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Raed Salah

Britain less concerned with freedoms than Israel

British authorities detained Raed Salah, a maverick Islamist from Israel, when he was about to address the parliament.

In Israel, his freedom of speech is unencumbered.

Law against leftism

Lieberman’s party has introduced a bill which would prevent convicted terrorist supporters from speaking at schools and universities. The bill is mostly aimed at a single person, Raed Salah. Bizarrely, Salah often speaks at Israeli universities despite multiple convictions on terrorism-related charges.

The law offers no solution, as Salah would switch to speaking just outside the campus walls. Rather, the real problem is with the Israeli educators who invite Salah to speak at their universities, allegedly to promote freedom of speech, but really in pursuit of a leftist defeatist agenda. This freedom of speech is for Arabs only: right-wingers are never thus invited to speak at Israeli universities.

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Muslim leader arrested for arson

Raed Salah is back in jail, this time for setting a eucalyptus forest on fire. Like other Arabs, he protested the planting of forests by the Jewish National Fund.

When does freedom of speech become incitement?

Raed Salah, a firebrand Muslim leader in Israel, openly called on the Bedouins to fight for the land in Rahat.

Israeli authorities are afraid to touch him.

Raed Salah

Police methods: suspect’s parents detained

David Sitbon is not accused of any major crime. At most, he passed a weapon to Haim Pearlman, whom Shabak is attempting to frame as a Jewish terrorist.

Tens of thousands of illegal firearms are illegally traded in Israel on a daily basis.

In order to pressure Sitbon into framing Pearlman, the police detained Sitbon’s parents, who had no part in the weapon transfer whatsoever.

No guts to kill Raed

It seems that a major peace concession is brewing in the Israeli establishment.

Shabak, which framed a former Kach activist named Pearlman, is in hot water: Pearlman, who is accused of murdering several Arabs a decade ago, recorded conversations with his Shabak handlers. On the tape, agents urge him to kill Raed Saleh, the leader of the Northern Islamic Movement.

There is no doubt that Salah’s murder would have provoked a major wave of Arab riots. If indeed the government had wanted to eliminate Salah, he could have been jailed or assassinated cleanly, perhaps in a staged car accident. So Shabak’s plan was not so much to get rid of the maverick Muslim preacher as to frame the right-wingers.

That, of course, recalls the case of Yigal Amir, who was led to shoot at Rabin—also by Shabak agent.

Neither the army nor the police would welcome another round of major Arab attacks on settlers. Instigating riots only makes sense if the government wants to present the settlers to the public as a major security burden in the wake of their evacuation.

Unless the Shabak agent who tried to get Pearlman to assassinate Salah is just plain stupid.

Fake charges against real criminal

Raed SalahA Jerusalem court found Raed Salah guilty of assaulting a police officer two years ago. What was the assault? Salah spit at the policeman.

There are thousands of good reasons to sentence Salah, a leader of the Northern Islamic Movement, to life in prison, but the cowardly government opted for a politically neutral pretext.

Waqf, Salah locked in struggle

The Jerusalem Post reports Waqf’s satisfaction over Israel’s arrest of Rayed Salah, a leader of the Northern Islamic Movement. Salah instigated the Temple Mount riots.

Misinterpreted as a sign of moderation, the Waqf’s satisfaction actually demonstrates its serious problems with Salah. A popular leader, Salah threatens Waqf’s authority on the Temple Mount. Waqf is glad to have the opportunity to neutralize Salah with Jewish hands.

The police were wrong to quash the riots. Instead, they should have been allowed to deteriorate into an uprising allowing us a pretext for expelling the Arabs.

Waqf is an official agency charged with maintaining the Temple Mount. While Jews think that Israel controls the place, Waqf is in fact a Jordanian organization. Israel likewise surrendered East Jerusalem de facto to the PA, which runs schools and issues building permits there while Jews pay for the schools and municipal infrastructure.

Muslim preacher sets a standard for rabbis

Israeli police arrested Raed Salah, a notorious leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel. Salah, as usual, incited Muslim crowds—this time to riot on the Temple Mount, lest Jews ascend it.

Conformist rabbis fear arrest, and confrontation with authorities in general, so they refrain from calling on Jews to pray on the Temple Mount despite the government’s ban.

The current round of Temple Mount clashes stems from the Israeli and Palestinian governments’ common interest in heating up the situation to thwart the peace process.

Americans kill Taliban leader

A CIA-operated drone launched a rocket at a car carrying Baitullah Mahsood, the Taliban’s leader in Pakistan.

Now, the curious part is that his wife was in the car—and was killed accordingly.

While many NGOs decry the Israeli assassination of Hamas leader Salah Shehadeh along with his relatives, a similar American act gave rise to no condemnations.

Jews barred from Haifa University

Jewish students clashed with Haifa University security personnel who refused them entrance to the lecture by Raed Salah.

Salah, a head of the Northern Islamic Movement, leads Israeli Arab resistance to the Jewish state. Despite organizing riots and openly inciting against Jews, he remains free. Jews who have said one hundredth of what Salah is preaching rot in jail for incitement.

Salah spoke at Haifa University to a cheering crowd of Arab students whom Jews are educating to become the future leaders of the PLO.

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Palestinians kill 15-year-old spy

In Hijjah village in the West Bank, the Sawalha family killed their son Raed over allegations that the teen collaborated with Israel. Palestinians undertook to cooperate with Israel on security matters related to the Oslo Accords.

Raed’s father and uncle tortured him before his death.

Spanish judge resumes anti-Israeli investigation

Despite earlier assurances from the Spanish FM, Judge Fernando Andreu went ahead with the case against IDF officials for the 2002 assassination of Hamas’ leader Salah Shehadeh, along with fourteen other Arabs.

If that judge is so troublesome, wouldn’t he make a nice number fifteen?

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Sheikh arrested for assaulting police

Sheikh Raed SalahRaed Salah allegedly assaulted policemen during the banned Palestinian cultural festival in Jerusalem. His arrest is unimportant: even Netanyahu wouldn’t dare to jail the maverick sheikh.

Salah’s arrest on trumped-up charges underscores the government’s failure to deal properly with the major anti-Israeli inciter among local Arabs. Salah, the head of the Hamas-affiliated Islamic Movement, openly incites his followers to kill Jews, urging them to liberate all of Palestine. Had an Israeli Jew said something like that about the Arabs, he would have been thrown in jail for years for incitement. But Arabs are free from prosecution despite the fact that incitement of Arabs is much more likely to cause violence than incitement of Jews.

Hamas demands coordination from Hezbollah

Hamas again arrested Hezbollah’s man in Gaza, Ahmad Salah, for launching rockets at Israel without Hamas’ permission.

Hamas’ policy on permissions is inconsistent. Sometimes, the terrorist group genuinely seeks to maintain ceasefire, and bans rocket launches. Other times, it only seeks to establish its military monopoly by demanding compliance from other terrorist organizations.

Salah was released soon afterward.

Earlier, Olmert had promised retaliation against Lebanon for Hezbollah’s attacks on Israel. Meanwhile, Hezbollah attacks from Gaza, rather than Lebanon.
Britain has established a political dialogue with Hezbollah.

Benny against humanity

A Madrid court decided to continue the hearings against Binyamin Ben Eliezer and other IDF figures for crimes against humanity. The humanity in question was Salah Shehadeh and his relatives, duly killed by IAF’s mega-bomb in Gaza.

Since crimes against humanity have no statute of limitations and can be prosecuted retroactively, why doesn’t Israel indict the Spaniards for evicting Jews five centuries ago?

Short of assassinating the Spanish judge, Israel can easily terminate the proceedings by staging a “fair trial” of her own.

Palestinian terrorist dies in Egyptian hospital

Hussein Shamiyah of Salah ad Din Brigades planned the Kisufim attack which killed an IDF soldier after Israel’s unilateral ceasefire. Technically, Shamiyah acted as a terrorist rather than a guerrilla because the IDF patrol stood on the Israeli side of the border and the army was not at war.

IAF bombed Shamiyah’s house shortly afterwards, but Egypt welcomed him for treatment. The Israeli establishment does not consider Egyptian help to terrorist organizations as a violation of the peace treaty.

Top Hamas security chiefs dead

Said SiamAn IAF strike killed Hamas’ interior minister Said Siam, a liaison between Hamas’ political wing and Izz ad Din Kassam Brigades. The same strike killed Salah Abu Shrakh, chief of Hamas’ general security service. Their relatives also died in the attack.

The IAF strike was reportedly carried out based on the information provided by Siam’s bodyguard. Hamas executed him shortly thereafter.

Said Siam’s death is a boon to Fatah, which has lost a strong and implacable enemy in Gaza.

Large crowds of Hamas loyalists attended Siam’s funeral, but IAF shrunk from the temptation to bomb them.

Spain seeks to arrest Israeli politicians, defense officials

Spanish court issued arrest warrants for a number of Israelis whom the Palestinians accuse of assassinating Hamas chief Salah Shehadeh in 2002 and about a dozen of Palestinian civilians who happened to be nearby. During Ariel Sharon’s prime ministership, Israel just dropped a 2,000 lbs bomb on Shehadeh.
Spain had only recognized Israel in 1986.

Israeli security men barred from Spain

Arabs and leftists filed a suit in Spain alleging murder of some Palestinians during Israeli assassination of Hamas chief Salah Shahad in 2002. A number of top Israeli security officials are now wanted in Spain. The case may lead to the worldwide Interpol warrant.
Israel, at last, has to properly declare war on Palestinians rather than tread a legally dangerous ground of police actions in the hostile territory.