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Jew-hater arrives in Israel

Obama’s VP Joe Biden came to Israel in a last-ditch effort to prevent Netanyahu from attacking Iran. In Tel Aviv University, Biden will deliver to Jews a pale copy of the speech Obama gave to Muslims in Cairo.

Though many commentators mistake the VP for Israel’s best friend in the otherwise hostile Obama administration, Biden has supported Iran on many occasions, and has defended Iran’s right to a nuclear bomb.

Obama first demanded that Israel accept peace talks with our Palestinian enemies as a condition of American support against Iran. Now, with Russia and China opposing any meaningful sanctions, US support remains illusory, but Israel is still forced to uphold the construction moratorium.

Obama: So uranium, so weapons-grade, so what?

After Ahmadinejad announced Iran’s achievement of 20% enrichment, Obama dispatched Michael Mullen to Israel. Mullen told us that things aren’t really bad, and that it would take Iran one to three years to produce a nuclear bomb. The truth is that it will be three months, actually, after Khamenei gives the order.

To reinforce his message, Obama also sent Joe Biden, who will tell us that the worthless sanctions will somehow work, and that they will work so fast that Iran won’t complete its bomb.

Obama bans Israeli attack

While Israeli media were cheering Joe Biden’s green light for an Israeli attack on Iran, we rejected such an interpretation.

The next day, Obama indeed announced that American permission for the attack is not forthcoming.

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World cracks down on Israel

It used to be that when speaking before the all-powerful AIPAC, American leaders normally had a few nice words for Jews. Not anymore. Joe Biden declared that Israel has to accept a two-state solution—a very strong wording given the circumstances.

In an interview, Germany’s Merkel concurred. The Italian FM and other EU officials voiced similar demands. It’s not that the world cares about the fate of some Palestinian Arabs, but everyone hates the Jews.

Both Biden and Merkel reiterated that Israeli concessions to the Palestinians would somehow resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis. That makes sense, actually: an eight-mile-wide Israel could be done away with by Palestinian terrorists, with no need for Iran to have the bomb.

The Gulf Cooperation Council, a union of oil-producing Sunni Arabs, knows Iran better than Obama. In a statement, GCC pleaded with the United States not to jeopardize Middle East security by talking with Iran.

Obama and his leftists are laying the field for a major regional war. Having capitulated to the Palestinians, Israel would become too tempting a target for her Arab enemies. Nuclear Egypt would oppose Iran-dominated Iraq and Gaza on its borders. The three nuclear states would lock their horns.

Biden rejects Israeli attack on Iran, implicitly

Joseph Biden announced that Israel need not look for the US approval in order to attack Iran or do anything it wishes. That’s a weasel speak for saying the approval is not forthcoming and Israel better not try pulling it on its own.
Biden is staunchily opposed to any direct US action in Iran. He even voted against designating Iranian Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization.

Joe Biden repudiates his pro-Iranian position

Biden’s spokesman says that contrary to the reports, the senator had not told the Israeli officials that they should learn to live with nuclear Iran.

Obama’s VP is okay with nuclear Iran

The Army Radio reports on the earlier conversations with Biden where he told Israelis that they should learn to live with nuclear Iran and opposed any action against the Islamic regime.

Obama VP pick derides him

Obama chose Joe Biden, a powerful and seasoned liberal senator, as vice presidential mate, to cover his own glaring deficiency in anything political. Biden is a two-times loser for presidential nomination. In 2007, Biden went on the record saying that Obama is not ready for presidency.
Sen. Biden, a Catholic, urged the US Administration to arm Bosnian Muslims in Yugoslavia. In 2001, Biden sought a diplomatic solution with Saddam. He supports breaking Iraq into Sunni-Shia-Kurd enclaves. which would lead to Iran’s expansion. Overall, Biden is a dangerous case of an inconsistent hawk who long for justice for all and is involved with Muslims. His Catholic affiliation, traditionally a domain of anti-Semitism in America, makes him still worse for Israel.
Obama might not gain many votes by bringing in a Catholic.