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Court on Tal Law: religious Jews worse than Arabs and draft-dodgers

Religious soldiers in Israeli armyAs was widely expected, the Supreme Court struck down the Tal Law, which provided incentives for yeshiva students to join the army. The court deemed the preferences unconstitutional, despite the fact that they are far narrower than those provided to Arabs, who do not serve in the army at all. The court also ignored widespread draft-dodging among leftists, which in effect is no different from the reluctance of religious Jews to join the army.

All non-religious parties welcomed the ruling while blasting the Haredim. Livni declared that religious Jews ‘harm the public.’ Oh yes, they have been harming the Jewish public for two thousand years.

Instead of adopting a confrontational posture toward a major part of Israeli society, the government will come up with a slightly different law. The new law will solve nothing, as the real problem is the army’s anti-Jewish character. Should the IDF operate in accordance with basic values of Judaism, the Haredim would be much more willing to join it. But the army deliberately institutes anti-religious policies to keep the motivated Haredim out of its ranks, lest they interfere with the leftist brainwashing of other soldiers.

Top brass broke IAF rabbi

The Rabbi of the Israeli Air Force sent a letter to the IDF HR, asking humbly to be reinstated in his position. He was suspended after merely voicing his opinion that the army cannot force religious soldiers to listen to live female singing.

The chief rabbi of the IDF demanded that he be fired.

The army does everything it can to keep religious Jews out of it for fear that they will subvert that leftist, anti-Jewish organization.

Jewish radicals are so different

Jewish radicals are so differentNetanyahu slammed the alleged right-wing violence, which mostly consists of ‘Price tag’ graffiti on mosques and minor skirmishes with police forces en route to evict Jewish settlers from their hamlets. Bibi, we should say, is a voice of moderation amid the hysteria that has overtaken the media, and consequently the government. Thus, the Public Security Minister attempted to classify several conservative Jewish NGOs as terrorist organizations.

But look at the left-wing violence. Leftists routinely join Arabs, even inciting them to attack Israeli forces near the separation wall and the settlements. In numerous incidents, leftists have physically attacked soldiers and policemen, and in thousands of cases they have joined the Arabs in throwing rocks at them. Several leftists have openly called for the murder of Jewish religious figures and settlers. But such cases are almost never prosecuted, and no one in the government speaks of classifying leftist NGOs as terrorist organizations.

Malshin test the limits

Jewish religious law prescribes the death sentence for Jewish informers. No Sanhedrin is needed: any rabbi can pronounce the sentence in the interest of protecting Jewish community. Breaking the Silence is doing just that, informing the world about the largely imagined crimes of other Jews. No rabbi has come out yet to sentence them, though their crime is obvious: they endanger Jews by tying the hands of our soldiers.

Most recently, Breaking the Silence published allegedly intolerable photos of Israeli soldiers in Gaza. What’s the big deal? Soldiers posed with arrested terrorists, and the photos show them doing no harm to the Arabs whatsoever. Other soldiers wrote “Will be back soon” in the public area of a Palestinian apartment building: a graffiti, so what?

Army betrays its soldiers

IDF has finished an exemplary ‘Goldstone process.’ A military court found two soldiers of the elite Givati Brigade guilty of endangering the life of an Arab.

During the Gaza war, the soldiers asked an Arab youngster to open some suspicious bags, which could have been booby-trapped by his elected government. According to the court, the soldiers forced the boy to open the bags. Even if that were true, the soldiers would have been acting according to Jewish religious law, wartime practice, and common sense. But the facts are different.

The Arab was not forced to open the bags. It was found during the trial that he actually refused to open a bag, and the soldiers shot it from a distance. Those bags which he did not want shot at, he willingly opened.

Israel: we’re saints, just saints

Two of the Marmara peaceniks alleged that Israeli soldiers used the credit cards that were confiscated from them.

Jewish religious law does not prohibit spoils. It is therefore not impossible that some of the large number of Israeli policemen and soldiers who helped process the peaceniks could have stolen their cards. This is no big deal.

What is disgusting in this case is the reaction of the Israeli government. After failing on every count in the Marmara incident, the government looks now for a politically correct way to wrap up the investigation. The government cannot declare the commandos guilty, but the UN demands someone’s blood. So the news of the credit card fraud came in handy: now there is someone to prosecute. Instead of just ignoring the peaceniks, the government invited them to register their complaints and promised an investigation.

IDF to soldiers: you die, not Arabs

Military prosecution had confirmed the Goldstone allegations by indicting two IDF sergeants.

The sergeants, who naturally wanted to live, forced Palestinian teenagers to open boxes that had possibly been booby-trapped by their elected Hamas government during the 2009 war in Gaza.

There is not the slightest doubt that the soldiers did the right thing according to Jewish religious law.

Ultra-leftists launch another battlefield

Nefesh B’Nefesh, a successful aliyah organization, used to promote Neve Tzuf, a religious village close to Jerusalem, as a place to “Live the Dream.” Its Orthodox inhabitants even enjoyed remarkably good relations with their Arab neighbors. Well, no more.

EU-funded ultra-left organizations brought Arabs from other areas of Israel to protest against the tent Jewish children had built near a spring a few meters outside the village’s fence. The Arabs and ultra-leftists burned the tent, and now stage regular provocations in the vicinity.

Afraid of their cameras, the army does nothing: no one would commend the soldiers if they stopped the rioters, but doing so would entail risking prosecution for the slightest mistake. If conservative Jews had attempted something similar near an Arab village, they would have been jailed by now for incitement.

Hesder rabbis: Fake support for good soldiers

Only twenty-four rabbis from military yeshivas signed a letter in support of Rabbi Melamed from Har Bracha yeshiva. Rabbi Melamed publicly praised the soldiers who refused orders to evict Jews.

The Defense Ministry retaliated by shutting down his yeshiva.

Rabbi Melamed will soon sign a letter condemning insubordination in the army, even though Jewish religious law is clear: we do not follow the orders that violate the commandments.

Rabbi Druckman: Vacate the land

In another of his ignominious rulings, Rabbi Haim Druckman, head of Bnei Akiva yeshivas, commanded the residents to vacate Bnei Adam outpost.

According to Rabbi Druckman, the agreement between the treacherous Council of Settlements and IDF takes precedence over the commandment which forbids us to abandon any part of the Land of Israel.

In the Sinai and Gaza evacuations, Rabbi Druckman ordered his followers to obey the government’s orders and vacate the Jewish villages.

Rabbi Meir Kahane wrote about Yamit:

For two of the leading rabbis of the Stop the Retreat Movement, alleged “hawks” Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Nerya, head of yeshivot Bnei Akiva and Rabbi Chaim Druckman, had ruled that a religious soldier who was ordered to remove settlers must do so, despite the fact that the evacuation was contrary to halacha. The ruling, so clearly contrary to the clear ruling in the Talmud (Sanhedrin 49) and Maimonides (ibid.), led Yamit Rabbi Yisrael Ariel to run to Rabbi Nerya, who had been his rabbi at Kfar Haroeh, and to ask him for his halachic source. Rabbi Ariel, two weeks ago, pleaded with soldiers standing at the roadblocks to disobey orders to remove settlers. His words, based on the above-mentioned halacha, led to demands by leftists for his arrest. His consolation was that he stood by the Torah ruling. Now, with the incredible stand taken by Rabbis Nerya and Druckman, he looked wan and weary as he sat in his home and told me of a threat by a famous rabbi that he would ask that Rabbi Ariel be arrested!

Chayei Sarah in Hebron

Thousands of people gathered in Hebron for the annual Chayei Sarah Torah reading. The chapter commemorates Abraham’s purchase of Maarat Hamachpelah as a burial site. Shrewd Abraham didn’t accept the place as a gift but insisted on paying for it. The Torah relates that Jews inherited all the property of Abraham. Nevertheless, the Israeli government gave the Cave of the Patriarchs to Muslims, who now control the place.

Pilgrims slept all over Kiryat Arba and the Jewish Quarter of Hebron in tents. Horrendous settlers, many of them pushed in cribs by their parents, chatted with soldiers. This is no exaggeration: Jewish soldiers, looking futuristic with their new Tavor guns, played with kids and babies. Though the leftist media would repeat its official lie about strained relations, the reality is different: there has been great camaraderie between pilgrims and soldiers. Coffee and food was passed to soldiers; smiles and greetings passed both ways. Some soldiers loudly advocated politically incorrect measures, and the crowd chanted Amen. Both religious and atheist soldiers shared the festive mood.

Here and there, a leftist or two tried to incite the soldiers, who only wearily wished they would bug off. Unlike peaceniks, soldiers deal with real Arabs, and prefer them dead. Peaceniks would be more successful with Arabs; if not for their incitement, strong Jews and Arabs respectful of strength could get along.

There was a massive army presence in Hebron—something like fifty soldiers the first evening. On the second day police added a few dozen officers despite the total calm. Unsatisfied, the police arrested several youngsters for no apparent reason. Police later claimed the youths had tried to enter the Judenrein Arab zone (how come 1.5 million Arabs live in Israel?) and/or attacked the police. In truth, the policemen walked them to the car in a reasonably friendly manner with no indication of clashes whatsoever. Police just have to arrest someone if there is a mass event in Hebron.

Curious Arab kids greeted the Jewish crowd.

Many foreign Jews, alone and in groups, descended on Hebron. Teens were seen on the streets deep into the night. Seemingly no one was concerned with the danger from the Arabs: in the middle of the night, Jews happily walked the deserted streets, which still bear signs in Arabic.

Propaganda efforts failed miserably. Many American kids, brought in all-expenses-paid groups, wondered at the archeology and tough settlers, but no guide risked his job by explaining to them the realities of the Peace Now threat, incurable Arab terrorism, and the practical and religious need to annex the land without its natives.

Government rejects Ramon’s plan

Haim Ramon demanded cutting off electricity and gas supplies to Gaza in response to rocket attacks. Government decided on a milder option of theatrical war, sending Jewish soldiers in Gaza for short, senseless incursions. A better option would be to cut water supply to Gaza.
Curiously, Hamon is a peacenick, ready to partition Jerusalem and give away Judea and Samaria to Arabs. The convicted sexual offender is eager to repress both religious Jews (on Judea and Jerusalem issues) and religious Arabs (Hamas).

Gabi Ashkenazi’s god is Druse

Trying to flatter Druse soldiers, IDF Chief of Staff called them “column of fire.” Hebrews saw God as the cloud of fire in Sinai.
Ashkenazi also called Druse Muslims “sons of Maccabees” – Jewish religious fundamentalists who massacred Jewish reformers and their foreign supporters.
Ashkenazi lacks equally kind words for ultra-Orthodox Jews who serve in the IDF.

1,000 police, 2,000 IDF evict two Jewish families

Ignoring tens of thousands illegally built Arab houses, Israeli establishment evicted two Jewish families from Hebron. The two families of religious Jews lived in abandoned market on the land legally purchased by Jews.
The encounter didn’t live up to Amona, though Hebron generally attracts the toughest Jews. Hebronites cannot afford alienating the state too much for the fear of being evicted from the entire city.

Police operated with horror movies memorabilia: chainsaws, power clippers, and sledge hammers. Young Jews answered the traitors with rocks and pieces of concrete, cooking oil and eggs. Six police bandits ended the day in hospital.

IDF will punish rabbis, impose sanctions on Jewish religious schools whose rabbis counseled the soldiers to refuse expelling religious Jews from Hebron. IDF guarded the police which did the eviction. Defense Minister Barak joined the fray against the decent rabbis. IDF will use the refusal to dismantle hesder units where religious Jews serve in the army. The religious units, immune to peacenick brainwashing, have long been an annoyance to the IDF. The soldiers did not refuse a lawful order: using the IDF against Jews is illegal beyond doubt. IDF circumvented the law by pretending it guards the police against Palestinians during the eviction – a transparent lie.

IDF slowly regains moral health

12 IDF soldiers refused to evict two Jewish religious families from Hebron. A similar number pretended sick. Major General Shamni ordered trial of the soldiers who refused evicting fellow Jews. Refreshingly, several rabbis counseled the soldiers to refuse the shameful mission. The developments are in stark contrast to the complacency about Gush Katif eviction.
2,500 IDF troops will guard the institutional murderers from Border Police evicting the religious Jews from empty stalls in abandoned Hebron marketplace. The funny part is that IDF will guard the police ostensibly against Palestinians who are expected to attack the police while it evicts the religious Jewish families.
The market in question, among many other properties, is legally owned by Jews but taken over by Arabs after the 1929 Hebron massacre of Jews.

It’s better to be Israeli Arab than a Jew

IDF pushes for legal repressions against draft-dodgers. The draft dodgers in question are religious Jews who refuse to serve in decidedly secular IDF environment and be showered with peace propaganda – though most would gladly serve in religious units which the IDF refuses to expand.

Israeli Arabs do not serve in IDF or in alternative civil service like Jewish leftists and pederasts. Israeli Arabs, however, live in tax-free environment, are virtually exempt from obtaining building permits, and will now receive free university tuition on par with Jewish combat soldiers.

IDF rabbis suggest Jewish soldiers listening to Arab FM radio

The Army rabbis banned religious soldiers from listening to Jewish radio stations on Shabbat.