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Migron affair: the court is hysterical

MigronNext Tuesday is the last date set by the Supreme Court to demolish the Migron outpost. What is noteworthy is that the government agreed with the settlers to move the hamlet in three years, when an alternative home for them will be built nearby. The court considered the three-year term too long and annulled the agreement.

On the other hand, when  Arabs build illegally on private Jewish land, the same court just does not care, even when its own demolition orders have not been carried out for more than a decade.

Bedouins defied court order 38 times

Bedouin villagers of Al Arakib in the Negev are protesting the government’s efforts to demolish their illegal hamlet for the thirty-ninth time. Every time the government demolishes their shacks, the Bedouins quickly rebuild them. Their persistence exceeds that of Jewish settlers.

14 June 2012 Posted in Arabs

Government approves fake expansion of settlements

The outrage over the 851 housing units the government allowed the settlers to build (to placate them after refusing to legalize the outposts) is misplaced.

The units are mostly mere apartments, amounting to a handful of buildings. They will be built inside the existing boundaries of the settlements, staking no new land. All the construction was started long ago, and it has now been legalized.

Refreshingly, Kadima supports the move, except for a small project in Kiryat Arba near the ancient Jewish capital of Hebron.

IDF decries vengeance for murdered Jews

Gone are the days when the Mossad hunted down the Munich terrorists just for the sake of vengeance. The IDF has sent a formal letter to the government arguing against demolishing the homes of the Fogel family murderers. Meretz MK Gal-On protested the upcoming demolitions, claiming they serve the settlers’ interests. Yeah, avenging Jewish deaths serves settlers’ interests.

Certainly, revenge cannot be obtained merely by demolishing houses. The Torah sets clear guidelines for the execution of murderers. But at least such demolitions would be a statement that we are willing to go beyond the law to punish the perpetrators. Unfortunately, the government is overly concerned with the law, and wants Knesset approval for the demolitions. Only the legalistic Jewish mind would be so concerned with the law, instead of just bombing those houses immediately after the murders, no questions asked.

Twenty years is still not a sufficient homestead for Jews

The government is debating whether to recognize the hamlet of Rehalim, an ‘illegal outpost’ built in 1991, along with two slightly more recent hamlets. In most countries, a homestead two decades old would be seen as legitimate. Still, there is much outcry both domestically and in concerned international circles, as such authorizations are viewed as a violation of Israel’s pledge to refrain from building in the Palestinian-occupied area.

The hamlets were built on state land; others are sometimes built on abandoned Palestinian property. The difference is minuscule if we consider that the amount of back taxes owned by the absentee owners greatly exceeds the value of the land, and that the property documents are dubious at best, were not registered, and were unknown to the settlers. In any case, much of Israel is built on land taken away from the Arabs, just as Arabs in other countries took over abandoned Jewish properties.

Supreme Court votes along ethnic lines

Supreme court buildingIn a truly scandalous ruling, the High Court rejected a petition to strike down the Gaza amnesty law, which pardoned most disengagement protestors. The problem with that ruling is that all Jewish justices voted in favor of the amnesty while the Arab justices voted against it.

The only conceivable reason for an Arab judge to vote against the amnesty law is that he views the settlers from a purely Arab perspective, and so supports the most extreme punishments for them, including criminal charges for merely voicing opposition to disengagement.

Netanyahu is too rational on Migron

In order to comply with the court order to destroy the Jewish hamlet of Migron, an ‘illegal outpost,’ the government offered settlers a viable compromise: new homes will be built for them nearby on state land, after which they will abandon their existing homes for demolition.

Netanyahu misses the point. The outposts are being built to symbolize the Jewish right to set our feet anyplace in the Land of Israel. That is an important symbolic issue, not a housing affair.

Encouraged by the Knesset speaker’s demand to legalize their hamlet, Migron settlers are likely to refuse Netanyahu’s offer.


Knesset works on politically correct way to emulate Rabbi Kahane

Back in the 1980s, when the state was battling Rabbi Meir Kahane, the president of the Knesset was granted legal power to prevent voting on any bill he might consider racist.

Since then, “those who have served in the IDF or the National Service” has become an acceptable euphemism for “Jews.” So MK Ben-Ari has fielded a bill which would bar those who did not serve from judicial positions. Theoretically, the bill targets not only Arabs, but also haredim, but they refuse state offices anyway.

In response, Arab MK Tibi fielded an alternative bill barring from judicial positions those who live “in a place that violates international law,” i.e., settlers.

Curiously, the Knesset’s legal advisor approved both bills as technically non-racist, though on numerous occasions the Attorney General has banned such euphemisms, including attempts by Jewish employers to limit job offers to IDF servicemen.

Jewish religious law plainly prohibits any non-Jew from occupying any position of authority in the Land of Israel, including judges, of course.

Meir Kahane

Jewish radicals are so different

Jewish radicals are so differentNetanyahu slammed the alleged right-wing violence, which mostly consists of ‘Price tag’ graffiti on mosques and minor skirmishes with police forces en route to evict Jewish settlers from their hamlets. Bibi, we should say, is a voice of moderation amid the hysteria that has overtaken the media, and consequently the government. Thus, the Public Security Minister attempted to classify several conservative Jewish NGOs as terrorist organizations.

But look at the left-wing violence. Leftists routinely join Arabs, even inciting them to attack Israeli forces near the separation wall and the settlements. In numerous incidents, leftists have physically attacked soldiers and policemen, and in thousands of cases they have joined the Arabs in throwing rocks at them. Several leftists have openly called for the murder of Jewish religious figures and settlers. But such cases are almost never prosecuted, and no one in the government speaks of classifying leftist NGOs as terrorist organizations.

Let them burn them

Bedouin Arabs from the village of Tuba Zangharia rioted and torched municipal buildings in response to someone setting their mosque on fire. Jewish leaders were quick to apologize for the arson, even though no evidence links settlers to the event, and even though Arab leaders are not in the habit of offering apologies for their compatriots’ vandalizing synagogues.

Why should we care? Let the Arabs burns their municipal buildings and whatever else they can find locally, as long as it does not affect us Jews.

Turning Bedouins into Arabs

The government has approved a $300 million plan to resettle tens of thousands of Bedouins from illegal villages into towns. In practice, the plan would cost upward of a billion dollars when other preferences and subsidies are accounted for. The plan is exceedingly immoral: why should the government provide free homes for Bedouins, who are economic parasites, when there are so many needy Jewish taxpayers around? Why does the government compensate Bedouins for their illegal structures, but not Jewish settlers—for example, for the demolished homes of Migron?

Settled Bedouins become just ordinary Arabs. They go from being allies of Jews to becoming our enemies. The government wants to clear the Negev for development, which is impossible now because of Bedouin squatting. But resettlement won’t help, either: the Bedouins will still control the territory unless Jews find the guts to restore law and order in that area, which increasingly is becoming off-limits to Jews.

Israel sanctions pogroms

Settlers and policemenThe Chief of the Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria, an Israeli government official, has ordered his forces to carry out demolition orders only against Jewish homes, never against Arab structures.

This policy has been in effect for many years, but only now has it been put in writing. Tens of thousands of illegal Arab homes clutter the area, and from time to time Israeli courts order a few of them demolished. Now the Civil Administration refuses to carry out even those rare orders.

The settlers’ misplaced anger

MigronJewish pioneers vandalized a mosque in response to the Israeli government’s demolishing several homes in the Jewish hamlet of Migron. Hundreds of police were brought to the scene, and the evictees included a wife who had just have given birth. In that home, police threw a crib out of a window.

We would understand settler attacks on government installations, not a mosque.

High Court to hear the anti- anti-boycott petition

Arab MK Tibi asked the court to ban the Knesset from voting on the bill which would make boycott of settlers illegal.

Perhaps he is right; in a democratic state, as opposed to a Jewish state, citizens should be able to exercise their political preferences with their pocketbooks. But by similar logic, Jews should be allowed to boycott the Arabs who build on squatted land or otherwise illegally—that is, most Arabs.

The army of whom?

Maj-Gen Amidror was known for his right-wing views, thus his appointment as Israel’s NSC head raised some eyebrows. Amidror quickly downplayed his right-wing credentials by slamming rabbis who encourage insubordination in the army. Amidror said their actions posed an existential danger to Israel. Huh, we thought Iranian and Pakistani nukes were the existential danger.

In fact, rabbis only call for insubordination when the army is sent against its own people, to destroy Jewish houses in Judea and Samaria. And if that’s a problem for Amidror, he can always encourage Tel Aviv draft dodgers to join the army and carry out the eviction orders. But IDF cannot afford to rely on settlers for manpower and then order them to destroy their own homes.

Yaakov Amidror

Building on blood

Fogel family houseIn response to the murder of a Jewish family in the village of Itamar, the government has announced the construction of up to 500 apartments in the settlement blocs.

The government’s response is meant to defuse the settlers’ anger. The apartments do nothing to stake the land: they will be built in the West Bank’s Jewish towns, which Palestinians do not seriously contest. The housing units may not be even built at all—the announcement of their construction is enough to quell the unrest among the settlers.

As the PM put it, “They kill, we build.” This long-established Zionist policy is immoral. We either claim this land as ours, or we don’t. An owner does not need his relatives to be killed in order to build on his land. And a robber cannot justify his use of another’s property by a remote injury.

The Tora and halacha say differently: if they kill, we must kill in response. In intra-communal relations, retaliation is limited to no more than tit-for-tat. In relations with other nations who pose danger to the Land of Israel, the Torah prescribes annihilation. And who are we to question it?

Jews expelled from Jerusalem

Seventeen people, including ten teens, were indicted for protesting demolitions at Gilad Farm outpost. In the Orwellian Israeli fashion, they were charged with disturbing the peace—as if they had come to demolish someone else’s house.

As a condition for bail, police requested that the protesters be prohibited from entering Jerusalem.

Police filed harsh charges against the protesters in order to preempt criticism over the attack on them. Possibly for the first time ever, police fired rubber bullets at Jewish demonstrators who posed no threat whatsoever. It may be that the fake right-wing government is testing the limits of public tolerance before evicting settlers.

Not all victims are alike

Security forced rallied against a crowd of peaceful protesters, demolished their houses, and fired rubber bullets.

Will there be another round of UNSC condemnations, perhaps? Not at all, because this time it was Israeli police firing at Jewish settlers at the ‘illegal’ Gilead Farm outpost.

Will we hold settlement blocs?

Fourteen members of the UNSC voted to condemn Israeli settlements as illegal. Though the United States vetoed the resolution, the Arabs have promised to bring the motion to the General Assembly, which will probably approve it.

In conjunction with the recognition of Palestine in its 1967 borders, that would mean international pressure on Israel to abandon even the major West Bank towns. Which would not be a big deal strategically: a country which has abandoned Sinai and is ready to give away the Golan Heights can let go of her West Bank bridgeheads. Economically, relocating 5% of the population is a tolerable burden. In terms of public relations, the government can abandon the settlements to Palestinian jurisdiction and let the settlers relocate on their own.

The PA pushed ahead with the UNSC resolution despite Obama’s demands to withdraw it, even though Fatahland critically depends on US aid. There is only so much that money can buy.

The delusional US administration, even while vetoing the resolution, declared the settlements a threat to regional security. In a Middle East boiling with public unrest and government nuclear programs, Jewish villages are a threat to peace.

PaliGate: end of peace process?

Mahmud AbbasWikiLeaked Palestinian documents confirm that Fatah agreed to let Jewish settlers settle Palestine. That is, they would remain in their villages under Palestinian jurisdiction. As we expected, the Israeli government discussed this matter seriously because it is unable to evict so many Jews. So the government in Israel lacks the power to make peace.

And its counterpart in the West Bank lacks the will to make peace. According to the leaked cables, the Palestinians refused to let Israel keep Maaleh Adumim and Ariel, two relatively large towns in the West Bank. No Israeli party, even Meretz, is willing to accept losing them.

The documents show that the Fatah government collaborated with Israel mainly in assassinating its own terrorists, but did not go against Hamas. Israel acknowledged that situation and did not press Fatah to fight Hamas.

In publishing the PaliGate papers, Al Jazeera bet correctly that Palestinian Arabs would despise their government for cooperating with Israel on security matters and relinquishing the most radical Palestinian demands, including the right of return and the right to the Temple Mount. It follows that the vast majority of Palestinians do not support the peace process on terms acceptable to Jews.