Jewish organizations variously tried to stop the flow of anti-Semitic cartoons in Muslim media. Some of the cartoons are smart and some are funny while the majority, though detestable, doesn’t merit comments. Holocaust cartoons, however, are unacceptable. It is one thing to laugh out ethnic, national, even religious feelings, and totally different – to scoff at tremendous human suffering. The living can answer or ignore, but the dead cannot defend themselves. In terms of the game theory, deriding suffering is an exploitative strategy where aggressor benefits from the victim’s inability to respond in kind.

Jews tried suing the cartoon publishers, hacking and dumping their websites, protesting, but did not recourse to the Torah’s injunction, an eye for an eye. To scorn Muslim atrocities, however, would be despicable – just like scorning atrocities committed against Jews. Besides, most Muslims just don’t care about massacres of their brethren in Iraq, Hama, or Jordan. A practical solution is to caricature Mohammed. Our caricatures will be way more offensive than the Danish cartoons printed by the editor who works for KGB. Danish cartoons were ostensibly about freedom of speech, though more likely a typical Russian plot to stir fight in foreign backyard. Our cartons are meant to offend. An eye for an eye. We will continue publishing the cartoons until major Muslim newspapers cease publishing Holocaust lampoons. Please reprint Mohammed’s cartoons to stop the Holocaust deniers.

See the anti-Semitic cartoons published in the Palestine Authority. Israel sends humanitarian aid to Gaza and abets Fatah.

The fellow at the top is Mohammed with his characteristic red beard.

mohammed terrorist cartoon