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Too many refugees to return

A PLO report claims there are 4.7 million refugees, 2.5 million of them residing abroad.

It is a great testimony to Israeli oppression that the number of refugees has increased eleven-fold since 1948.

Palestinian refugee estimates are grossly inflated for political reasons, and to obtain more aid from UNRWA. The most common trick is to ignore mortality and emigration.

Nevertheless, the figures are reassuring. Even if we only accept the more conservative estimate of 1.3 million foreign “refugees,” their number is too large for any kind of Israeli-Palestinian agreement. Neither Israel nor the West Bank Palestinians can afford to have this massive, discontented, criminal population streaming into their cities. The more they breed, the less probable a two-state solution becomes.

Anti-Semitic expo opens in UN

In preparation for the annual Palestine Day, the UN opened an exhibition called “The Palestinians: Sixty Years of Struggle.” Nicely, the UN now considers the Arab invasion of Israel in 1948—in violation of a UN resolution—a legitimate struggle, and also the pre-1967 terrorism. Post-1967 terrorism, and the murder of Jewish civilians, is also a “struggle.” Israel’s occasional killing of Arab civilians in anti-terror operations is an “oppression.”

The UN session will condemn Israel in six resolutions. Four resolutions on human rights violations will be devoted to all other nations combined.

World Bank blames booms and busts on Israel

The World Bank routinely condemns Israel for the stagnating Palestinian economy. This time, Jews are also responsible for the boom. Under the Israeli oppression, real estate prices in the West Bank are booming. Some would say that’s a sign of a rich economy, but the World Bank pays no heed to the free market. Instead, the bank laments that the high prices are out of the reach of most Palestinians. Oddly, the World Bank doesn’t condemn the US because real estate is so expensive in Manhattan.
In the World Bank’s opinion, the elders of Zion push real estate prices up in the West Bank by building roads there and closing off large areas. Obviously, the bank’s analysts have never been to the West Bank, where huge areas under Palestinian occupation are empty. The story is still worse for the refugee camps: Palestinian leadership purposely keeps them shut, causing major overcrowding there. For example, refugee camps just outside of Schem, under the complete Palestinian authority, have a population density five times that of Schem.

Middle East conflict: Sarkozy not so friendly

Speaking with Abu Mazen, Sarkozy supported the end of the “60-year-old oppression of Palestinians.” The poor beings are so oppressed that they have the world’s highest breeding rate.
According to Sarkozy, Israel’s oppression of Palestinians is the reason for the Middle East conflict. How didn’t we realize that before? Now we understand why Arabs attacked us in 1920, 1929, 1936, 1948, 1967, 1973 and on myriad less famous occasions. Right, they sought to drawn all Jews in sea in 1967 because of the West Bank which we didn’t even control then.
Sarkozy demanded removal of the security barrier in the West Bank, which is for him too successful in stopping terrorists. Why doesn’t France open its own borders to Arabs?
Echoing Olmert, Abu Mazen called Sarkozy a true friend.

Olmert hopes for lawyer’s trickery

Olmert denies preparing a declaration of principles with Fatah thugs, but confirms preparing a joint statement with Abbas. Though Olmert might not intend to fulfill the declaration’s promises of partitioning Jerusalem, Israeli left will press him to do so after he signs the joint statement.

Israel withdraws from the core Jewish lands under Palestinian fire, but the hopes of ensuing peace are misplaced. Even after Israel gives away Jerusalem to Palestinians, they will continue attacking the Jews who still occupy their land from Haifa to Beersheba. Palestinians will find good reasons to attack Jews in the ongoing oppression of Israeli Arabs, such as the prohibition of polygamy. British troops retired under Jewish fire in 1947 because the Jews have no plans for England. Israel cannot afford to similarly retire under the pressure of Palestinian terrorism.

British anti-Semitism on march

British architects condemned the role of Israeli architects in Israeli oppression of Palestinians. It is unclear how exactly do Israeli architects oppress the Hamas constituency. The move follows the earlier boycott of Israel by British journalists and other professional groups.