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Sheikh Jarrah

J Street activist becomes a chief rabbi

The incoming president of United Reform Judaism, an umbrella group of assimilated Jews, is a member of J Street. Rick Jacobs participated in the Sheikh Jarrah clashes on the side of the Arabs. He also approved of the Islamic center near Ground Zero in New York.

The ‘rabbi’ got his ordination from a college in New York and studied dancing in Israel.

Rick Jacobs

Lands are not won in courts

After a decade of hearings, the Supreme Court finally affirmed Jewish ownership of a 2.5-acre land plot in Sheikh Jarrah. The case was actually straightforward, based on a title dated 1892.

But the court ruling won’t help the Jews. It will take years to evict the Arab squatters, which will be done again through the court system rather than simply through the police. There are hundreds of outstanding court orders affirming Jewish ownership, but the Israeli government refuses to evict the Arabs.

Whatever titles Jews have to land in East Jerusalem will be lost after the government abandons the city to the Muslims, just as Jews lost tracts of land they had purchased in Jordan.

East Jerusalem freeze: dozen measures instead of two dozen apartments

Netanyahu rejected Obama’s demand for a construction freeze in East Jerusalem—which is, in essence, limited to a few apartments in Sheikh Jarrah.

Instead, the PM offered Abbas a dozen other concessions, including the release of small-time Palestinian terrorists from Israeli jails and the removal of still more roadblocks. The trade-off clearly goes against Israeli interests and only serves Netanyahu’s PR needs.

Despite his sickening rhetoric about “unshakable ties” with Israel, Obama pressures us to stop building a couple of houses in East Jerusalem while ignoring massive construction there by Arabs.

Islam today

42 people were killed in Baghdad today by explosions near Western embassies.

Two cops were killed by a Muslim suicide bomber in Russia.

41 people were killed by suicide bombing in Pakistan during a political demonstration.

Arabs attacked Jews near their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem.

Though left, Peres is right

According to Haaretz, Peres explains the international outcry over Israeli construction in Jerusalem as a reaction to Sheikh Jarrah and similar projects.

And he is correct. Even Arabs used to keep quiet about Israeli construction in predominantly Jewish districts of Jerusalem. But Israeli construction on Sheikh Jarrah provoked an outcry, and now foreign leaders oppose all the construction because they do not know whether a particular project is in a Jewish or Arab neighborhood.

The Sheikh Jarrah project is silly: a few apartment buildings won’t change the demography there and anchor the place for Israel. Netanyahu supported the construction only because it belongs to a high-profile investor.

Obama does not believe Netanyahu

Bibi’s US trip was marred by yet another embarrassment: Jerusalem municipality approved the construction of 20 apartments for Jews in Sheikh Jarrah.

Why is this an embarrassment, though? Netanyahu has declared on a number of occasions that Israel won’t stop construction in Jerusalem. The White House’s hysterical reaction to the Sheikh Jarrah announcement only makes sense if they know Netanyahu’s rhetoric to be false and expect from him a de facto construction freeze in Jerusalem.

According to a White House spokesman, Jewish construction in Jerusalem is “destructive to the peace process.” True, but so is Jewish presence in Israel.

Human rights for Left only

Hundreds leftists and Arabs demonstrated in Sheikh Jarrah against the Jews who legally bought houses there.

Police banned (‘postponed’) a march by right-wingers in Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem.

19 March 2010 Posted in left

Someone pays for something left

Last Saturday, Sheikh Jarrah protests brought together 3,000 demonstrators, a very large number. Many of them carried the PLO flags that symbolically picture a rifle on the background of Israel.

A rally of such magnitude would require about 100 buses and cost close to half a million shekels.

09 March 2010 Posted in left

High Court manages country’s life

Israel’s High Court deliberated with police and ultra-leftists regarding the suitable time and arrangements for the leftists’ anti-Jewish demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem.

The court refused to allow the police to ban the event despite the fact that demonstrators have attacked police on previous occasions.

The Israeli Supreme Court acts as the administrative High Court, a function which requires it to hear routine petitions against government agencies and micromanage the state’s affairs.

Court: Ultra-leftism is not about politics

Jerusalem court issued an even bolder ruling than we expected: all the rioters arrested in the Sheikh Jarrah incident were released because, according to the court, no permit was necessary for their demonstration.

Israel law is clear that all political demonstrations must receive police approval because they can reasonably be expected to lead to clashes. But the court treated Sheikh Jarrah like a common housing dispute, even though the ultra-leftists themselves made it clear that they were protesting Jewish settlement in Arab areas of Jerusalem, a clearly political issue.

But ultra-leftists are above the law.

Ultra-leftists clash with police over Sheikh Jarrah home

The ultra-left bunch have succeeded in creating a new hot spot: in addition to routine Friday riots near the security barrier in the West Bank, they now riot in Jerusalem.

Ultra-leftists staged a demonstration of about 300 two-legged peaceniks near the Jewish houses in Sheikh Jarrah. Having lost any touch with reality, the demonstrators accused the Jews living in Sheikh Jarrah of thievery, though it is the Jews who legally purchased the house and the Arabs who refused to vacate the building.

Yossi Sarid, an exceptional scum, used the event to return to politics, reneging on his promise to quit four years ago. Tellingly, Sarid expressed concerns over the situation “with families in Sheikh Jarrah,” meaning Arabs. He does not even think of Jewish families.

The Ultra-leftists refused a police order to disperse when their permit expired and actually pushed at the police. Any right-wingers would spend years in jail for attacking police, but a Jerusalem court immediately released the handful of arrested ultra-leftists on bail. Eventually they will pay fines and continue their incitement against Jews.

EU finances Israeli lawbreakers

Police arrested the director of ACRI, an ultra-left organization financed by the EU, when about 150 ultra-leftists rioted near the new Jewish house in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem.

While it is normal for the EU to finance “democratic” NGOs in other countries (what does democracy have to do with the Jewish right to live in a legally purchased house?), it is not a standard practice to aid organizations which regularly break local laws.

Leftists attempt pogrom in Jerusalem

A crowd of two hundred Jewish leftists and normal Arabs attempted to break into Jewish houses in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

The leftists clashed with police, who tried to prevent them from ransacking Jewish homes. Their behavior differed markedly from the sheepish obedience of right-wing Jewish protesters the other day.

We’ve yet to see a single Muslim who would clash with police on behalf of Jews.

42 years of legal fighting

Normal Jews moved into the Sheikh Jarrah home, despite violent protests by leftist Jews and Arabs on the site.

The legal battle has been going on since 1967: after Israel liberated East Jerusalem, Jews claimed ownership of 27 homes in the Sheikh Jarrah area, which Jordan had confiscated in 1948. Israeli courts are not very forthcoming when Jews claim their property from Palestinians.

Supreme Court clears East Jerusalem construction

Israeli police evicted Palestinian families from the contested Sheikh Jarrah home after the Supreme Court ruled that it is owned by Jews.

In case of well-connected investor Moscowitz, the Supreme Court is much more forthcoming than regarding the Peace House in Hebron.

Court blocks East Jerusalem construction

Where Obama failed, the Israeli court jumped in, issuing a stop-work order for Jewish construction in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Thousands of Arab houses are built illegally in Israel each year, but why would the court care?