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For haredim, doubt is a two-way street

Haredim are among the first to protest any attempts to bury people whose Jewishness is in doubt at Jewish cemeteries. Thus, we would expect doubtful Jewishness to be an obstacle to one’s desire for a Jewish burial.

Not so in the Barzilai case. The bones in question are almost certainly pagan because historically Jews did not live in that arid area before the UN forced us to. Yet, hundreds of Eda Heredit members staged a Jewish funeral ceremony for the relocated bones.

US, Israel do not believe in peace with Arabs

A few days ago the Obama administration agreed to finance Israel’s Iron Dome SAM battery—which only makes sense if both countries expect the rocket attacks from Gaza to continue for years to come.

In Israel, police battled haredi demonstrators who were protesting the relocation of graves in Ashkelon to make room for the underground facility of Barzilai Hospital. The facility only makes sense if the government expects Grad rockets from Gaza three years from now.

Arabs desecrate Jewish cemetery

Six Arab teenagers were arrested for damaging tombstones at Merhavia cemetery in Afula. Tomb desecration is routine there and at other Jewish cemeteries near Arab areas. In many cases, the Arabs not only break tombstones but open the graves.

The Arabs will be sentenced to six months in jail at most, after which they will come out as heroes and continue their trade.

Rabbinical leaders, who cared so much about the far-fetched desecration of a cemetery by Barzilai Hospital construction, are keeping their silence in the face of Arab vandalism.

100 mil for bones

Under the pressure from religious parties, the government has approved a new location for Ashkelon Barzilai Hospital’s fortified emergency room. The previous location was abandoned because some human bones were found there, which led the rabbis to declare the place a Jewish graveyard—though no evidence exists that the bones are the bones of Jews.

The Supreme Court ordered a Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem to be moved, but rabbis in the coalition are too powerful to succumb to a similar ruling. A new ER will cost 100 million shekels more than previously planned.

A visiting UN chieftain remained unconcerned that the Jewish state needs fortified emergency rooms on Gaza’s periphery.

American Reform Jews shed tears over Muslim graves

For years, Muslims blocked the construction of the Tolerance Museum in Jerusalem because the Wiesenthal Center planned it on an abandoned Muslim cemetery. Only a small part of the museum would have touched the long-abandoned cemetery, and the Center offered to relocate the graves. In Israel and the Palestinian-occupied territories, Muslims routinely build over their cemeteries without bothering to relocate the graves.

It took Israeli courts three years to clear the construction.

Despite the court’s order, the Central Conference of American Rabbis, a Jewish Reform outfit, passed a resolution, which “condemned the construction in the strongest terms.” The CCAR remained unconcerned when, for example, Ashkelon Barzilai hospital planned new construction on a Jewish cemetery. But Reform Jewish “rabbis” are always happy to help our Muslim enemies.

Haredi stop hospital construction

Barzilai hospital AshkelonA long-running dispute between Haredim and Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon took another turn as prominent ultra-Orthodox rabbis blocked the Rabbinical Court’s decision permitting the hospital to build an underground emergency room while relocating the adjacent cemetery. The court ruled, basically, that protecting the living takes precedence over guarding the dead, especially when we don’t know whether the cemetery is Jewish at all.

The dissenting rabbis argue correctly that the underground ER is not meant to save any lives because its construction would take years to complete. The rabbis fear the setting of a precedent allowing cemeteries to be moved en masse for contractors’ convenience.

The underground ER is a typical pork barrel project, justified hypocritically by the danger of rocket attacks from Gaza. Why an ER is any more likely to be hit than any kindergarten is unclear.

Haredim, Palestinians fight for Israeli cemeteries

After the court ended a three-year-old dispute between the Wiesenthal Center and Israeli Arab organizations, in which Jews sought to build a museum on the land occupied by abandoned Muslim graves (which would be moved elsewhere), haredi organization Atra Kadisha engaged in a similar dispute with Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest the hospital’s expansion, lest it affect a small cemetery abandoned a thousand years ago.