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Samir Kuntar vows to fight Israel

AFP gleefully interviewed the released terrorist. Kuntar promised to not rest until Israel is destroyed.
Israel released Samir Kuntar in exchange for the decomposed bodies of Regev and Goldwasser.
Though only about 60 percent of released terrorists ever return to terror, most of them become disproportionally important as lecturers and inciters.

Nasrallah hints Regev and Goldwasser may be alive

It is unlikely that Olmert pulled a devilish public stunt when he declared their death for the later jackpot public approval.

Prisoner exchange admits Israeli defeat in 2006 Lebanon war

Lebanese government noted correctly that Hezbollah pushed Israel to the very same terms it refused before the 2006 Israeli war with Lebanon. Hezbollah was asking Israel to release Samir Kuntar. After Israel’s repeated refusals Hezbollah attacked an IDF outpost, took Regev and Goldwasser prisoners, and now exchanged their bodies for Kuntar.
Had Israeli government released Kuntar in early 2006, more than a hundred Israelis including Regev and Goldwasser would have been alive.

Hamas claims Samir Kuntar a precedent

Israel repeatedly refused to exchange Palestinian Jew-murderers for Shalit, and offered only the terrorists who failed to murder Jews. An euphemism is “without blood on hands.”
The government, however, released Samir Kuntar in exchange for corpses of Regev and Goldwasser. Kuntar murdered a Jewish family, thus by any definition he has plenty of blood on his hands.
Hamas, accordingly, vowed to stick to its demands of releasing murderers in exchange for Shalit.

Israel-Hezbollah prisoner exchange: terrorists for corpses

Samir KuntarDespite the objections of Shin-Bet and Mossad, Israeli government voted 22:3 to release the notorious unrepentant terrorist Samir Kuntar, scores of others, in exchange for Regev and Goldwasser corpses. It is long understood that Regev and Goldwasser died from their wounds during or shortly after the Hezbollah cross-border attack that sparked the 2006 war with Lebanon. Hezbollah repeatedly refused to offer proof of life.
Livni, who voted against the previous prisoner exchange under Sharon (hundreds of terrorists for an Israeli drug dealer) objected to this swap, but voted for it. The deeply religious Sha$ saw no problem in releasing Jew-murderers rather than executing them, as the commandment goes. Only Roni Bar-On, Ze’ev Boim and Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann deserve respect for voting against the deal.
The logic behind the swap remains murky. Olmert claims he wants the end to Regev-Goldwasser issue. Israel had to reward the German negotiators with some sort of a deal, so that their two years of negotiating with Hezbollah won’t be wasted.
Leftist media hunted the government on the Regev-Goldwasser affair. The prisoner swap is a boon to the media: if public accepts the swap, the media would claim victory over the foot-dragging government. Otherwise, media will lash out against Olmert for a disproportionate deal.
Olmert has to test public nerves before the massive release of Palestinian terrorists in exchange for a meager Cpl.Shalit; it is rather unlikely that the public would explode being ripped for the second time.
Samir Kuntar, an arch-murderer of Jews, is very popular among Arabs and Israeli peace camp, and the prisoner exchange brings Olmert some new votes. On other hand, Kuntar spent three decades behind the bars in Israel, and his continued imprisonment hardly punishes him a lot.
Kuntar’s release is a great boost to Nasrallah’s public image, as the Hezbollah leader repeatedly promised to bring the high-profile terrorist back to Lebanon. Israel kept Kuntar in the hope of gaining information about the lost Jewish pilot Ron Arad, but Hezbollah apparently knows nothing about him. Disgusting as it is, it makes sense of Olmert to close the chapter.

Olmert offers the government to share responsibility

The government discusses exchanging up to a thousand of Arab terrorists including prominent Jew-murderers such as Samir Kuntar for probably remains of Regev and Goldwasser captured by Hezbollah in 2006.
Olmert’s offer of deliberation shows his opposition to the exchange. Though most Israelis, too, oppose such idiotic exchanged, they are hugely popular in falsely compassionate media. Olmert, therefore, wants ministers to share the blame.

Nasrallah: Jewish corpses worth many terrorists

Nasrallah claims that Hezbollah would demand Samir Kuntar and other Muslim terrorists in exchange for bodies of Regev and Goldwasser.
Israel had previously released minor terrorists in exchange for bodies, though the official policy remains “bodies for bodies.” Kuntar is a prized terrorist: horribly brutal, a celebrity among Arabs and leftist Jews, and unrepentant.
Thanks to his Jewish friends, Kuntar, a murderer of Jewish family, was allowed to father a number of children while in prison. The same privilege was denied to Yigal Amir for many years.

Prisoner swap with Hezbollah: Olmert looks better

Israel exchanged Hezbollah spy Nasim Nisr for body parts of Jewish soldiers fallen in the Second Lebanon war. The deal is not as stupid as it sounds: Nisr was transported to Lebanon on the last day of his six-year jail term. He already renounced his Israeli citizenship and, theoretically, was free to go. The government has only refrained from vengefully keeping Nisr in Israel despite his legal right to go.
Given the absence of signs of life from Regev and Goldwasser, it is dubious that Israel and Lebanon would complete the real prisoner exchange. Even so, swapping Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar for Israeli MIAs isn’t so great a price. Kuntar spent three decades behind Israeli bars, and by now is well accustomed to jail conditions. That celebrity prisoner gives interviews, receives visitors – including Israeli officials – and evidently feels little discomfort in jail. Israel also offered to include four Hezbollah POWs in the swap.
Prisoner exchange with Hezbollah differs greatly from a similar swap with Hamas. The main objection to prisoner exchanges is that they provoke more kidnappings and eventually endanger many more Jews than the number released. Such argument holds true for situations when Arabs can kidnap Jews easily, almost unimpeded, sort of ancient criminals kidnapping civilians to sell them into slavery. Israel has no state border with Palestinian-occupied territories, admits huge numbers of Palestinians who can kidnap Jews with ease. It is therefore unreasonable and immoral to conduct prisoner swaps with Palestinian organizations.
But the situation is very different with Hezbollah which only kidnaps Israelis in cross-border raids, essentially a military venture. Hezbollah behaves as a military organization: it generally (sic) abides by its word, refrains from attacking Israel like the Palestinians do, and has no claims to Israel besides the Shebaa farms which Israel has anyway agreed to evacuate. Prisoner swap with Hezbollah, therefore, falls under the classic exchange of MIAs after ceasefire.
As for the hostage exchange with Hamas, Olmert declared that no ceasefire with Hamas would be concluded without release of Shalit.

Kidnapped Regev and Goldwasser are not alive,

according to Der Spiegel. That was our conclusion long ago, after Hezbollah refused proof-of-life for them, and considering the low level of hysteria in government-controlled Israeli media over Regev and Goldwasser as compared to Shalit.

Hezbollah’s fear or Mossad’s failure?

Arab media clam that French intelligence asked Mossad to refrain from kidnapping Hezbollah’s top brass visiting France for talks. Reportedly, Jordan and some Israelis warned the French that Mossad is going to kidnap hostages to exchange them for kidnapped IDF soldiers Regev and Goldwasser. The story may reflect Hezbollah leaders’ fear to leave the safe haven of Lebanon, but if true, it exposes a major mole inside the Mossad who passes information to Israeli leftist politicians and Jordanians.
In another possible leak, Palestinian Assenara newspaper claimed that Israeli security cabinet authorized assassination of Hamas’ Haniyeh.

Prisoners release won’t hurt. Maybe.

Kadima and Labor voted to release 250 of would-be Arab terrorists held in Israeli jails. The terrorists “lack blood on their hands” – a condition of the release – mostly because Shin-Bet and the IDF cuaght them before they managed to kill Jews. Olmert asserted that prisoners’ release wouldn’t diminish the chances of rendering the kidnapped IDF’s soldiers. Shin-Bet’s Avi Dichter muttered that no prisoners’ release ever helped Israel. Traditionally, the released terrorists are welcomed back to Palestine as heroes and return to the ranks of acting terrorists.
Abbas decried the prisoners’ release as insufficient and unimportant. Hamas decried the release as Fatah’s collaboration with Israel.
Olmert rejected a list of prisoners prepared by Shin-Bet, IDF, and the Justice Ministry because Abbas complained that sentences of many on the list are soon to expire, anyway. Israeli government will approve a list of more dangerous terrorists to release, to be compiled shortly.
Shin-Bet works with Hamas and Hizbullah on the two prisoners swaps for Shalit and Regev/Goldwasser.

Israel is close to prisoners swap with Hezbollah

According to al-Itahad newspaper, Israel will release Hezbollah’s security prisoners, including convicted terrorists.
Why not round up a dozen of Hezbollah’s parliament members instead and exchange them for Israeli POWs Regev and Goldwasser?