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Inciting the Arabs on court orders

In compliance with a Supreme Court order, IDF began demolishing the security barrier near Biliin. Besides allowing our Arab enemies to infiltrate the country somewhat more easily, the demolition will incite Arab anti-wall protests in other places.

Settlement freeze: the details

Just as his cabinet is expected to vote to approve an extension of the construction freeze, Netanyahu has revealed that the exact details of the American incentives package are still being discussed. Huh? Then why are we voting for the freeze in return for we know not what?

Netanyahu implies that the American incentives are connected to halting Iran’s nuclear program. Oh sure, we’ll have yet another round of useless sanctions. Meanwhile, Bushehr goes hot in a few days, despite Mossad’s sabotage.

So far, the White House has promised us a veto on the unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehoodóbut only for one year. And should we not expect the United States to veto such a declaration as a matter of friendship and alliance, regardless of the freeze? Obama also promised not to pressure Israel for a settlement freeze. But are we to believe the same Hussein who has already broken his electoral promises to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and help Israel to defend herself?

Barak claimed that the American gift of 20 F-35’s justifies the freeze. But why do we need those advanced jets if we cannot even bomb Bushehr?

Shas’ ministers can defeat the freeze vote, but needless to say, Shas will vote with the prime minister who bought them with stipends to religious students. Or, as a face-saving measure, they will abstain from voting. Nominally, Shas demands that construction in Jerusalem be encouraged, which would never happen on a meaningful scale even if it were approved. And what is the point of building there if R. Ovadia Yosef has already approved giving the place to Arabs, ostensibly to save Jewish lives?

Peaceniks laud the American pressure as a way to avoid a binational state. As if a state where Arabs constitute 34% of the youth is not already binational.

During the three-month freeze, Netanyahu is expected to abandon the Jordan Valley to the Arabs, leaving only a minimal IDF presence. This is the issue over which Rabin was killed: in his last Knesset speech, he refused to cede the valley. Is it not bizarre that instead of attacking Iran, as he promised to do during the elections, Netanyahu negotiates away the Jordan Valley, Israel’s major security barrier?

Worse, the freeze is entirely futile. It will cover East Jerusalem only nominally, but Abbas demands a formal freeze there. The upcoming talks assume IDF’s presence in the Jordan Valley after the Palestinian declaration of statehood, something that Abbas categorically opposes. And Netanyahu cannot sell to his government any agreement with the Palestinians which includes a division of Jerusalem.

Both Netanyahu and Abbas know the price of a peace treaty, but neither is strong enough to gain public approval for it.

FM accuses Vatican of Jewish crimes

Pope in IsraelDeputy Foreign Minister Ayalon slammed the Vatican Synod’s resolution calling for an end to Israel’s ‘occupation’ of Judea and Samaria. But the web site of the Israeli Foreign Ministry calls those territories ‘occupied’ exactly 838 times, as a Google search reveals. And if the territories are occupied, rather than liberated and annexed, then it is only right for Vatican to ask Jews to vacate them.

Ayalon made the silly complaint that the Synod is being ‘hijacked by anti-Israeli majority.’ A majority, as we in a democracy sadly know, does not hijack, it determines the outcome by vote.

Sometimes you cannot win: the Vatican lambasted both our ‘occupation’ of Judea and Samaria and our security barrier there which ends the ‘occupation.’

The Foreign Ministry was irritated by the Vatican calling on Jews to refrain from using the Bible to justify injustices perpetrated upon Palestinian Arabs. If only that were true! Except for Menachem Begin and Meir Kahane, not a single major political leader of Israel has justified our displacement of the Arabs by quoting the clear commandments.

Not surprisingly, the Vatican eventually sided with the Muslims. They are a real trouble to Catholics; Christians suffer in nearly every Muslim country, and certainly in the West Bank and Gaza. Besides anti-Semitism, Catholics have practical reasons to appease the Muslims. Instead of complaining, the Israeli government should make life difficult for Catholics in Jerusalem. Instead, our president contemplates transferring the Temple Mount to the Vatican.

Borders harm

Israel’s High Court issued an unusually sensible ruling, denying a petition to move the security barrier near the Arab village of Mascha. The court agreed with the Arabs that the barrier harms them, but noted that it cannot be moved away feasibly.

Ultra-leftists clash with police over Sheikh Jarrah home

The ultra-left bunch have succeeded in creating a new hot spot: in addition to routine Friday riots near the security barrier in the West Bank, they now riot in Jerusalem.

Ultra-leftists staged a demonstration of about 300 two-legged peaceniks near the Jewish houses in Sheikh Jarrah. Having lost any touch with reality, the demonstrators accused the Jews living in Sheikh Jarrah of thievery, though it is the Jews who legally purchased the house and the Arabs who refused to vacate the building.

Yossi Sarid, an exceptional scum, used the event to return to politics, reneging on his promise to quit four years ago. Tellingly, Sarid expressed concerns over the situation “with families in Sheikh Jarrah,” meaning Arabs. He does not even think of Jewish families.

The Ultra-leftists refused a police order to disperse when their permit expired and actually pushed at the police. Any right-wingers would spend years in jail for attacking police, but a Jerusalem court immediately released the handful of arrested ultra-leftists on bail. Eventually they will pay fines and continue their incitement against Jews.

A million dollars for absent brain

Limor Goldstein received 3.25 million shekels from the state for suffering brain-damage from a rubber bullet.

His story cannot be true. Obviously, he was brain-damaged before the shooting incident, for only a brain-damaged Jew would demonstrate with our Arab enemies against the security barrier near Bilin.

The soldier who shot Limor won’t be promoted for cleansing our country.

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Right-wing government concedes to leftists

The government altered the security barrier’s route near Biilin, the site of heated protests by EU-financed ultra-leftists. According to the plan, Israel will cancel Modiin Illit expansion (Kiryat Sefer neighborhood) which was meant to accommodate the town’s natural growth.

Government persecutes Hebron shooter

The prosecution appealed a Jerusalem court’s decision to release Zeev Braude from jail to house arrest. The government acts in a purely punitive fashion. Zeev is a family man who has nowhere to flee; he’s too poor to buy a plane ticket. The police took away his weapon, and he presents no danger either to Jews or to Arabs. There is no conceivable legal reason to keep Braude in jail until trial, especially since he has not even been indicted on the ridiculous charges. According to the police version, Zeev ran into a Palestinian neighborhood, ordered all Arabs to stay in their houses, shot two of them who refused, and the Arabs lynched him in self-defense. In any country with a modicum of the rule of law, the police would be laughed out of court with such absurd charges.

Justice is altogether different when leftists, rather than the conservatives, clash with police. In a routine incident, Jewish leftists clashed with Israeli police at the construction site for the separation barrier near Nilin village. As usual, no leftists were arrested despite the fact that the clashes were much more violent than the Beit HaShalom evacuation and the leftists infringed on Israeli security.

Security barrier means nothing for Arab farmers

IDF allowed 3,000 Palestinians to cross the separation barrier into Israel to harvest the oil trees they claim theirs.

Government surrenders 1,000 acres of Jewish land

to Palestinians near Maale Adumim in response to unfounded Arab claims of ownership of the land used to build the security barrier.
In the affair, Israeli Supreme Court heard petitions by Arabs claiming the barrier impedes their freedom of movement. Indeed, that’s what the border is for. Somehow, Mexicans don’t complain to the US Supreme Court of the border restrictions. Israeli court’s position is schizophrenic: it recognizes Palestinians as hostile aliens but works to protect their interests at great risk to Jewish lives. For years the court hears the barrier petitions from Arabs, Palestinian terrorists continue infiltrating into Israel.

Huge Hamas rally at Israeli border in the West Bank

Thousands of Palestinians hurled stones at Israeli police during the funeral of an 11-year-old Arab in the village of Naalin. The Arab was killed during the yesterday’s riots where Palestinians protested erection of the security barrier near the Jewish town of Modiin Illit. The young Arab was cutting wire from the fence.
Palestinians want their own state, but not a demarcated border with Israel.
Naalin is considered a place loyal to Fatah.

Olmert lashes out against Mazuz

for trying to oust the prime minister with fake investigations.
Israeli judicial establishment has long usurped legislative power. After leftists lost the Knesset 35 years ago, they rule the country through courts which appoint their own members and thus perpetuate leftists’ dominance despite the election results. With courts managing Israeli life from operations in Gaza and security barrier to expelling presidents and prime ministers, Israeli judicial fascism is an established fact.

Middle East conflict: Sarkozy not so friendly

Speaking with Abu Mazen, Sarkozy supported the end of the “60-year-old oppression of Palestinians.” The poor beings are so oppressed that they have the world’s highest breeding rate.
According to Sarkozy, Israel’s oppression of Palestinians is the reason for the Middle East conflict. How didn’t we realize that before? Now we understand why Arabs attacked us in 1920, 1929, 1936, 1948, 1967, 1973 and on myriad less famous occasions. Right, they sought to drawn all Jews in sea in 1967 because of the West Bank which we didn’t even control then.
Sarkozy demanded removal of the security barrier in the West Bank, which is for him too successful in stopping terrorists. Why doesn’t France open its own borders to Arabs?
Echoing Olmert, Abu Mazen called Sarkozy a true friend.

Arabs, Jewish leftists hurl firebombs, stones at IDF

The scum protest erection of security barrier in the vicinity of Ramallah.
The army treated the leftists benevolently, injuring 12 living souls only.
IDF usually beats right-wing Jewish protesters by dozens even though they never came close to throwing Molotov cocktails at the army but merely engage in peaceful civil protests.

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Arab MK joins anti-Israeli protests

Hadash boss Barakei, along with 2,000 of honest Palestinians and Jewish scum, protested Israel’s security barrier in Bilin.

Leftists stop the construction of security barrier

No sections of the separation barrier were erected since July, Jerusalem Post reports. The barrier, though hugely successful in preventing terrorist attacks by our Arab neighbors, is widely condemned by people of good will worldwide as it prevents Arabs from murdering Jews. Israeli left feigned lack of funds for the barrier construction to scare the contractors off. Construction of the separation barrier is a hugely profitable endeavor awarded by the IDF to friendly contractors.

Meretz launches real estate scam

Israeli leftists set up One Home charity that offers to buy houses from Jewish villagers who happen to live outside of the proposed separation barrier. Meretz seeks to buy houses on the cheap and either get reimbursed by Arab and European donors of the peace process or profitably resell the houses if the security barrier’s route is changed to include them into Israel.
Israeli Supreme Court routinely orders dismantling the barrier when it cuts through illegal Palestinian villages but is unconcerned that the barrier cuts off tens of thousands of Jewish houses in the existing villages.

Terrorists again prove the security barrier hollow

IDF arrests four armed Palestinian terrorists who entered Israel by cutting the fence near Kissufim crossing.

Amnesty International again lambasts Israeli human rights record

Amnesty International and other human rights organizations are less interested about human rights in places from Somalia to Saudi Arabia. Nor did the Amnesty care of Jewish human rights in the face of boycotts by British professional trade unions. Nor about the human rights of Sderot residents. Amnesty International, as usual, complains about security barrier which prevents illegal Palestinian migrants and Arab terrorist infiltrators from Israel. It is of course an Arab human right to blow the Jews in Tel Aviv.

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Welcome shots from Israeli Arabs: two Arabs fire at Israeli patrol, killed

Israeli Arabs fired at Jewish security forces near the separation barrier, wounded two Jews before being shot.
Israeli Arabs normally keep low profile in the terrorist violence, bribed by Israeli huge welfare programs which encourage jobless Arabs to breed.

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