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white phosphorous

IDF would investigate Joshua bin Nun

Caving in to the Goldstone report, IDF is investigating its alleged crimes in Gaza. The list includes self-evidently ludicrous allegations of firing white phosphorous shells at civilians and shooting civilians holding white flags. In the fog of war, some phosphorous shells indeed accidentally struck civilian homes, and some soldiers might not have notice the pieces of white cloth.

The problem is that, according to Jewish law, Jews must kill their enemies, even when they wave flags of whatever color. In halacha, once an enemy rebels against God by refusing to heed the demands of his people, that enemy must be killed, combatants and non-combatants alike.

Amnesty calls for 1947 solution

Sixty years ago, when Israel was fighting for its existence, a friendly US Administration embargoed weapons shipments to Palestine. Though theoretically intended to halt arms supplies to both Jews and Arabs, the embargo only worked against Jews, as Arabs received weapons from Egypt and Jordan.

Amnesty International calls for the cessation of weapons sales to Israel and Hamas, but not to Fatah. Amnesty cannot stop Iran and Syria from aiding Hamas, so in effect the embargo is only to affect the Jews.

In its report, Amnesty accused Jews of war crimes in Gaza, including using white phosphorous bombs, though these were only used for illumination. Amnesty was less vociferous when Britain was killing civilians in the Falkland Islands.

White phosphorus ammunition used in Gaza war

Just a day after the International Red Cross cleared Israel of charges of using white phosphorus against Gaza civilians, the world woke up to a shock: shells with white phosphorus were fired at the civilian population.

White phosphorous is a horrific ammunition that sticks to human skin and continues to burn there until cut out. Photos of the victims of white phosphorous attacks are among the peace activists’ strongest arguments.

Strangely, this time human rights groups refrained from lambasting the perpetrators. The UN remained silent about this clear-cut war crime. No protests took place in Western capitals.

Because the phosphorous shells have been fired by Palestinian terrorists at Jews.

Palestinian terrorists fired phosphorous shells at Israel Negev communities populated exclusively by civilians, with no military presence whatsoever. The Palestinians were not deterred by the large numbers of fellow Bedouin Arabs in the Negev. The shells struck Eshkol District, where both Jewish farmers and Arab Bedouins live.

Human rights organizations saturated the Internet with condemnations of Israel after numerous white phosphorous shells and canisters were discovered in Gaza following IDF’s operation. The International Red Cross Committee confirmed Israel has only used white phosphorous ammunition to illuminate targets, with no harm to Palestinian civilians or guerrillas.

Despite the ICRC report, Palestinian groups stepped up the outcry over Israel’s use of white phosphorous ammunition in an attempt to deflect attention from their own use of it. In the latest case, Palestinian UNRWA personnel claims to have been attacked with white phosphorous shellsódespite the absence of burned victims.

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