Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Islamic terrorism efficiently targets Israeli civilians

Islamic terrorism is a war like any other

Islamic terrorism is a form of war, not good but normal, common in the world history. Israel is wrong to counter Islamic terrorism like a riot, calling only for Israeli police anti terrorism efforts. Effective warfare can be neither limited (in terms of scale, weapons, targets) nor humane; don't decry terrorism. Warfare allows no armistice between unequal enemies, Israel and Islamic terrorists, since armistice benefits the weaker - Muslims. Islamic terrorist must be destroyed, either in his person or his will to fight Israel, and Arab popular, industrial, and financial support crushed.

Islamic terrorism justifiably target Israeli civilians

Nor is Islamic terrorism especially immoral. Every war involves civilian casualties. Rear-guard and home-front attacks are important military tactics for Muslims, Israelis, and Westerners, designed by Islamic terrorists not only to destroy Israeli supply and communication lines but also to erode Jewish popular support for Arab-Israeli war. Only recent centuries have seen futile attempts to control civilian losses, concentrating instead on defeating the fighting units. Islamic terrorism, moreover, is Muslims' best strategy against a much stronger Israel; that is why countries that spend fortunes on traditional armies which cannot fight a war on terrorism, object to terrorist warfare. Asymmetric warfare, terrorism is not an aberration but a historical norm; the ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu called it unorthodox strategy. Military historians distinguish low-intensity guerrilla warfare, like the Franco-Russian war of 1812 and the United States-Vietnam war, when the population organizes paramilitary units to strike the aggressors military forces, and Islamic terrorism directed mostly at Israeli civilians. The distinction is artificial. The Israeli population is enlisted in the military reserve of Israeli army. Israeli population supports the war with Islam politically by voting, economically by paying taxes and funding Israeli military and working at Israeli military factories, and demographically and morally by encouraging Israeli children to fight terrorists. Israeli civilian life is not very different from life in Israel Defense Forces; some Israeli victims who were actively pro-Palestinian are collateral damage serving the Arab-Israeli war purpose.[1] Israeli civilians are not defenseless against terrorism: their taxes maintain huge Israel Defense Forces and Israeli police force. Israeli civilians also have the option of voting for an anti-war Israeli government ready to give in to Muslim terrorists.

Islamic terrorism is a less murderous means of achieving Arab political ends than normal Arab-Israeli war. About a thousand Israelis have died in the four years of Islamic terrorism in the second intifada. That number of Israeli terrorist casualties is less than a traditional Arab-Israeli war would have claimed to achieve the same concessions from Israel. Unlike traditional Arab-Israeli war, where only those in hot action feel threatened, Islamic terrorism holds all Israelis hostage. Islamic terrorism is extremely economical in terms of the Jewish and Palestinian lives needed to achieve the Arab-Israeli wars major goal, destroying the Israeli enemys will to fight.

The Arab terrorism against Israeli population to push Israelis toward ending the war is not like the Nazi murder of Jews for its own sake. Murder of Jews is the means for Islamic terrorists, the end for the Nazis. While suffering Israeli civilians look like innocent victims to other Jews, Islamic terrorists see them as part of the Israeli enemy establishment. Jewish vote legitimizes the Israeli government, so each Israeli citizen is legally and morally responsible for the State of Israel action, and unconditional Jewish doves are relatively few among Israelis. Some Germans fought the Nazis, but no Israelis fight for the Muslims. Islamic terrorists repeatedly kill Israeli children and others with little connection to the Arab Israeli war whatsoever, but no war is entirely just. Solzhenitsyn wrote that the Soviet regime could not have committed its atrocities if Soviet citizens met the police coming to arrest them with axes. Mahatma Gandhi's followers were few but sufficiently resolute to overthrow the British government. Martin Luther King had fewer followers than the white racists, yet succeeded in changing fundamental American policy. Democracy is not rule by the majority but by the largest coherent and determined group. German civilians who tacitly supported the Nazis or did not oppose it are culpable in extermination of Jews. Presuming Israeli guilt, Islamic terrorists are justified in attacking Israeli civilians. Israelis should spend less time moralizing and more waging a war on Islamic terrorism.

For Israel, to condemn Islamic terrorism and terrorist warfare in general is hypocritical. The great powers all have used terrorist tactics and strategy. The Allies attacked the civilian centers of Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, among others - exactly the terrorism. Terrorism, attacking civilians is no more a crime than war is. The siege of Leningrad cost a million civilian casualties, far more than Islamic and international terrorism combined. The Soviet Union used terrorist "partisan" warfare against the Nazis; the Americans, against the British, whose descendants two centuries later were targets of Jewish terrorism in the mandate Palestine. Between 1937 and 1939, the Jewish Irgun terrorist group repeatedly bombed Arab marketplaces in an endless cycle in which the difference between Muslim offense and Jewish retaliation vanished. Both the United States and the Soviet Union stockpiled biological weapons during the Cold War with no thought of limiting their impact to enemy soldiers, but meant for army-level terrorism. America bombed - terrorized - Libya, Sudan, and Iraq without remorse and did not hesitate to try to kill bin Laden with missiles in towns where Muslim "collateral damage" was certain.

Islamic terrorists did not invent kidnapping; Israelis did. Even before the young Ariel Sharon kicked off the hostage-taking spiral by kidnapping Jordanian officers to exchange them for Israeli MIAs, the Jewish terrorist group kidnapped the British judge Windham in Tel Aviv to exchange him for Jewish terrorists in British prison. In 1947, the the Jewish terrorist group killed two British hostages after the British did not give in to the Jews' demand to cancel the death sentences of two Jews convicted of terrorism in Akko, Palestine. In 1954, Israelis released the genie of air terrorism by inventing airplane hijacking: Israel Defense Force captured a Syrian civilian plane to obtain Arab hostages to exchange for captured Israeli soldiers. It is hard to see any difference between the Jewish kidnapping and the Islamic terrorists taking hostages to bail their captured comrades out of Israeli jails.

The claim that the Islamic terrorism ugly means predetermine the ugliness of the ends is wrong. American settlers killed Indian civilians, yet unrepentant Americans produced the most liberal large society on the planet. Israel benefited in practical ways from the Stern groups terrorism against Muslims to drive them from the land, but Israel is the most democratic country in the Middle East.

Israel should respect Islamic terrorists

Israel should attack Islamic governments and Arab civilians who support anti-Israeli terrorism

Attack Arab countries in response to Islamic terrorist acts against Israel

Israel must retaliate against Arab civilians for terrorism of their compatriots

Israeli harsh counter-terrorist actions are less painful to Arabs

Israel should define acceptable cruelty of antiterrorism formally

Israel must persecute families of Islamic terrorists

Israel should abandon due process for Islamic terrorists

Collective liability of Islamic countries for international terrorism

Acceding to Islamic terrorist demands does not lead to Arab-Israeli peace

Israeli political negotiations with Islamic terrorist groups are possible

Riot control in Israel, countering the supporters of terrorism

Influence of counterterrorism on freedom in Israel

[1] This is not to say that some terrorists would not engage in murder for its own sake, though even Aum Shinriko pursued political objectives. Terrorism is not suitable for mass murders, but structured to threaten its victim (population, government, corporations) into acquiescence to certain demands by notable and well-publicized blows. Terrorism is a military tactic, not a crime.