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Netanyahu makes Abbas a gift

The Israeli government transferred about $40 million to the PA so that our enemies can pay the salaries of their civil servants (including the police and Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades) before Ramadan. Such cozy relations.

US trains criminals and terrorists in Palestine

Palestinian policeThe American training of the PA police force is usually described in glowing terms. It was commonly emphasized that the policemen recruited to serve the PA have committed no terrorist acts.

That myth was fractured when several US-trained policemen were arrested for terrorism, and it suffered another blow when the PA announced that it is hunting many rogue policemen who work for Hamas or engage in racketeering.

The current round of crackdowns, though much touted, cannot establish Abbas’ rule in the West Bank. On the contrary, by eschewing assassinations and summary executions, such as were common under Arafat, Abbas actually encourages the political groups that work against him.

Did we disarm Palestinian police?

Abbas is refusing even to sit at a table with Netanyahu, declaring that peace negotiations won’t be resumed until Israel freezes settlement construction.

On that, both sides have reached a dead end. Israel has all but halted construction in the settlements, but Abbas needs a formal freeze in order to give something to his people. Neither side is in hurry because both know the talks to be futile: neither Netanyahu nor Abbas can sell peace terms to their people. The Palestinians, moreover, have become accustomed to Obama’s demand for a settlement freeze and cannot demand less than he does.

What is noteworthy, however, is that Abbas has expressed his readiness for some form of dialogue short of peace negotiations if Israel agrees to re-arm the Palestinian police. Previously, Abbas was talking about new weapons for his militia, but now he is concerned about re-arming them. It seems that Israel quietly took some weapons from the US-sponsored Palestinian police.

Israeli citizens to hold rallies in support of Arab terrorists

Israeli Arabs are expected to demonstrate in Jaffa, Haifa, and Nazareth in support of the terrorists who are conducting a hunger strike in our jails.

12 May 2012 Posted in Arabs

Abbas takes responsibility for Palestinian terrorists

The PA leader promised his people that his administration won’t remain silent if hunger strikers in Israeli jails die.

That means that the PA takes official responsibility for the terrorists. Indeed, this responsibility is no secret, as the PA even maintains a Ministry of Prisoner Affairs, funded with US aid and Israeli tax transfers.

It is a specifically Jewish craze to finance a government that takes pride in sending terrorists to kill us.

Even Abbas remains ambivalent about recognizing Israel

In response to the outcry in the Arab world regarding the visit of a top Egyptian cleric to Al Aqsa in ‘occupied’ Jerusalem, Abbas clarified that visits to Jerusalem should not be viewed as legitimizing Israel. That’s how he speaks when out of earshot of Western media: no recognition of Israel.

Mahmud Abbas

The US transfers to the Palestinians the aid that they do not need

The White House has agreed to release $147 million in aid to Palestine The aid was frozen last August because of Abbas’ lobbying for Palestinian independence.

The Palestinians have lived comfortably without that money for nine months, so they clearly do not use it for police wages as the White House claims.

Peres’ terrorist friend spells out some truths

For years, Israelis have been subjected to the indecency of Peres and Peretz calling for the release of Marwan Barghouti, an Arab in Israeli prison whom Hosni Mubarak once called “the terrible man behind Arafat.”

Now a small scandal has erupted: from his jail cell, Barghouti has called on Abbas to cease all dealings with Jews and resort to large-scale resistance. Presumably those are his true views, and he would waste no time acting on them if released.

Nevertheless, Barghouti still enjoys all the perks of Israeli prison, including TV, cell phone, and access to journalists—all of which are denied to Yigal Amir.

Marwan Barghouti

Abbas braves Obama’s ultimatum

Speaking on the phone with Abbas, Obama was characteristically rude, which is especially an affront in conversation with Arabs. The US president demanded that Abbas return to negotiations with Israel immediately, something which the Palestinian leader, like any sensible person, regards as totally worthless.

Abbas, even though his statelet fully depends on the US for finances, rejected Obama’s demands. Quite a lesson for the White House’s puppets in Jerusalem.

Abbas and Obama

Israel funds a Hamas-like entity?

Abbas declared that Fatah and Hamas have solved all of their differences and now share exactly the same political platform.

Their differences were minimal to begin with: Hamas insisted on full withdrawal to the 1948 armistice line, while Fatah allowed less than a 3% correction of it. Hamas spoke of a long-term truce, while Fatah benevolently offered us a Cold War-style peace.

Now Israel appears to be in an odd position: we refuse to negotiate with Hamas, but we finance and defend its clone, the Fatah.

Terrorists advise Abbas; but also Peres

Israeli media are slamming Abbas for appointing a terrorist as his advisor. The terrorist in question led Force 17, Arafat’s guard and assassination squad; he was released in ‘exchange’ for Shalit.

But Israel cooperated closely with Force 17 for years, and Israeli leaders, notably Peres, often convene with Marwan Barghouti in his cell.

Palestinians call European bluff

Abbas and SarkoziFatah and Hamas leaders proceeded with their reconciliation meeting in Egypt even though the EU threatened to cut off aid to the PA if Hamas joins the government without recognizing Israel. And the Arabs bet correctly.

Right now, Israel, the US, and EU finance even the Hamas-only government in Gaza, pretending that their aid money goes directly to public servants. No doubt a similar arrangement would exist for the West Bank.

Hamas, however, has little incentive to join Fatah in the bankrupt and discredited Ramallah government. Ruling the enclave in Gaza unilaterally and with few responsibilities (as the Strip is supplied by the UNRWA) is a much better option. Hamas gains more by waiting for the Fatah government to fail on its own. Fatah leaders are also loathe to disrupt their cozy relations with Israel by bringing Hamas into the government.

Palestinian UN membership bid: stop or go?

Mahmoud Abbas in UNNow that their bid is stalled in the UNSC, we can ponder whether it was wise. And yes, it was.

Regardless of whether he has won UNSC approval, Abbas has won the UNGA to his side. This is something that Jewish state has never accomplished even once. In effect, Abbas has achieved a moral victory.

He did not harm his relations with the White House. Obama probably hates him just as he hated Netanyahu before, but that does not change the fact that Washington has no other party to support in the PA. To underscore that fact, the White House released $200 million in aid that it had threatened to withhold if Abbas applied to the UNGA for statehood recognition.

Nor will Israel be able to withhold tax transfers for long. Nor can it abandon Fatah militarily, unless we are willing to allow Hamas to take over the West Bank.

The Israeli arguments against the Palestinian bid were proved silly. Thus, to claim that mutually agreed-upon borders are a prerequisite for Palestine’s UN application is preposterous because the Jewish state itself came into being without a border agreement with its neighbors.

Arab diplomats revolted against Abbas for forcing their hand with his UNGA application. Indeed, they as well as their US and EU counterparts felt starkly irrelevant as Abbas dumped diplomatic intrigues in favor of appealing directly to people of the world. But they, too, will be forced back to the table by the US.

Perhaps Abbas miscalculated, imagining that he could push Obama into supporting his bid. Well, the US president is far more cynical than the Fatah leader had thought. Perhaps the peace process is now more dead than ever because the UNGA proved powerless against Jewish influence in Washington. But in the end Abbas was going down, anyway. And at least he is going down as a courageous leader who used his last chance to gain independence for his people—who happen to be our enemies.

Hamas will be integrated into US-built Fatah forces

Yet another attempt at reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas has been declared fruitful. Abbas and Mashaal are supposed to sign a new agreement in Cairo in two weeks.

One interesting point of reconciliation is the introduction of Hamas guerrillas into Fatah’s police forces, which are trained and armed by the Americans.

After Hamas wins in subsequent elections, the entire police force will fall under the terrorist group’s authority.

Palestinians know their borders

The PA is furious at the Israeli government’s decision to approve a small number of housing units in the village of Efrat and a town of Maaleh Adumim. Curiously, the PA feels free to condemn our government even though Abbas fully depends on us for financing and protection.

Thus the PA shows its intent to push Israel back into the 1948 borders. No Israeli government, though, can afford to lose Maaleh Adumim and evict tens of thousands of Jews. But the government showed its willingness to sacrifice settlements: construction was approved in Efrat, but not Tekoa and Nokdim.

The cabinet also suspended tax transfers to the PA—a good measure that won’t last.


Obama: Palestine no matter what

Obama has promised the Palestinians that he will transfer them $200 million in aid which the Congress ordered frozen after Abbas applied to the UNGA for statehood recognition.

Politics is not about legalese

Avigdor LiebermanThe Israeli Foreign Ministry recently distributed talking points for its staff to use when arguing against the PA’s statehood bid. All these points are mistaken.

To prove the absence of a permanent population, the FM claims Palestinian ambiguity on the right of return. This is nonsense. Israel also claims the right of return for Jews worldwide, yet her domestic population is definitely permanent. If anything, Israel faces a higher emigration rate than Palestine.

On the ‘defined territory’ criterion, the paper cites absence of agreement with Israel on Palestine’s borders. By the same token, however, Israel has no internationally recognized border with Palestine.

On the absence of effective government, the FM cites the fact that Abbas does not rule Gaza. Well, a few weeks after Palestinian Independence and IDF withdrawal, Hamas would rule the West Bank as well.

As for the final criterion, the capacity to enter into relations with other states, Palestinians can travel visa-free to more countries than Israelis.

Instead of inventing legal absurdities, Lieberman should have taken care to prevent Abbas’ diplomatic mission abroad by denying him a transit permit in Israel.

Cozy relationship continues

After Abbas’ UN bid Israel might have been expected to pressure her old enemy. Tax transfers, however, continued unabated. The Palestinian chieftains had no trouble transiting Israel to get to the UN, and Israel continues to supply the PA with electricity.

Now the Israeli government is contemplating ‘goodwill gestures’ toward Fatah, such as ceding larger chunks of Judea and Samaria to Arab control.

Abbas ups the stakes

UN partition plan (1947)The PLO leader is testing a revolutionary demand: Palestine in 1947 (not 1948) borders. That means an Israel consisting of three enclaves engulfed by Arabs.

Abbas’ move may alienate Western negotiators as unrealistic, but it may also set a new standard in negotiations with Israel. From that standard, the 1948–1967 borders would be viewed as a huge concession by the Palestinians.

Future Palestinian leaders, however, will dream of attaining the 1947 borders—and 1847, eventually.

A wrong tree to bark upon

Settler activists cut down some four dozen young olive trees near Hebron, either in yet another land dispute or in retaliation for a recent terrorist act. Incidentally, that was possibly the first time Israeli police have attempted to cover up a terrorist attack by making it look like an accident, so as not to spoil Abbas’s UN aspirations.

According to halacha, the terrorists must be killed and their nation expelled. Political common sense is exemplified by Irgun’s and Lehi’s retaliatory attacks against Arabs. Short of that, uprooting olive trees may be a good way to vent one’s emotions, but it is hardly a realistic strategy for preventing terror.