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sheikh salah

Sheikh arrested for assaulting police

Sheikh Raed SalahRaed Salah allegedly assaulted policemen during the banned Palestinian cultural festival in Jerusalem. His arrest is unimportant: even Netanyahu wouldn’t dare to jail the maverick sheikh.

Salah’s arrest on trumped-up charges underscores the government’s failure to deal properly with the major anti-Israeli inciter among local Arabs. Salah, the head of the Hamas-affiliated Islamic Movement, openly incites his followers to kill Jews, urging them to liberate all of Palestine. Had an Israeli Jew said something like that about the Arabs, he would have been thrown in jail for years for incitement. But Arabs are free from prosecution despite the fact that incitement of Arabs is much more likely to cause violence than incitement of Jews.

Jordan is less friendly to Islam than Israel

Jordan barred Israeli Palestinian sheikh Salah from entering that country. Israel allows that honest Arab to continue preaching against Jewish occupation.

We need more of honest Arabs

Reputable sheikh Salah gave a fiery speech to Arab crowd in East Jerusalem promising that Israel and her occupation will soon disappear. No arrests ensued. Salah helpfully disperses Israeli leftist propaganda about good Arabs.
Public Security Minister Dichter launched investigation against Arab MK Nafa who visited Syria a country at war with Israel. What is there to investigate in the face of clear treason?