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Antisemitism rate in Brooklyn at 40%?

Media trumpeted the defeat of a proposal to ban Israeli products in a Brooklyn Food co-op, which was a minor event. But there was a much more important figure there: 40% of the co-op’s members voted in favor of the ban. That’s in the country which is our best ally, shows the lowest rate of anti-Semitism in polls, and frightens its citizens away from overt anti-Semitism with lawsuits and propaganda.

Israeli defense pacts with Greece cannot last

The government tries to replace Turkey with Greece as our strategic partner, to which effect we signed yet another set of mutual defense papers. But it would be foolish for Israel to count on Greece, a country with long tradition of anti-Semitism which even spilled into Ukraine a century ago, when Greek traders instigated an anti-Jewish pogrom in Odessa. Anti-Semitism in Greece is as strong today as then, and freely expressed. Contrast that with Turkey, where Jews have always been generally safe from European persecutions.

Greece cooperates with Israel only so far as Turkey threatens Cyprus’ gas field, which is shared by Israel. The moment Turkey accepts Greek exploration rights to the gas field, Greece will have no good reason to associate with the Jewish state.

Greece and Israel defense ministers

Why do American officials oppose the attack on Iran?

Even after the news was leaked that Iran has developed neutron detonators, removed low-enriched uranium from Natanz, started plutonium harvesting, and possibly proceeded with weaponization, a vast majority of Washington policy-makers continue to oppose a strike.

Of course, the United States is entitled to its isolationism, which would explain its inaction on Iran. But no isolationism is possible with American troops in Afghanistan and the US Navy stationed in several locations around the Middle East. It does not take a prophet to predict that Iran’s nuclearization would lead Egypt and the Saudis down the same path, making the world’s oil underbelly highly vulnerable. So if there is one reason for US troops to operate abroad, it is Iranian nukes. Even in the hardcore isolationist worldview, America should have supported an Israeli strike on Iran.

An attack on Iran would be very simple, and the ayatollahs definitely would not retaliate against the United States, so there is no downside to the military operation. It is hard to advance any argument for American foot-dragging in attacking Iran other than the well-known and pronounced anti-Semitism of its intelligence and defense establishments.

The other side of hate crime in Brooklyn

Just a few days after Israel agreed to extradite to the US a Jew who had defended his neighborhood against black hooligans, his actions were amply vindicated. On the anniversary of the ‘Night of Shattered Glass,’ local anti-Semites torched cars in Brooklyn and spray-painted swastikas.

This happened in the country most friendly to Israel and allegedly devoid of Nazi-style anti-semitism.

Germans are not stupid

Israeli MKs invited to the German parliament reacted furiously when they discovered that the Germans were hosting a delegation of Iranian majlis at the same time.

But why not? Obviously, Iran is a much more important partner for Germany than Israel. A nuclear Iran poses no threat to Germany whatsoever. An Iranian proxy war against Israel would be a welcome development for the Germans, given the age-old German anti-Semitism.

Jews cannot count on other countries to do their bidding. It is our responsibility to bomb Natanz.

Israel’s image problem

A broad European poll conducted by Germany’s Social Democratic Party revealed a gap between anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli feelings. In the Netherlands, for example, 41%  of respondents expressed views highly critical of Israeli policy toward Palestinians, though only 17% said that Jews exploit the Holocaust—which in itself is not entirely untrue and cannot be flatly equated with anti-Semitism. Anti-Israeli attitudes also ran over 40% in Germany, Britain, and Italy.

Jews ignore the problem when they equate anti-Israeli attitudes with anti-Semitism. The reverse is true: anti-Semitism tends to be expressed in legitimate anti-Israeli terms, but relatively few of Israel’s critics are anti-Semites. By clothing the problem in moralistic terms, we abandon any chance for solving it.

Anti-Israel demonstration in Spain

Arabs enslaved a Filipino

An Arab couple from Shuafat (Jerusalem area) has been indicted on charges of enslaving a foreign worker. For almost two years, they forced a Filipina woman to live in their bathroom, did not allow her to go outside, and made her to work 15 hours a day.

But of course the case won’t make headlines like that of a Jewish slave trader.

FM accuses Vatican of Jewish crimes

Pope in IsraelDeputy Foreign Minister Ayalon slammed the Vatican Synod’s resolution calling for an end to Israel’s ‘occupation’ of Judea and Samaria. But the web site of the Israeli Foreign Ministry calls those territories ‘occupied’ exactly 838 times, as a Google search reveals. And if the territories are occupied, rather than liberated and annexed, then it is only right for Vatican to ask Jews to vacate them.

Ayalon made the silly complaint that the Synod is being ‘hijacked by anti-Israeli majority.’ A majority, as we in a democracy sadly know, does not hijack, it determines the outcome by vote.

Sometimes you cannot win: the Vatican lambasted both our ‘occupation’ of Judea and Samaria and our security barrier there which ends the ‘occupation.’

The Foreign Ministry was irritated by the Vatican calling on Jews to refrain from using the Bible to justify injustices perpetrated upon Palestinian Arabs. If only that were true! Except for Menachem Begin and Meir Kahane, not a single major political leader of Israel has justified our displacement of the Arabs by quoting the clear commandments.

Not surprisingly, the Vatican eventually sided with the Muslims. They are a real trouble to Catholics; Christians suffer in nearly every Muslim country, and certainly in the West Bank and Gaza. Besides anti-Semitism, Catholics have practical reasons to appease the Muslims. Instead of complaining, the Israeli government should make life difficult for Catholics in Jerusalem. Instead, our president contemplates transferring the Temple Mount to the Vatican.

Sakharov Prize earmarked for anti-Semites

Andrey SaharovAmong this year’s finalists for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought is an ultra-left Israeli organization called Breaking the Silence.

Nothing could be further from Sakharov’s views on Israel. He argued for Israel as a Jewish state within defensible borders, and he criticized anti-Israeli sentiment as a socially acceptable form of anti-Semitism.

Besides, the sabotage carried out by Breaking the Silence has nothing to do with freedom of thought or state-stifled dissent.

Anti-Semites invented

The Jewish media attacked Berlusconi for an allegedly anti-Semitic joke he told. The joke was about a Jew hiding another Jew for money during the Holocaust. The punchline was the first Jew wondering whether he should tell the second that the war is over. What exactly is anti-Semitic about it? It is not exactly a tasteful joke, but it is funny.

Berlusconi is not an anti-Semite, and there is no reason to depict him as such.

Self-appointed Jewish leaders take any mention of Jews as anti-Semitism because they would rather forget their own Jewishness.

Anti-Semitism in US courts

After the shameful trial of Mordechai Rubashkin, an American court demanded $1 million bail from one Mordechai Orian, the Israeli owner of a recruiting company which brought scores of Thai workers to America.

Orian reportedly withheld the workers’ passports and threatened to deport them if they rejected his substandard terms of employment. Illegal, yes, but is it immoral? At any time, the workers were free to be deported home.

The court set the outrageous bail because it deemed Orian a flight risk as a Jew.

Dreyfus justice in America

About a century ago, Alfred Dreyfus was convicted of treason in France based on good evidence. The affair was widely viewed as anti-Semitic. Similar cases against Jews were tried in Russia and the United States. After the scandals, the epoch of judicial Jew-baiting was thought to be over. Until it reemerged in the trial of Mordechai Rubashkin.

To be sure, Rubashkin’s judge developed an interesting and useful method of dealing with hordes of illegal aliens: threaten them with serious jail sentences, offer guilty pleas in fast-track hearings, and deport them after a short jail sentence. That approach is the only alternative to due process, which cannot and need not feasibly be applied to thousands, potentially millions of illegal immigrants. Why can a person who arrives in a country illegally claim a right to the same extensive due process accorded to citizens? The absence of gross human-rights violations during his trial is good enough. Israel can well apply a similar judicial tactic to the African illegals who already constitute 1% of our population: threaten them with infiltration charges and offer them deportation as an alternative to prosecution.

The judge was perhaps not overly anti-Semitic, just over-zealous in his prosecution. News media nevertheless overwhelmingly decried the judge’s handling of the case.

Yet, there is nothing new under the sun, and a Jew was denied bail because he is a Jew. His sentence to an unreasonably long prison term also has a smell of anti-Semitism.

Do you think that Polish-style pogroms are impossible in the United States?

Israel high on Brits, low on Arabs

The Jewish lobby goes into high gear every time calls for an Israel boycott surface in the UK or Canada.

The Palestinian Economy Minister (Jewish ostriches pretend that Palestine is not a state) threatened the Arabs who shop at Israeli supermarkets in the West Bank. Nonetheless, Israel continues to pay his salary through tax transfers.

Israel: political anti-Semitism allowed

Jerusalem marketWhile the government looks for anti-Jewish incitement in Palestine, Israeli Arabs engage in the very same incitement openly.

Throughout Israel, Arabs are joining Abbas’ call to boycott Jewish products from Judea and Samaria. Never mind that both Abbas’ government and Israeli Arabs thrive on Israeli subsidies.

As far as Israeli law is concerned, Jews live and work in Judea and Samaria legally. Arab calls for a boycott demonstrate either their racial (religious, nationalist) bias or anti-state attitudes.

On a positive note, this boycott attempt will fail just as the previous ones did because Israeli Arabs care about their pockets more than they care about the West Bank. In that sense, they are not dissimilar to Israeli Jews.

In defense of Malmo

Malmo, SwedenIt has recently become fashionable in Israeli media to bash Sweden, specifically the town of Malmo, for alleged anti-Semitism.

Most Swedes, however, are removed from anti-Semitism. They just want to be left alone. The Swedes have led peaceful life for centuries; they are conservative and tend toward isolationism. They were okay with Jews as long as Jews posed no problem for them. When Muslims started attacking them in person and international media condemned them remotely, the Swedes wanted to have nothing to do with the issue. Their repeated suggestions to Jewish communities that they should denounce Israeli policies is a well-intentioned attempt to help local Jews to stop the trouble.

The Swedes do not care who’s right or wrong in the Middle East. Since Muslims are many in Malmo, and Jews are few, the Swedes want those strange people—Jews—to satisfy the demands of the no-less-strange Muslim people.

Jewish Agency: Anti-Semitism is relatively okay

The Jewish Agency recently praised Ukraine’s efforts in combating anti-Semitism. This is a bad joke, as all the major political contenders in that country run on anti-Semitic platforms.

The Jewish Agency’s annual report claims that in 2009 anti-Semitism reached its highest level since the Holocaust. That is nonsense. The number of anti-Semitic incidents last year is attributable to the Gaza war, and these incidents will not recur this year.

ADL sets new standards of anti-Semitism

Republican officials in South Carolina were forced to apologize after publishing a statement taken by Jewish organizations as anti-Semitic. The statement in fact praised Jews: “There is a saying that the Jews who are wealthy got that way not by watching dollars, but instead by taking care of the pennies and letting the dollars take care of themselves.”

The Diaspora Jewish organizations want to assimilate and be no different from others. They take every mention of the Jews’ being different, even a positive mention, as an offense.

Turkey: relations and anti-Semitism are strong

Turkey’s deputy PM in charge of state TV asserted that Turkish-Israeli ties remain strong despite “Israel reacting to the drama.”  The drama in question is a virulently anti-Semitic TV series which shows Israeli soldiers killing cute and smiling Palestinian children at point-blank range.

Obama wants 360,000 Jews evicted

Obama spoke harshly at the UN, saying, “the US does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.” Despite polls that indicate overwhelming support for Israel in America, Obama pretends that normal Americans share his anti-Semitic policies.

It follows from Obama’s speech that both new and old construction in all Israeli settlements—and the Kenyan numbers East Jerusalem among these—are illegal to the US administration.

Obama has thus rescinded Clinton’s and Bush’s approval for most settlements, and returned to Carter’s hard-line stance.

The General Assembly greeted Obama’s pronouncement with the loudest applause during his entire speech. The one thing which unites this world is anti-Semitism.

Crime ring busted: 1,200 fake Jewish children

Authorities in Romania cracked down on the Sabus hospital in Bucharest, where Israeli mothers received egg implants from Gypsies and other Romanians. Their children were counted as Jews.

The crackdown has more to do with Romanian anti-Semitism than legal issues. Recently, the mayor of Constanza paraded in a Nazi uniform.