank. Israel means to create a safe haven for terrorists there.
Shouldn’t such Arabs be sent to jail rather than to the West Bank, though?

Barak: The government should unite against the Jews of Sderot

During the government meeting, Public Security Minister Dichter demanded that the IDF stops the Kassam rocket attacks completely regardless of Arab casualties. Barak condemned Dichter’s verbal attacks and said that the government should be united in such difficult times.

Israeli public security minister fears arrest in Britain

Dichter is so tough with Arabs and conservative Jews, but he canceled a trip to the UK out of the fear of being arrested on Israeli war crimes charges. Europeans are, of course, an example of wartime morality.