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black infiltrators

Egypt protects Israeli border

Egypt is protecting the Israeli border against Black infiltrators. Egyptians border guards shot and wounded six illegals.
At least 10,000 Africans have entered Israel illegally. They literally swarm Tel Aviv, and bomb shelters are completely full of them and out of order. In there were an attack, Tel Aviv residents wouldn’t be able to find a public shelter. The Africans occupied the central bus station area in Tel Aviv, and the crime rate surged. Huge, muscular, visibly different, they commonly frighten elderly Israelis in the area.

Israel will grant citizenship to 300 Black illegals

No country grants citizenship immediately even to refugees, but after a period of 5-10 years of unblemished legal residence. Welcome to paradise. Jews will pay for the Blacks’ housing, medical care, education (?), and pay them family subsidies to breed. Once the information of the Jewish idiocy reaches Africa, crowds of Blacks will flock to the Promised Land. Olmert’s government set precedent for enfranchisement of Black illegals, and won’t be able to refuse other infiltrators with slightest connection to conflict zones. Israeli government hopes to stem the wave with quota system, but international law mandates accepting all refugees. Once Israel recognizes Black infiltrators as good faith refugees, there will be no legal way to end their wave.

American Jewish organizations slam Israeli deportation of Black infiltrators

Israeli government’s move runs against the vested interests of squandering Jewish efforts and money over Darfur issue. Israel deporting the illegal Black migrants doesn’t look good with US media. Reformist leaders present Jews as suffering, nice, and tolerant rather than sensible. Egypt, for its part, decidedly shows cruelty to the Blacks to press Israel into accepting the infiltrators.

Israel allocates $15 million to Black infiltrators

Money will be used for a tent city near Ktziot. The funding amounts to $20,000 per person, about their lifetime income in Africa. The government could not comply with the court order to fortify schools in Sderot for lack of funds.

Egypt: Israel, Blacks must respect the law

Egypt renounced Israeli intentions of deporting the Black infiltrators back into Egypt. As the Egyptian Foreign Ministry correctly notes, international law does not obligate Egypt to accept the infiltrators back.
Israel refuses Egypt’s reasonable demands to increase its forces in Sinai to 7,500 – a militarily insignificant level – to counter the Black infiltrators.
Egypt defended its practice of shooting the illegal Black migrants as the way to make them respect the law. Israel offers the Blacks jobs and subsidizes them. No wonder, the number of Black illegals swelled in July to perhaps 3,000.

Israel doesn’t trust her common sense

Israeli government asked the UN to pinpoint refugees among the thousands Black infiltrators into Israel and clarify what to do with them.

Knesset stops deportation of Black infiltrators

63 MKs – more than half of the Knesset signed a petition to Olmert’s government to end deportation of illegal Black migrants which storm Israel from Egypt. Israeli loonies demand that the Jewish state assimilate thousands of Blacks who keep entering Israel through the porous border with Egypt by dozens daily.
The Blacks flock to Israel for economic reasons only. A few of them from Darfur already escape persecution when they enter Egypt. Most Black migrants come from safe African countries. Learning about the state of Jewish idiots who welcome them, more Blacks will infiltrate into Israel.
The politically correct Netanyahu also signed the petition.

Egypt makes Darfur problem Israel’s

After Israel demanded that Egypt stops infiltration of Blacks through Sinai into Israel, Egypt adopted a devilish approach of showcase violence to the Blacks. Egyptian police shot a number of them and brutalized more. Today, Egyptian police killed two Blacks and lynched another two before the eyes of IDF soldiers across the border. Egypt positions itself as a brutal animal who cannot be counted on to take care of the Black migrants. The Egyptian move is calculated to make it impossible for Israel to expel the Black infiltrators back to Egypt and to accept subsequent Black migrants who now swarm Egypt.

Illegal African immigrants press demands on Israeli government

Sudanese Blacks who illegally entered Israel stage demonstration in front of the Knesset. Beersheba municipality transported them to Jerusalem. 600 Blacks from various countries infiltrated Israel in May. Egypt does nothing to prevent the infiltration. Israeli Border Police transports the infiltrators to southern townships instead of expelling them on the spot. Attorney General refuses to charge the Black infiltrators or evict them. The Africans cross into Israel from Egypt where they are not threatened, and cannot be treated as refugees.

Illegal Black immigration takes off

Israeli Border Police detained 26 infiltrators from various African countries. Many more have slipped through. Jewish state with lenient laws and welcoming leftists becomes a heaven for Blacks.