Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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American support of Israel is not guaranteed

Modern anti-Semitism

The Israeli Defense Force is not invincible against Arab armies

Israeli myth of the invincibility of the Israel Defense Forces is dubious. Israeli army won the Arab-Israeli War of 1948 against unorganized Arab gangs, not real Arab armies. Even the Arab Legion was not a professional army by European standards. The Israelis needed little more than Jewish common sense and minimal Israeli military strategic planning to overcome the Arab troops, albeit with heavy Israeli losses. But when the Israelis met experienced Arab commanders, such as the Egyptian commander Taha Bey, Israelis lost.

The Israelis won the 1967 Arab-Israeli war with sleight and luck. When luck abandoned Israelis in the 1973 Egyptian-Israeli war, Jews fell back on Israeli advantage in weaponry, skills, and the will to fight the Arabs. Of course, luck favors prepared minds, but the margin was too narrow for Israel to depend on again in war with Muslims. Arab armies today threaten Israel with modern weapons.

In 1982 Israeli-Lebanese war, Israel learned that even overwhelming firepower cannot win the war when Israel Defense Forces lack strategy and motivation to fight Arabs, an Israeli disadvantage vis-a-vis Muslims that has grown worse ever since the Lebanese war. The Israel Defense Forces is not to blame. Israeli soldiers can hardly adapt to wild swings in Israeli government's political objectives. As if to make things worse, the Israel Defense Forces has lost the adventurous spirit the army once had as the IDF becomes more and more a politically oriented, Israeli bureaucratic machine.

In all of Israel's wars, Israel has had the advantage of no determined Arab enemy. In 1948, Arabs wanted violence and loot rather than anti-Israeli nationalist objectives, and later Egyptian and Syrian soldiers cared little about Israeli Sinai and Golan. Arab nationalism may change that against Israel.

Modern anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism did not disappear with the establishment of Israel, when Jews became people like others. Modern anti-Semitism does not look like the traditional version. Its line of thinking is, The Israelis have got more than the Jews deserve. The Jews should stop arguing with the Arabs and be glad the West gave them any state at all. Israeli security issues are only relatively important to Israel's allies. America willing to help, but if treaty-based security does not work out in Israeli confrontation with Arabs, America loses nothing. Nothing happens to the West if Arabs destroy Israel. Centuries ago, Israel asked for the protection of a superpower, Assyria, which soon annexed the Jewish state. The same happened with Rome which made Judea province. Israel should not ignore historys lessons and be aware of how America manipulates the Jewish state.

Israel must be strong since militant anti-Semitism is alive. Centuries after the medieval mass murders of Jews, civilized people were sure the atrocities against Jews would not recur. Then in the mid-seventeenth century, a throng led by Bohdan Hmelnitsky (tellingly the hero of modern Ukraine) decimated the Jewish population of Ukraine, claiming to have killed a million Jews. Decades after Russian pogroms of Jews, written off as an aberration perpetrated by barbarous Mongolized mobs, no one imagined the highly educated Germans would bring about the Holocaust. Jews were massacred, however, only sixty years ago, not long enough for Israelis to hope for a change of anti-Semitic mentality. The anti-Semites are never quiet for long.[9] A new clash with Israelis is neither impossible nor unlikely but all but inevitable. Israelis must make it a fight, not an atrocity.

America will not support Israel forever

Arab wealth and influence exceeds Jewish

[9] The inactivity of anti-Semites is relative. Racial killing of a Jew and pogroms in Brooklyn occurred only a decade ago. In mid-twentieth century, Americans were as anti-Semitic as Europeans. For all the sense of guilt, 22% of the Germans polled believe there are too many Jews around. (The New York Times, 09.15.94, p.A21)