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21 days in jail for yawning at Rabin

An IDF soldier at Ramat David military base was jailed for publicly yawning at the idiotic ceremony idolizing the murderer of Altalena.

Rabin was killed 13 years ago

Israel commemorates Rabin’s untimely (too late) death with a Stalinist kind of worship, all the way down to lighting candles, silly lectures in schools, and fake sorrow in the Knesset.
The murderer of Altalena, the coward who left his soldiers on the battlefield in the War of Independence, the hysteric who collapsed during the Six-Day War, the traitor who colluded with Abbas in Oslo in return for the Arab vote in Israeli elections, the prime minister who was forced to leave his office after a corruption scandal, the defense minister who ordered Jewish teenagers to break the hands and legs of Arab teenagers during the Intifada—this is how Rabin should be remembered.
And by the way, his last speech in the Knesset rejected the peace process. That’s why Peres and Beilin had to kill Rabin.

Two soldiers jailed for resisting brainwashing

Peacenik propaganda is long an important part of military training. Part of the efforts go to idolizing Rabin. Instead of showing his a murderer of Altalena or at least the politician who ordered breaking hands and legs of Palestinian teenagers and later proclaimed Jordan Valley inseparable part of Israel, the propaganda amplify his short-lived overture with peaceniks.
During the video on Rabin’s assassination two soldiers in the elite Golani Brigade stood up and applauded. Subsequently, they were jailed for ten days and demoted.

60 years since the murder of the Altalena

murder of AltalenaIn 1948, acting on Ben Gurion’s orders, Haganah detachment under the command of Yitzhak Rabin drowned the Altalena ship.
Menachem Begin’s ETZEL fighter group used the Altalena to transport huge quantities of weapons which Israel desperately needed in the War of Independence. According to ETZEL agreement with Haganah, the weapons were to be shared. After the brief quarrel with Haganah commanders, the ship left Yaffo dock and stood on the raid in Tel Aviv.
At that point, Rabin opened fire at the defenseless ship, and continued even after it threw white flag. Rabin refused to allow evacuation of wounded Jews from the ship, and directed fire onto the Jews who jumped from the sunken ship and swam to the shore unarmed. 16 Jews from ETZEL were thus murdered in cold blood on Rabin’s order.
A huge crowd on Jewish leftist onlookers assembled on the shore but did nothing to stop the slaughter. Ben Gurion said about the murder, “Blessed be the cannon that shot the Altalena.” Decades later, asked in America to recount his experiences in the War of Independence, Rabin the murderer of Altalena hysterically boasted of “shooting and shooting” the Jews who swam for survival.
ETZEL refused to retaliate against fellow Jews for the murder.

What does it mean to be Jewish?

An excerpt from Rabbi Kahane’s lecture

Do you understand what is happening there? The country is falling apart. It is Shamir’s fault, it isn’t the left. He allows this Intifada to go on for 15 months, what does he expect? This poor soldier, he doesn’t know what he’s doing, why he’s here. He isn’t allowed to put it down, his hands are tied. So he has to beat up and shoot every single day, and he doesn’t want to. Of course it’s Shamir’s fault, and Likud’s fault, and Peres’, certainly. And so people really feel guilty. That’s why more and more people are just dying to run away from Israel. Hundreds of thousands want to leave Israel. They want to get away, they want to flee the country. The country is falling apart.

So now try to understand why. You know God does things in his own way. And I thought to myself, why was this done to Kach? Of course you had the evil ring there, why did God allow us to be here? Maybe we didn’t deserve, that’s a reason. But maybe there’s a better reason. Think about it carefully, maybe God saved us from our own delusions. And saved us for the Jewish people. What would have happened if we would have run? We would have won ten seats, eleven, twelve seats and cheered the third largest party in the Knesset. What would have happened next? The Likud and Labor would have gotten together, this time immediately. Not in fifty one days, immediately, in one day. Stop Kahane. So we would be in the Knesset, ten, twelve

seats, ah ha frustrating. And they would this time stay together for four years, this would be the kind of unhappy wedlock that is really, really locked. You know what they can do to Israel in four years? Let’s say that Israel would still be weaving and wobbly after four years, and we ran again. And this time we got thirty seats, because of people saying, Only Kahane! 30, 35 seats – they would get together again. Therefore I want to tell you, the only hope of Israel is to somehow put an end to this whole system and have a strong government take over. Listen carefully, carefully. Obviously the answer is for the people to get out

and overthrow the government, but you don’t say that. For two reasons. One, they won’t do it, secondly if you think I sat for a long time in 1980 wait until you see this. So you don’t say that, and I have never said that. But what you do is you begin to put it subtly into the minds of the people. Under the slogan, Take your faith into your own hands. Which can mean anything. We are going to demand, and we will not get it yet, but we are going to demand a referendum. We are signing up hundreds and thousands of people for a referendum which will call for

the dispersal of the Knesset and elections within thirty days in which the groups that run must be committed to a platform of five basic orders. One, to putting down of the Intifada immediately with every means necessary. Two, the annexation of the territories so that we will put an end to this nonsense that there are only two choices: a Palestinian state or a continuation of the occupation. There are not two choices, there are three choices. The third choice is a just choice, a Jewish choice: a Jewish state there. Israel, not Judea, Israel.

Three, a choice given to all Arabs to remain in the country with personal rights and no political rights or leave the country. Four, a total change in the economic system. Free enterprise, bring down the Histadrut, make it a trade union only, that is its function. Sell off state enterprises, and bring in free enterprise, capitalism. Bring in private capital, let the country become normal again. Throw the bureaucrats into the sea one by one. And five, a basic change in the educational system in Israel. To give young Jews the kind of Jewish pride, the Jewish knowledge. Judaism, Zionism that they lack totally today. Any group that is willing to run

and accept those platforms and promise to implement them will run. In the election, one party wins, no coalitions. The leading party gets the government, and it gets the government for four years to implement this program. In World War II, 1939 to 1945, six years, Britain froze democracy. There were no elections in Great Britain for six years, because there was a crisis and Churchill said, What kind of election? What are you, crazy? Hitler’s bombing, what kind of election? Six years and there were no elections, that’s what Israel needs. Now no one here is calling to overthrow the government, but what we’re calling for is for the people to go and vote

and to decide. We want them to go to a referendum. We’re the people. We’re the ultimate authority in this country. We want to go back to Vermont or Athenian system. The people are going to vote. On this issue no delegates, no representatives, we personally want to vote on this. If it should go through, it would save Israel. Less than that, nothing is going to save the country. This mafia there has the country by the throat, and they’ll never let us run. In Yediot newspaper last week there was a news item about the Mossad planning to shoot me several months ago, when I was still running. No question about it.

These are the people who are capable of doing anything. They have done it already. People who turned over Jews to the British, people who shot Jews on the Altalena, people who did what they did to Sephardic Jews, people who kidnap Yemenite Jews, they can do anything. Anything at all. That’s why this it the only hope of Israel. Now we have to do this cleverly, but this is the only way, and know that.

Knesset commemorates Rabin. So sweet.

In the annual rite, Knesset recalls the assassination of the murderer of Altalena, the hysterical impediment to the General Staff in 1967, and the puppet of Oslo. Rabin was elected Israel’s prime minister on the promises of hard line against Palestinian Arabs while his associate Yossi Beilin negotiated with Abbas in Cairo over the Oslo accords; Rabin subsequently came to power on the Arab votes. Rabin was assassinated – presumably on Peres or Beilin’s order – after he rejected further concessions to Palestinian enemies and declared in his last speech in the Knesset that Israel should annex the Jordan Valley. Video shows Rabin freely walking after being “shot” by Yigal Amir who, at any rate, was manipulated by Shin-Bet’s agent “Champagnya.” The famous blood-stained sheet with “peace song” from Rabin’s pocket is cheap forgery: how come the folded sheet has only one bullet hole?
Netanyahu-the-bla-bla praised Rabin as fighter and commander. Or, really? Rabin abandoned his troops and fled the battlefield near Jerusalem in 1948, and collapsed under nervous pressure during the Six-Day War, in which he had no part.
The leftist creature Dalia Itzik who happen to be the Knesset speaker condemned defenseless Yigal: “Your God is not ours.” Indeed. People like Itzik have nothing to do with God of Judaism. Olmert vowed to continue the defeatist path of Rabin.
Israeli left developed cult of Rabin as a pale version of Stalinist worship of leader.

Supreme Court’s boss Beinisch reveals her agenda

The highest Jewish court aims at establishing “universal values” (sharia is more universal than Judaism), tolerance (nationalist Jewish zealots will be sentenced), love of humanity (co-existence with Arab enemies), a “society that fulfills expectations of the founding fathers” (socialists like Ben Gurion, Rabin the murderer of Altalena, and Teddy Kollek the British agent). Beinisch moralized about “a society made up of good people,” opposed Jewish character of the State of Israel and any violence – including the “violence” of Jewish demonstrators. Beinisch called for more brainwashing of Israeli children in schools. Not a single time in her speech did Beinisch mentioned rule of law, being preoccupied with judicial activism.
There is some hope in Beinisch’ statements about “political turmoil” and “storm clouds.” Bad for Beinisch, good for the Jews.