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Madness: Palestinian fighter convicted of terrorism

Merkava tankAn Israeli court has sentenced Nehad Arkaa to three life terms for… blowing up a tank in Gaza. Arkaa, a member of the Popular Resistance Committees, attacked occupying forces in his home territory. He could legitimately be killed as an enemy soldier, but he cannot sentenced as a criminal.

Eight Israeli soldiers wounded in Palestinian attack

Popular Resistance Committees fired mortar shells at Nahal Oz army base. Later, Hamas also claimed responsibility for the attack. It is common for several terrorist groups to claim responsibility for one attack because individual terrorists usually receive pay from several groups.
The ceasefire continues, and Israel continues to supply water and power to Gaza.

Two Jewish soldiers are in the critical condition, and one of them will remain permanently maimed.

IDF keeps Nahal Oz base just meters from the border with Gaza. The base, open to gunfire and artillery attacks, is entirely unprotected.

Livni resents American pressure

to sign a peace deal with Palestinians before the end of Bush term. In August, Rice the Black Death summons Livni and Fatah negotiator Qurei to Washington to draft an outline of Israeli capitulation to Arab terrorists.
Livni praised her efforts in the destruction of Gush Katif because in return she got a non-binding letter from Bush Gush Katif because in return she got a non-binding letter from Bush which rejected the Palestinian refugees’ right of return. Now Livni and Bush only have to convince Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Fatah al Islam, Fatah, Hamas, Popular Resistance Committees, Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine and a dozen smaller outfits that Palestinian rfugees indeed lack such right.

Israel reaches worthless truce with Hamas

The Egyptians, Hamas announced a ceasefire with Israel in effect from 6am on Thursday. A half-day delay allows both sides to wind down their attacks, so that no Kassam rockets will be left unused.
Israel refuses to acknowledge the ceasefire which runs contrary to all Israeli demands: Hamas doesn’t return Cpl.Shalit and there is no mechanism in place for ending arms smuggling into Gaza.
For her part, Israel doesn’t open the crossings yet but reportedly committed to open Karni and Sufa Crossings. The purpose of the opening is unclear, as Israel will maintain blockade of Gaza.
All matters between Israel and Palestinian terrorists remain unsolved. Hamas will use the ceasefire for military buildup in Gaza. The absence of formal acknowledgment of the truce formally allows Israel to strike at Gaza if (certainly) Hamas continues weapons smuggling. In practice, the world would scream at Israel for violating the ceasefire.
Previous ceasefires with Gaza didn’t hold for long, and there is no reason why the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Popular Resistance Committees and other terrorists should refrain from attacking Israel with rockets.

Grad Katyusha rocket attack on Ashkelon

wounds 14 Jews as the Iranian-made Katyusha rocket launched from Gaza slammed into supermarket. The hit came at the excellent time when Bush and Rice busied themselves pushing Israel to surrender Judea and Samaria to Palestinians. By now, everyone has forgotten that originally the American Road Map plan was meant to establish Israeli-Arab peace. Now, all Arab states refuse to sign peace with Israel even if she abandons Judea to Muslims.
Condi Rice refused Ehud Barak’s offer of jointly visiting the scene of attack in Ashkelon.
Olmert again announced that Israel would never-ever tolerate the ongoing terrorist attacks.
Various MKs vowed revenge on Hamas even though the terrorist attack was carried out jointly by Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees.

Palestinians murder 2 Jews at Nahal Oz

terminal which supplies fuel to Gaza. It remains to be seen whether Israel will continue supplying fuel to Gaza from the attacked terminal.
Palestinian guerrillas engaged the arriving IDF unit in heavy firefight, used mortars.
Israeli government again promised to hold Hamas leaders accountable for the attack.
Gaza’s Popular Resistance Committees announced that the terrorist raid at Nahal Oz aimed at kidnapping more Jews. Winograd Commission member Professor Dror related the attempted kidnapping to Israeli government’s readiness to exchange a thousand jailed terrorist for a single IDF corporal.
Israeli government holds Hamas responsible for the attack even though it did not participate in it and generally adheres to one-sided ceasefire with Israel.

Gaza militants discuss unconditional cease-fire

Hamas, PIJ, PRC debate whether they can cease firing Kassam rockets into Israel in the expectation that Israel would end retaliatory raids. The cease-fire offer is too good to reject, because it solves the immediate political problem of Kassam rocket attacks on Sderot. On other hand, even an implicit Israeli arrangement with Hamas would legitimize the group and open the way to united Fatah-Hamas government, open the West Bank to Hamas, and end the meager peace process. The cease-fire would allow Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Popular Resistance Committees, and other Palestinian guerrillas to smuggle and stock the explosives and other weapons, dig trenches, lay minefields, and prepare for the next round of confrontation with Israel.

Israel starts cutting fuel supply to Gaza

The supply of gasoline is reduced by 30%, diesel – 15%, and heavy oil supply for power stations is left untouched. Israel hopes to cause uproar among Gaza’s drivers, but there are too few of them in Gaza to concern Hamas. The reduction of diesel supply is meant to deprive terrorists of fuel for their pickup trucks (sic).
Israeli sanctions against Gaza are silly. Hamas does its best to stop the Kassam rocket attacks on Israel, and setting the Gazans against Hamas makes no sense. Israel provides aid to Fatah which does nothing to stop the attacks on Israel from the West Bank. Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees, who attack Israel, won’t care about the negative publicity from the Israeli fuel supply cuts.

Violence spirals in Gaza

Following the pattern established after Israeli disengagement from Gaza, friendly Palestinians launched at least ten Kassam rockets and fired dozens of mortar shells into Israel. IDF retaliated nonsensically: destroyed two rocket launchers (primitive tripods) in hugely expensive air strike, killed a few Palestinian civilians and a couple of Hamas members even though Hamas frantically presses the PIJ and PRC to stop attacking Israel. Fatah sponsors Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Popular Resistance Committees, and the Dughmushes (Army of Islam) to provoke Israeli retaliation and upset Hamas. Israel stupidly dances the Fatah line instead of cooperating with honest and responsible Hamas.

Israel rejects Hamas offer of cease-fire

Hamas arranged with Palestinians Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees for cease-fire. Israeli government pushes Hamas for desperate fight in order to exclude it from negotiations and deal exclusively with Palestinian moderates-cum-Fatah gangsters.

Israel makes Jews live targets

Palestinian Kassam rocket wounded 69 Israeli soldiers in the training camp of Zikim. While Sderot cannot be evacuated, there is no need to maintain the IDF training base in the dangerous zone near Gaza. A Kassam rocket hit the same IDF base before. Israeli government similarly sent IDF soldiers as senseless live shields to accompany Sderot children in the first days of school year.
IDF is not expected to launch any major retaliation. Indeed, why retaliate for a single rocket after thousands rockets were fired and tolerated?
Hamas praised the attack carried out by Popular Resistance Committees and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Unable to confront those minuscule groups, Israel laid the blame on Hamas which ostensibly failed to provide Israeli security. Fatah supports PRC and PIJ to make Israel confront Hamas.
Israeli President Shimon Peres lost the leftovers of his tiny mind and publicly wondered today, why do the Palestinians shell Israel after her withdrawal from Gaza. They shell Israel specifically because she withdrew. It’s a viable tactics to pursue the fleeing coward, demanding still more concessions.
The current situation of low-intensity violence across the border with Gaza is politically perfect for Israel, preventing further major concessions.

Moderates flock to Palestinian government

Popular Resistance Committees will form a political party with the goal of participating in the upcoming Palestinian elections. PRC will maintain its Saladin Brigades to fight Israel. PRC did not heed Abbas’ promise to Israel to disarm Palestinian guerrillas.

Hamas demands rewards for all of Shalit’s kidnappers

Hamas rejected the Israeli list of Arab prisoners to be released in exchange for Shalit because the list includes no members of Popular Resistance Committees which also participated in the kidnapping and are entitled to its fruits.
Prisoners’ exchange is a result of mass media hysteria about a single kidnapped soldier.