Whether or not Barack Hussein Obama is elected American president, the fact of him coming close to it is disturbing. Even if Obama fails now as voters take racial issues and common sense into account at the last moment, they are getting used to the idea of being ruled by a demagogue alien. Voting for Obama requires a break with several core cognitive patterns: the racial one (and don’t tell me you would like your daughter to marry a decent African), the religious one (Protestants and atheists voting for a Muslim-turned-radical-Christian), and one from the enemy crowd (America is at war with two Muslim states).

The most significant part of Obama’s success is that it formalizes the parting with American values. The country no longer insists on its cultural identity. But societies are formed around cultural values and broken around their absence. The post-Obama America will be different from the previous one. After Obama, the discussion on illegal immigration will lose its sense: with an alien president, America might as well admit the tens of millions of aliens who swarm it like barbarians encroaching upon the Roman Empire. From the right of settlement to subsidies to ruling the country, modern barbarians are taking over the United States.

Obama will not necessarily be anti-American or pro-Muslim. He’s the type familiar to Jews: a rootless person who despises his national and religious connections and would readily serve any strong master. We have plenty of such Jewish anti-Semites: Kissinger, Miller, Miliband, et al.

Neither is it critical that Obama follows in the footsteps of Jimmy Carter, whose policies universally failed and who is branded an anti-Semite. The voters are entitled to errors. The only problem with Obama’s election is that it means Americans are succumbing to foreign values.

It will be interesting to see whether Obama’s election produces a lasting Obamamania of the Michael Jackson type, or an immediate backlash as he inevitably fails to meet the high expectations. The latter outcome seems probable as Obama inherits a very problematic economy with no chance of repairing it. But President Roosevelt remained popular even as his absurd economic policies pounded the economy into recession.

The damaged economy has proved to be a boon to Obama: the normally pro-McCain working-class voters see Obama as a Harvard messiah even though McCain’s own fortune is a better indicator of his economic senses. The working-class Americans imagine that a cosmopolitan with Muslim connections and a Harvard diploma will lower the price of gas and solve their problems. Desperate, they come to trust the opinion of Obama’s college-educated supporters. They also erroneously see him as set against the Wall Street sharks who brought down the economy—as if he didn’t receive his donations from the rich. Obama will disappoint them. His Harvard education has no bearing on practical matters, as seen by his indiscriminate affiliation with thugs and radicals.

Education broadens horizons, brings new perspectives, and abrogates traditional values. As the population is increasingly college-educated, it becomes cosmopolitan, loves the rootless Obama, and scorns the traditional McCain. Scores of immigrants also support Obama, a fellow immigrant. Their support is probably less among traditionalist Chinese and racist Russian immigrants.

Obama is new, which is important to voters who have lost hope in lying politicians, especially after the years of Bush’s cynicism. With Democrats and Republicans responsible for the Fannie Mae crisis, the political system corrupt and closed to change, Obama-the-outsider seems to be the only hope for change.

Obama’s case demonstrates just how wrong the system of primaries is. Alternatively, a party must choose its candidate depending on the other party’s choice. McCain could beat Hillary easily, but a different type of candidate is required to beat Obama. In primaries, the voters should be given the opportunity to choose pairs: our candidate would be X if the opponent fields candidate A, or Y if he fields candidate B.

Obama is very bad for Israel. He firmly opposes a strike on Iran, and recalls the idealistic and anti-Semitic Carter, who wrested the Sinai from us. His range of advisers includes the people most unfriendly to Israel, who have great passion for rights of the Palestinian terrorists. The fact that the majority of American Jews intend to vote for Obama in a time of nuclear crisis testifies to the futility of Holocaust education.

Obama - Michael Jackson for president