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Framing Israeli spies is no crime after all

The Attorney General has closed the investigation into the case of Eli Zeira, a former Israeli Military Intelligence chief who revealed the identity of our top spy during the Yom Kippur War. The spy was subsequently assassinated.

The investigation was closed allegedly for ‘complex reasons,’ a clear case of the Israeli establishment protecting its members despite their committing high treason.

PLO finances Arab parties in Israel. Who cares.

Arafat’s economic advisor has publicly confirmed that the PLO finances Arab parties in Israel. That’s only part of the truth, actually; Meretz and Avodah are similarly rumored to be funded by Arabs.

Yet, the Attorney General has launched no investigation into illegal campaign funding—of which he is so eager to accuse Lieberman.

18 May 2012 Posted in Arabs

The US is only rhetorically harder on terrorists than Israel

Responding to petitioning from US citizens whose family members had fallen victim to Palestinian terrorists released in the Shalit affair, the US Attorney General insisted that his government intends to bring them to justice, and that in any case the American embassy urged the Israeli government not to release the perpetrators.

While all that is true, the United States has never prosecuted even one Palestinian terrorist for murdering US citizens in Israel.

Mufti fights Jews with their own weapon

Netanyahu is beating the PR drums by calling on the Attorney General to investigate a Jerusalem mufti for incitement. The PM’s demand leads nowhere, as he knows full well. First, he cannot prosecute the mufti for political reasons. Second, Israeli law specifically excludes religious books from the definition of racism, and the mufti quoted a well-known hadith.

Now, it is an oddity that such a figure as a ‘mufti of Jerusalem’ exists in the Jewish state, whose religion commands the expulsion of other confessions from the Land of Israel. And it is no less odd that the Jewish state allows the practice of the Muslim religion, which contains similar instructions. But beyond that, the mufti was within his civil rights to quote the Hadith.

Danziger or Beinish: whose affairs are worse?

Yoram DanzigerThe Attorney General closed the case against Supreme Court Judge Yoram Danziger due to his innocence, even though Lador insisted on closing for the lack of evidence, in which case Danziger would have had to step down from the Supreme Court.

Now, Danziger clearly was not snow-white in the corruption scandal involving Bat Yam mayor Lahiani. As a private attorney who worked for Lahiani for two years and pocketed more than $200,000 in fees (plus various business deals), he certainly was tainted by the mayor’s corruption.

Indeed, it is hard to imagine any private attorney not being involved in some form of corruption, especially an attorney working with high-profile white-collar criminals. So either private attorneys should be barred summarily from the Supreme Court as a suspicious crowd, or their real-world experience should outweigh their previous dirty affiliations.

On the other hand, no private attorney has ever committed worse crimes against Israel than Supreme Court president Dorit Beinish, who routinely compromised state security to placate leftists.

Knesset works on politically correct way to emulate Rabbi Kahane

Back in the 1980s, when the state was battling Rabbi Meir Kahane, the president of the Knesset was granted legal power to prevent voting on any bill he might consider racist.

Since then, “those who have served in the IDF or the National Service” has become an acceptable euphemism for “Jews.” So MK Ben-Ari has fielded a bill which would bar those who did not serve from judicial positions. Theoretically, the bill targets not only Arabs, but also haredim, but they refuse state offices anyway.

In response, Arab MK Tibi fielded an alternative bill barring from judicial positions those who live “in a place that violates international law,” i.e., settlers.

Curiously, the Knesset’s legal advisor approved both bills as technically non-racist, though on numerous occasions the Attorney General has banned such euphemisms, including attempts by Jewish employers to limit job offers to IDF servicemen.

Jewish religious law plainly prohibits any non-Jew from occupying any position of authority in the Land of Israel, including judges, of course.

Meir Kahane

AG: serving in IDF is no big deal

The Attorney General is the latest heavyweight politician to come out against Lieberman’s bill, which would set preferences for former IDF soldiers. Essentially, the bill introduces affirmative action as a reward for two to three years of hard work for society’s sake.

Such preferences are in fact common in Israel, where hiring people with IDF experience has become a politically acceptable euphemism for refusing employment to our Arab enemies. By introducing the bill, Lieberman unwisely laid his party open to charges of racism.

According to the Attorney General, the bill would negatively affect Israeli Arabs. Presumably, fooling around for three years while Jews serve in the IDF affects the Arabs rather positively. And the AG is okay with Arabs refusing even the non-military National Service, which would qualify them for similar benefits.

Israeli cost of the Egyptian revolution

Egyptian gas pipelineIn February and March, Israel lost about half a billion dollars from the cessation of gas supplies from Egypt. Though the pipeline blown up by Hamas was repaired a week ago, gas exports have now been halted by the Egyptian Attorney General, who is investigating the deal Israel gets on gas from Egypt, which is indeed priced far below market value.

The gas is not Egyptian to begin with, but originates in Sinai, which Israel foolishly abandoned to Egypt three decades ago. Though Israeli generation utility received gas at below-market prices, it charged consumers for electricity based on the market price of fuel.

A proper solution would be for Israel to cut the power supply to Gaza until exports from Egypt are restored and contractually confirmed. It would also be wise to consider recapturing the Ashkelon offshore gas field from our Palestinian enemies.

Everyone is guilty

Yehuda WeinsteinIsrael’s Attorney General has been charged with hiring an illegal worker. Technically, the immigrant worker was licensed for a different kind of job than the one she performed in the AG’s house.

Earlier, similar charges were filed against the Defense Minister’s wife, who is guilty of a similar ‘crime.’

Charging top officials with petty crimes has become a national sport. Recently, a prime minister and the IDF’s Chief of Staff were taken down on spurious charges, and the president was convicted of rape on flimsy evidence.

Through their control of prosecutors and courts, leftists have embarked on a massive campaign to subjugate the political establishment and regain the power they have lost in elections.

Silwan: the law of the jungle

The Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem is a rare place where the interests of right-wing Jews and Arabs converge: both oppose the state prosecution.

Like every other Arab neighborhood, Silwan is built mostly illegally. For decades, the state turned a blind eye to Arab construction. The situation changed when Jews also started to build in Silwan illegally.

The Americans and leftists pushed the Attorney General to single out Jewish construction for demolition, and the leftist courts concurred. Jerusalem’s mayor, however, cannot feasibly carry out the seal-and-evict order because it would cost him the support of religious Zionist Jews in the next elections. To maintain a semblance of justice, he would have to evict the Arabs, too—an almost impossible task in the current political climate. By connecting the issues of Jewish and Arab eviction, the mayor is trying to stop evictions altogether.

In the meantime, Arabs continue to build illegally in Silwan, the ancient site of the City of David and Solomon’s gardens, which our Palestinian enemies claim for their capital.


Skewed priorities of Israeli prosecution

The Attorney General’s office has renewed its investigation of the Defense Minister’s family over their hiring of an illegal alien as a housemaid.

The allegations are absurd on the background of the 300,000 illegals, mostly Arab enemies, who are working in Israel at any given time. The AG ignored much graver offenses by Ehud Barak, including the high crime of negotiating with our  enemies a giveaway of Israeli land in the Golan Heights area.

Palestinian courts are too moderate for terrorists

A Palestinian court refrained from imposing a death sentence on an Arab found guilty of selling land to a Jew. The Palestinian attorney general has appealed the ruling.

Land sales to Jews are banned in every Arab country, but Israel, of course, gives land to her Arabs free.

Britain refuses to cancel universal jurisdiction

On visiting Israel, British Attorney-General Patricia Scotland praised universal jurisdiction as her country’s way of prosecuting war criminals—namely, Israelis. Other British officials are less candid: they either promise to curtail universal jurisdiction or accuse their parliament of blocking the changes.

Why doesn’t Israel start prosecuting visiting British officials on equally spurious charges of association with terrorist organizations and racial incitement against Jews?

Israel admits giving in to Goldstone

The Military Attorney General briefed US and UN officials on IDF’s Gaza investigations. Netanyahu claims that these briefings are not intended to placate the UN, but no other army has ever submitted to the UN’s jurisdiction.

IDF opened dozens of criminal investigations against its soldiers, which will bear heavily on their morale in the next war.

While Israel is weakening her army, Hamas is strengthening its forces with new training courses, hundreds of miles of new tunnels, and mid-range rockets. In the next war, Hamas will have no qualms about bombarding civilians in Tel Aviv, but Israeli soldiers will fight under threat of prosecution for the pettiest offenses.

Illegal outposts hold out

In a nod to the ostensibly right-wing government, the Attorney General’s office claimed in the High Court that the Civil Administration cannot demolish “illegal” outposts because of the moratorium on construction.

Mazuz: Sorry, we cannot stop you

The Attorney General complained that there are too few inspectors to monitor settlers’ compliance with the construction ban.

Herzl is rolling over in his grave: the government of Israel is bending over backward to prevent Jews from colonizing the Promised Land.

If Netanyahu needs the ban to soothe Obama, there is still no need for the government to sneak into every backwater village to monitor compliance.

AG search reveals corruption

The committee tasked with finding candidates for the next Attorney General dissolved itself after failing to come up with any recommendations. The left- and right-wingers in the committee stood by their respective candidates.

No compromise is possible because the stakes are extremely high: the Attorney General wields massive political power, and depending on his left or right orientation can turn Israel’s government either way.

Attorney General undermines Jewish immigration

The Attorney General’s office has instructed the Internal Ministry to award Israeli citizenship to one Timothy Nicholas Steger. Born from a Jewish father, Steger was adopted by an anti-Semitic Catholic family.

Even the leftist Supreme Court holds that once a Jew converted to Christianity, he is no longer eligible to reside in Israel.

Kangaroo-court trial of Israeli journalists is over

A Tel Aviv Court acquitted poet Gregory Trestman and newspaper editor Sergey Podrazhanksy of charges of racist incitement. The investigation and trial, which took almost three years, followed the publication of tasteless but innocent political verses which decried the Arab birth rate in Israel.

The poet had the bad luck to publish his opus during the scandal over the Mohammed cartoons, and the leftist Israeli Attorney General decided to prosecute him, just in case.

The trial was not a slam-dunk affair: a few years ago a Jewish girl, Tanya Soskina, was sentenced in Israel to three years in jail for drawing a Mohammed cartoon.

Arab MKs: Don’t support Israel

Israeli Arab MKs, a supposedly loyal bunch, petitioned the US Embassy not to support Israel by helping us build a nuclear power plant.

The Attorney General does not recognize this kind of act as treason.