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National Press Club
Alan Dershowitz
Yeshiva University
Thunderbird Motel
Why Be Jewish? Part 1
Why Be Jewish? Part 2
Why Be Jewish? Part 3
Sonya Friedman
Minnesota University
60 minutes
Congregation Shaar HaShamayim
Kach annual dinner
Kach promotion
State of Judea
Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea
Young Israel

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Yeshiva University
Debates with Alan Dershowitz
National Press Club
Brandeis University
Why be Jewish? Part 1
Why be Jewish? Part 2
Why be Jewish? Part 3

This is a very important book by Rabbi Meir Kahane: Uncomfortable Questions for Comfortable Jews

Direct negotiations: why the fuss?

The Arab league endorsed Fatah’s direct negotiations with Israel, leaving the decision on timing to Abbas. In plain English, they allowed him to negotiate with Israel, but did not order him to do so.

Obama, the EU’s leaders, and Netanyahu are all pushing Abbas for direct talks. It is unlikely that all of them are stupid and do not realize the futility of talks without preconditions.

Perhaps they need a good PR victory with the Arabs before attacking Iran.

Jerusalem up for grabs

In an interview with TV Channel 2, Netanyahu declared that the fate of Jerusalem’s Arab districts is to be the subject of final status negotiations. In plain English, they will be given away—but not now, please.

With this statement, Likud’s political platform has become identical to those of Kadima, Labor, and even Meretz—or for that matter, the PLO.

Shas’ Ovadia Yosef also expressed his support for giving up East Jerusalem—as always, in order to save Jewish lives. The immensely learned rabbi will have to answer why it would not be better just to liquidate Israel completely and move the entire population to Australia, which is a much safer place for Jews than the Land of Israel.

Lieberman implicitly supported the giveaway of Jerusalem by attacking the government on less important issues of his party’s coalition agreement.

Since the UNSC resolution of March 1980 which condemned Israeli construction in Jerusalem, the US consistently opposes our presence in the holy city. All other countries have also withdrawn their embassies from Jerusalem. The Israeli government never tried to establish its sovereignty over Jerusalem’s Arab districts, which have fluctuated between effective autonomy and PA rule.

So it comes as no news that Israel has given up on her capital.

Today’s most stupid words

The British Parliament’s Committee on Export Controls condemned Israel’s use of British military equipment in the Gaza war. We love this humanitarian concern coming from a nation which conducted thousands of aerial raids against German cities. British military sales to Israel are negligible, so it’s mere rhetoric. Britain complains that Israel uses British weapons and British passports. It’s time for the British to condemn Israel for using the English language.

Turkish PM Erekat, a personal friend of Olmert, complained that Israel flaunts Obama’s peace efforts. Yeah, bad Jews don’t want to be trapped in the “Auschwitz borders.”

IDF Chief of Staff Ashkenazi described the Gaza clashes that left two Jewish soldiers dead as “the high price of Israeli freedom.” Nonsense. The soldiers died not for freedom, but because the Israeli government lacks any strategic vision about Gaza and IDF made the tactical error of sending infantry instead of helicopters into the fighting.

Olmert, Barak compete in demagoguery over Gaza

Olmert has informed the Supreme Court, which is hearing a petition of Sderot residents, that he made the fortification of their city a major priority. Which is a lie, of course: on several occasions the government refused massive reinforcement, citing lack of funds.

Barak announced to visiting English Jew Miliband that “Israel will not accept the attacks.” Unbeknownst to the Defense Minister, Israel has not accepted them for three years already. Shameless Barak promised a crushing response “when the conditions are ripe.” Like when?

IDF Staff expressed surprise at Olmert’s instruction to prepare operational plans for an invasion of Gaza. Such plans, sure enough, have long been ready and have been presented to the government several times.

What is Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz’s life worth?


Dear Torah Supporters!

Our community recently had the honor of hosting Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz here in San Francisco. This world recognized scholar is the author of a new edition of Talmud that makes the central text of the Jewish people universally accessible in the original Hebrew and has been already translated into English, Russian and French.

We must sadly inform you that two armed Hamas terrorists recently attacked his Mekor Haim Yeshiva in Kfar Etzion. This is not a yeshiva consisting of college-age students studying after their IDF training. These are high-school students without any combat experience.

Instead of entering student dormitories at 9:30 PM, the terrorists entered a room where four counselors were meeting. As providence would have it, two of these counselors were recently trained in anti-terrorist combat techniques and practical weapons handling by Mishmeret Yesha. Rather than obey the terrorists’ command to “stand against the wall”, one counselor engaged in hand-to-hand combat allowing the other to shoot both terrorists dead.

This event has been widely publicized in the Jewish media, see one example at: Haaretz

Over 70% of terror attacks directed at Israel and the Jews occur in of the mountainous territories of Yehuda and Shomron. From Hadera to Ghadera, a mere 9-mile-wide stretch of land, the entire coastal population of Israel depends on the brave men and women of Yesha to fend off terror for its survival. Often we hear only about attacks resulting in injuries or deaths, but the majority of attacks are where Israelis succeed in defending their businesses, land and families from terror generally go unreported. This high rate of success is almost entirely due to Mishmeret Yesha training programs and equipment assistance.

The media has not given credit to Mishmeret Yesha for training and organizing the security detail for Mekor Haim Yeshiva.

While the IDF approves and supports Mishmeret Yesha’s work, they have no budget to support the over 4,000 volunteers that are trained and equipped by Mishmeret Yesha.

We urge you once more to support Mishmeret Yesha’s work, and to help save Jewish lives by donating to Mishmeret Yesha today.

Basic Facts:
- OVER 100 communities benefiting
- 4000 Rapid Response Team members trained
- 2000 armored protective and combat vests designed, fabricated &
- OVER 500 protective vests & helmets for men, women & children
purchased and distributed throughout Yesha
- 32 security g’machim (loan committees)
- 45 medical g’machim (loan committees)
- 300 combat vests and assorted tactical equipment distributed to IDF
- HUNDREDS of women trained in use of firearms and other self-defense


Support Mishmeret Yesha with your tax-deductible contribution!

_____ $5,000 (US) – Fully Equip One Rapid Response Team Member
_____ $1,500 (US) – Sponsor One Day 12-hour Training Session
_____ $1,200 (US) – Single Motorola Communication Unit
_____ $1,050 (US) – Armored Lightweight Combat Vest “CHASHMONIA”
_____ $250 (US) – Armored Polyethylene Plate
_____ $250 (US) – Ballistic Helmet

_____ $1,000 (US) – Men’s Armored Vest
_____ $800 (US) – Women’s Armored Vest
_____ $500 (US) – Children’s Armored Vest

Please make & mail your tax-deductible contribution to:
1412 Avenue M, Suite 2363
Brooklyn, NY 11230


25 King George Blvd.
Jerusalem 94261 Israel
Tel: 02-625-1548
Fax: 02-624-6885

A letter to Jewish activists

by Dave Neil

I’m an old Zionist student activist (44 years old)

Meaning I used to do that when in college

I’m busy with my life of wife plus 7 kids and trying to make it in Israel

But I do have some strong words of advice for those young Jewish activists out there who want to “counter Arab propaganda” on their college campus.

My word of advice is don’t “counter” get off the defensive and on the offensive!

The success of the Israeli military in prior wars was because they went on the offensive- especially their most successful war of ‘67 that wasn’t won in six days but in the first six minutes when Israeli jets destroyed the Egyptian planes when they were still on the ground. Be Israeli and go on the offensive…

Take a step back and remind yourself of the bigger picture.

There are basically three types of students (yes I am simplifying- it does vary at different schools but anyway…)

Those who love Israel and know that we are morally right (tiny group- 2% of all students)

Those who are anti-Zionist or Anti-Semitic (a much bigger group- 8% of all students)

And all those multitudes of students in the middle (90% of all students if not more)

The fight is between the few activists of the 2% against the few activists of the 8% trying to sway as much as possible the 90% in the middle to start to harbor negative views of the other side. The stakes in this battle between these two groups is very high as the college students of today will make up the future of American public opinion of tomorrow and some of them will end up in important positions- so your activism is very important for Israel and the Jewish People. Don’t get into a yelling match with the 8% who are anti-Semitic/anti-zionist as you will never change their opinion, it is only a waste of time, and even more than that- that’s not what the battle is about. The battle is about influencing the minds of the 90% of American college students who don’t yet have a strong opinion either way regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Having said the above it is a huge mistake spending time refuting their arguments or accusations against Israel. Why let them choose the topic of discussion and put Israel and Jews on the defensive? They will write about “Israel’s GSS uses torture as a means of gathering information…” Israel seals off Arab towns cutting them off from jobs and medical facilities. Israel is Apartheid etc etc. And the Jewish side starts Explaining… (English for “Hasbarah”)

Much better is to remember the bigger picture of trying to influenced the opinion of the “90%” and you pick the subject that will be discussed on campus.

Jewish students should lead protests against how women are treated in the Arab world.

For example each of the two semesters of college, fall and spring could have their own campaign.

Fall semester would focus on a campus community-wide awareness campaign and petition against the practice of Honor Killings in the Arab World-

While the spring semester could focus on a second campus community-wide awareness campaign against the practice of Female Circumcisions try to get the publicity of both campaigns (and petitions) to get the attention of the media beyond the campus as well.

A great place to start is to do a google search under the topic “Honor Killings” and “female circumcisions” see what you come up with.

You can also intersperse the campaigns with these topics:

Christian flights from Arab countries. .

Arab roles in modern slavery especially of blacks

Arab Muslim attacks on Arab Christians

The big push for each semester should be to get a petition protesting widespread use of honor killings and female circumcision (really mutilation) in the Arab world. Get the whole campus- students and faculty to sign on.

Also publicize like heck the “Christian flight” from the West Bank, Iraq, Lebanon etc etc and the reasons for it.

Pick the topic that everyone on campus should be talking about. Not Israeli roadblocks but Honor Killings, Female Circumcision, Christian Flight from Muslim States, Moslem brutality in Sudan and connections to modern Slavery. Create a major discussion of how can the U.S. have great relations with Saudi Arabia when that country treats women like chattel? They sentenced a woman who was raped to be lashed and only because of international outcry was the poor woman spared. What does Saudi Arabia have to do with Israel? Everything. The more you can make the Muslims look horrible in the eyes of Christian American college students the better they will see and sympathize with Israel.

Get big campaigns rolling in the campus about these topics. By the end of the year those students in the middle should get the picture of Palestinian Arabs mutilate their girl’s genitals (female circumcision) to keep the women under the men’s control. Etc etc.

Do google search on all the topics above. Form alliances with pro-women groups and Christian evangelical groups on campus- ask their help with getting names for your petitionsIt doesn’t matter if the examples you bring of brutal female circumcisions or honor killings are from the West Bank or Gaza or somewhere else- even in Western countries. The point is to show the creulty the Arabs are capable-even to their own. Teach the Christians in your school how ruthless the Arabs are to their own wives, sisters and daughters so they will understand how they are capable of doing another Holocaust to the Jews if G-d forbid they ever had the upper hand. If they can do that to their own imagine what they are capable of doing to those Jews that they are taught to hate? Remember, the goal of your activism is to shape the image of the Arabs in the eyes of 90% of the students on campus who are in the middle between the pro-Israel group and anti-Semites.

Now go on the offensive as described above! You can start with those two google searches under Honor Killings and Female Circumcision. Good luck!

Peace plan as affirmative action

Olmert, Abbas set up a negotiation team to pave the peace process road. The team will discuss “economics,” including electricity and water. In plain English, that means Israel will continue supplying the independent Palestinian state with water and electricity the Arabs don’t bother to pay for. Now Israeli taxpayers foot the bill for supplying water and electricity to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank since paying for Jewish services is below the Arabs’ dignity. The “economics” also includes one-way border transparency: Palestinians will be able to work in Israel, dumping the local labor market and swelling the crime rate.