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Antiques Authority’s silence contradicts police claims

In response to a petition to stop Muslim work on the Temple Mount that is damaging Jewish religious artifacts, police claimed that they maintain presence at the Temple Mount and that the works are supervised by the Antiques Authority. That the Authority chose not to comment suggests the contrary, as indeed everyone knows.

Tellingly, the Attorney General has demanded that Israeli law be applied at the Temple Mount with ’special sensitivity.’

Government has no problem with Arabs damaging remains of the Holy of Holies

Temple MountThe Temple Mount Faithful group filed a petition with the High Court to halt Muslim construction on the Temple Mount. Jews are not allowed to even pray there, let alone build a synagogue, while Muslims engage in massive construction, including excavations in the First and Second temple layers. Indeed, on numerous occasions Muslims have purposely destroyed Jewish artifacts on the Temple Mount.

This time, the Muslims made the foundation stone of the Holy of Holies their workbench. Israeli government policy is not to intervene. Indeed, the sooner the Muslims destroy all traces of Jewish presence at the Temple Mount, the easier it will be for the leftist government to abandon it.

Reform ‘rabbi’ supports African immigration into Israel

Rabbi Gilad Kariv‘Rabbi’ Kariv, executive director of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, described the problem of illegal migrants as the most important moral issue facing Jews today. More important than the fact that we are giving up our land and the Temple Mount to our Arab enemies, or that the Jewish state is evolving into an atheist ochlocracy.

Kariv also demanded a halt to the deportation of Sudanese illegals, despite their country’s new-found independence. Poor beings, their country is ‘not stable.’ The next thing we will be told is that they cannot go home because their country is not prosperous.

Kariv is not averse to slanting figures. He claimed there are 6.5 million Jews here in Israel and “a few thousand” Africans. The number of halachic Jews stands at 5.5 million at the most, and there are close to 100,000 Africans, a full 2% of the population.

Global March to Jerusalem – where ayatollahs meet Jewish leftists

Global March to JerusalemIranian media are enthusiastically supporting the upcoming Global March to Jerusalem. Many prominent Iranians have promised to join the movement, which is also being patronized by some 150 committees worldwide, including a number of ultra-left Jewish groups.

The march’s agenda seems innocuous, to raise awareness of Jerusalem as a city of three religions. Why then does it draw such support from ayatollahs and pro-Palestinian groups? Because its true purpose is to protest Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The activists want international control over Jerusalem, which will mean de facto Muslim control because they possess the most structures in the Old City.

This is essentially the UN’s 1947 solution, in which Israel was envisaged as three cantons with Jerusalem under international occupation. Olmert and Peres agreed to a similar solution when they offered the Palestinians ‘joint control’ over the Temple Mount. Control won’t really be shared because the Muslims would have three members in the five-member committee.

Netanyahu and Livni are similar on borders

Livni and NetanyahuThe PA blasted its Israeli colleagues for disclosing the details of the Amman talks. The leaks indicate that Netanyahu’s offer on borders was similar to the one Livni passed to the Palestinians at Annapolis.

Though the similarity between Bibi’s and Tzipi’s positions is abominable, in reality they should indeed be expected to offer similar borders, their only difference from Olmert’s position being the Temple Mount.

The question is, why were the Palestinians angry about the leak? They refused the deal in 2007, so it only makes sense for them to say that they refused it again this time. One possible explanation is that by leaking the info, Netanyahu pulled the chair out from under Livni, who is being groomed by the Americans and Palestinians alike into a dove for the next elections.

Jew arrested for calling on compatriots to visit the Temple Mount

After the clashes with Arabs who protested a plan by a handful of Jews to ascend the Temple Mount, police arrested not the Arab instigators, but the Jew who actually committed that horrendous ‘crime.’

The arrest was obviously meant to pacify the Arabs by showing that Jewish police will protect their shrine even though that abomination stands on our holiest place. But the opposite will happen: the Arabs will take the arrest as a confirmation that the Jews indeed meant to raze the Aqsa mosque and were only prevented from doing so by Arab riots.

Rioting is no crime for Arabs

About a hundred Arabs threw rocks at police and tourists at the Temple Mount. They were not throwing rocks at common Jews, of course, because Jews have been practically banned from our holiest place under Israel’s agreement with the Muslims.

Police arrested only three Arabs. They will serve no more than six months in jail, if they are even charged at all. This of course will soon encourage their compatriots to riot again.

Ex-Mossad chief being groomed to sign peace treaty with Palestinians

Meir Dagan has launched a political movement, “There is a chance,” which calls for structural changes in the electoral system. Dagan wants to raise the election barrier from 2 to 3%, thus effectively barring settler parties from the Knesset. He would also like the head of the largest party to automatically become the prime minister—which makes coalitions unnecessary and leaves religious parties powerless.

Since settlers and religious parties support all socialist and militaristic decisions of the government, the only conceivable reason for such restructuring is to sign a peace treaty with the Palestinians, which means making problematic concessions such as destroying the settlements and abandoning the Temple Mount.

And it seems that foreign forces are grooming Dagan to become just such a leader.

Meir Dagan

Palestinians think too highly of Jews

Hamas and Fatah leaders slammed the Israeli government over its decision to close the Mughrabi bridge, which led toward the Muslim-occupied Temple Mount over the heads of Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall below. The Arabs believe that our government is ready to Judaize the Temple Mount, which regrettably is not the case.

The PA, which subsists on Israeli money and bayonets, was especially harsh in its condemnation.

Mughrabi bridge

Temple Mount: how can we share sovereignty?

After Friday prayers on the Temple Mount (a privilege Israel allows to Muslims but bars to Jews), Muslims began stoning Jewish worshipers below at the Western Wall. Imagine the international outcry if Jews were to stone Muslims. Israeli police entered the Temple Mount for the first time this year, broke up the Arab crowds, and arrested a few of the hundreds of rioters .

Olmert offered Muslims joint sovereignty over the Temple Mount, with Muslim countries holding the majority in the controlling body. That option has been widely accepted by the Israeli political establishment. Leaving aside the long-lost issues of national pride and religious obligation, who would riot-control the Arabs then?

11 June 2011 Posted in Arabs

Right of return tops the agenda

Palestinian refugees in 1948For decades, the Israeli right and ultra-left have agreed on one point: no right of return. Conservatives denounced it for ideological reasons, while leftists simply hated the low-class Arabs.

As we have long predicted, the right of return inevitably found its way back to the negotiating table because of the policy of piecemeal concessions. At this time, everything else, including withdrawal from the Temple Mount, is agreed upon, and the Arabs lose nothing by pressing for the return of refugees’ descendants.

The Israeli plan to let them return to the West Bank won’t work: the PA government would never allow that, as the influx would break its civil society. Besides, the relatively affluent West Bankers hate the refugees and drove them away when Sharon attempted to relocate some of them from Gaza.

Also as we predicted, the Arabs have resorted to marching civilians across the Israeli border. The next action will include tens of thousands of people, and they might put women and children at the front. Israel lacks the skills to break up large-scale riots, though we still have two weeks to study the excellent tactics used by the Iranian police during the 2009 Tehran riots. Setting extensive minefields is one option; that way, at least, we won’t need Jewish soldiers to shoot Arab women.

A word of truth from the Palestinians

Saeb ErekatPalestinian negotiator Erekat remarked that peace negotiations in Israel are over. It testifies to Jewish madness that he spoke at a conference in Tel Aviv. Indeed, on that same day Israel sent the PA $100 million in tax transfers.

Erekat is definitely right. Everyone knows the conditions for peace for each side, and they are irreconcilable: The Palestinians cannot forfeit their ‘right of return,’ and we Israelis cannot accept it. Everything else is settled: the Israeli government has agreed to abandon the Temple Mount and outlying settlements, and the PA agreed to leave three settlement blocs to the Jews.

Given the situation, a Palestinian declaration of statehood is the most logical course of action. It simply avoids the problem. The Palestinian government is fine with de facto abandonment of the right of return. The one problem the PA faces with statehood is that refugees would be able to move from Lebanon and Syria into the West Bank, breaking the fledgling state. The Palestinians would love for Israel to continue guarding their borders.

A de jure Palestinian state is not bad at all for Israel, the only better alternative being to expel the Arabs from Judea and Samaria.

PaliGate: end of peace process?

Mahmud AbbasWikiLeaked Palestinian documents confirm that Fatah agreed to let Jewish settlers settle Palestine. That is, they would remain in their villages under Palestinian jurisdiction. As we expected, the Israeli government discussed this matter seriously because it is unable to evict so many Jews. So the government in Israel lacks the power to make peace.

And its counterpart in the West Bank lacks the will to make peace. According to the leaked cables, the Palestinians refused to let Israel keep Maaleh Adumim and Ariel, two relatively large towns in the West Bank. No Israeli party, even Meretz, is willing to accept losing them.

The documents show that the Fatah government collaborated with Israel mainly in assassinating its own terrorists, but did not go against Hamas. Israel acknowledged that situation and did not press Fatah to fight Hamas.

In publishing the PaliGate papers, Al Jazeera bet correctly that Palestinian Arabs would despise their government for cooperating with Israel on security matters and relinquishing the most radical Palestinian demands, including the right of return and the right to the Temple Mount. It follows that the vast majority of Palestinians do not support the peace process on terms acceptable to Jews.

Jew banned from the Temple Mount

Jerusalem police have banned Rabbi Elboith of the Movement to Build the Third Temple from entering the Temple Mount. The rabbi—oh, what a great crime—offered $15 a day to religious Jews willing to study at the Mount.

Israel in provisional boundaries

Unable to sell their citizens the concessions necessary for a peace treaty with the Palestinians, Israeli leaders are trying to push Abu Mazen into accepting an interim agreement. According to the terms of this agreement, a Palestinian state will be established in temporary borders, with Jerusalem and the settlements not to be discussed for some time. The Palestinians rightly refuse to accept this plan: once their state is created, international pressure on Israel will wane, and they will never get Jerusalem (unless they take it over demographically).

In the meantime, Israel is falling into the same trap. Jews tread the very path of incremental concessions which Palestinians refuse. Under the 1972 Egyptian peace offer, we could have had a peace treaty with all Muslim states by abandoning the West Bank. Today, we would only have an agreement with the Palestinians. One by one, Israel surrenders her bargaining chips: we evacuated Gaza, withdrew from most of Judea and Samaria, and have unofficially agreed to abandon the Temple Mount. Israeli bargaining power diminishes while international pressure on us increases to stop squabbling over minute details.

It is not Palestine, but Israel that is being pushed into provisional borders by the settlement construction freeze. Just as the Palestinians would have sat in their provisional borders dreaming of Jerusalem, Israel holds the settlements dreaming of their expansion. Palestine’s actual borders are now firm and won’t become less so, while Israel’s borders shrink with every new initiative.

We play on ourselves exactly the trick we intended to play on the Palestinians.

Just who recognizes our borders?

Clinton and NetanyahuClinton and Netanyahu held a highly unusual 7-hour-long meeting, reportedly on  Palestinian issues. Despite Bibi’s promises to the contrary, they discussed East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

What does Israel get for these concessions? Recognition of our borders, Clinton says. Never mind that these borders will be recognized only until some Arab leader decides his country is strong enough to attack us. But more importantly, we won’t even get this kind of recognition. In the 1970s, not even the most left-wing politicians imagined giving away Judea and Samaria in return for a comprehensive peace with Arab countries. Today, we’re giving away this land for a peace treaty with the Palestinian Arabs; not even with Syria and Lebanon, and certainly not with Iraq and Iran. So the only ones who will recognize our borders are the Palestinians, who are unable to challenge us in any case.

Clinton’s vagueness, which borders on outright deceit, reminds us of Olmert’s offer to the Arabs which Bush details in his memoir. Olmert offered to transfer jurisdiction of the Temple Mount to a “council of nonpolitical elders.” Now imagine just how nonpolitical would be a council which consists of three Muslims, a Vatican official, and a single Jew.

FM accuses Vatican of Jewish crimes

Pope in IsraelDeputy Foreign Minister Ayalon slammed the Vatican Synod’s resolution calling for an end to Israel’s ‘occupation’ of Judea and Samaria. But the web site of the Israeli Foreign Ministry calls those territories ‘occupied’ exactly 838 times, as a Google search reveals. And if the territories are occupied, rather than liberated and annexed, then it is only right for Vatican to ask Jews to vacate them.

Ayalon made the silly complaint that the Synod is being ‘hijacked by anti-Israeli majority.’ A majority, as we in a democracy sadly know, does not hijack, it determines the outcome by vote.

Sometimes you cannot win: the Vatican lambasted both our ‘occupation’ of Judea and Samaria and our security barrier there which ends the ‘occupation.’

The Foreign Ministry was irritated by the Vatican calling on Jews to refrain from using the Bible to justify injustices perpetrated upon Palestinian Arabs. If only that were true! Except for Menachem Begin and Meir Kahane, not a single major political leader of Israel has justified our displacement of the Arabs by quoting the clear commandments.

Not surprisingly, the Vatican eventually sided with the Muslims. They are a real trouble to Catholics; Christians suffer in nearly every Muslim country, and certainly in the West Bank and Gaza. Besides anti-Semitism, Catholics have practical reasons to appease the Muslims. Instead of complaining, the Israeli government should make life difficult for Catholics in Jerusalem. Instead, our president contemplates transferring the Temple Mount to the Vatican.

Israeli leaders lambaste Carter

Jimmy CarterIsraeli leaders lambasted Carter for his meeting with Hamas. But why? Our own president Peres engineered talks with the PLO when it was much more murderous than Hamas is today, and no less hostile toward Israel.

Carter’s peace plan of the late 1970s was much more advantageous to Jews than what Israel’s right-wing government pursues today. He demanded only a ‘homeland’ for Palestinians aligned with Jordan rather than a state. He did not demand that Jews abandon the Temple Mount to Arabs. He followed Sadat in offering Israel a comprehensive peace with Arab countries in return for acceding to a Palestinian ‘homeland.’

Western Wall: bitter taste of peace

Jerusalem municipality has approved a project to renovate the Western Wall area. What is noteworthy is the opposition the project has sparked among Muslim groups, which view any actions by Jews there as an attack on Muslim sovereignty over the Temple Mount. In 1922, a wave of pogroms was set off when Jews merely added a divider between male and female sections.

According to Olmert’s plan, which is likely to be adopted in the peace process, the Western Wall will fall under the jurisdiction of an international council with a Muslim majority. Jews won’t be able to do any construction or archeological digs in the area, and any such action would be viewed as a breach of peace—for which Israel will predictably be blamed.

Olmert’s plan: give ‘em everything

On the revelations of his ignominious offer to Abbas, Olmert said he had offered not only the Temple Mount, but the Western Wall, as well.

Technically, the places would be placed under an international trusteeship with a Muslim majority. No doubt, the Israeli government will eventually agree to similar terms.

The transfer would end a political aberration in which a defeatist, socialist state controls Jewish religious symbols. In 1967, Israel’s socialist rulers did not even plan to annex Jerusalem, despite their staggering military successes on the opening day of the war, and despite heavy shelling from Jordan-occupied Jerusalem. It was only by chance that history went otherwise: PM Levi Eshkol, desperate to cede responsibility for the expected defeat or Pyrrhic victory, invited Menahem Begin to join the government, the first time Labor had ever allowed the opposition in. Begin pounded on all doors and forced Eshkol and Moshe Dayan to liberate Jerusalem just before the UNSC forced us to accept a crippling armistice.