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JDL followers suffer repressions

Jewish Defense LeagueIsrael has agreed to extradite a Jew for prosecution in the United States. Yitzhak Shochet is accused of hate crimes for defending religious Jews against black hooligans in New York City’s Crown Heights.

Yitzhak was a member of Shmira, a JDL-like neighborhood protection group. He allegedly kicked a black who entered the Jewish area with the obvious goal of harassment, which has recently become the bane of the hassidic population there.

Yitzhak’s actions had nothing to do with hate crime: he was not going around town looking for a black man to hit. Properly or not, he merely tried to defend his community. Extraditing a Jew whose crime is defending other Jews is scandalous, albeit typical of this treacherous government. The extradition is especially immoral because Yitzhak won’t get fair trial in the US; he is already accused wrongly. And it would be a miracle if he survives American jail, which is full of blacks who will try to avenge their kin—which would not be a hate crime.

On this, too, Kahane was right

The New York Times reports on a 1973 tape on which Kissinger tells Nixon that the plight of Jews in the Soviet Union is not America’s concern. Kissinger’s remark was in response to a plea from Golda Meir.

Since 1968, Rabbi Kahane’s Jewish Defense League had been terrorizing Soviet interests in the United States to force the two governments to work out a scheme to release Soviet Jewry.

British government silences anti-Islam protestors

British Community Minister John Denham compared the riots instigated by the English Defense League to fascist demonstrations in the 1930s. The accusation is ironic, since Britain supported Franco’s fascist government at the time.

The League, whose name is unmistakably similar to Rabbi Kahane’s Jewish Defense League, protests the onslaught of alien immigrants. The League is politically-correctly disguised as a group opposed to violent Islam.

Instead of encouraging anti-Islamic feelings by any possible means, Jews side with our Muslim enemies to protest the right-wingers.

Jewish kids trash pro-PLO store

Four young members of the almost-defunct Jewish Defense League were arrested in France after trashing a store in Paris, which was engaged in anti-Israeli incitement.

Yad Vashem denies Bergson group

Hillel KookDuring the WWII, the official Zionist leadership abandoned European Jews, considering them human waste unfit to join their socialist dream. Zionists refused ransom money the Nazis demanded for Hungarian and Romanian Jews.
At that time, a single Jewish group worked to save their compatriots. Headed by Hillel Kook (Rabbi Kook’s nephew), it became a prototype for Rabbi Kahane’s Jewish Defense League. The Bergson group pounded at the door closed by the American Jewish leaders, believers in the diplomacy so quiet that no one heard about it. Like the JDL, the Bergson group is an anathema to Jewish establishment as it saved more Jews than all the self-appointed Jewish leaders combined.
Yad Vashem refused Wyman Institute’s exhibition on Bergman group’s efforts. No wonder, as Hillel Kook’s work contrasts the Yad Vashem exhibition’s most striking feature: the complete absence of saving efforts during Holocaust.

Russian antisemites avenge the murderer’s death

Less than a week ago, a notorious Russian Jew-killer Koptsov “committed suicide” in jail. Russian antisemites retaliated today by murdering a female employee of Ohalei Yaakov yeshiva in Moscow.
Israeli government apparently has no trouble killing inmates. Not so long ago, the leader and a member of Jewish Defense League similarly committed suicide in the US prisons. JDL, a Kahanist remnant, has long irritated Israeli establishment.