Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Jews can conduct political negotiations with Muslim anti-Israeli terrorist groups

Since Islamic terrorism is the mode of Arab-Israeli war, hostilities need not cease. There are no moderates in Muslim terrorist organizations like Hamas or Hezbollah, their “political wings” lure Israel into dialogue. The case against Israeli tactical compromise with Muslim terrorists is stronger in Islamic terrorist warfare which fight by taking Israeli civilian hostages. Israel need not avoid political negotiations with Arabs, even anti-Israeli terrorist groups. Israeli government's political considerations skew Israel Defense Forces' tactical calculations. Israel can compromise with Muslims in a terrorist war, but Israel must compromise offensively. Negotiating for Israeli hostages, Israel should pledge not to take out Muslim terrorist bases. The anti-Israeli Islamic terrorists stay ahead of Jews: for every action Israel takes, they threaten unless the terrorist prisoners are released. Read more…

Israel could carve out one square mile of Palestinian territory for every Israeli that Muslim terrorists kill.

Riot control on Israeli-governed Palestinian territories.

Israel must avoid urban combat with terrorists.

Terrorism’s future is bright

Compared to Israeli military, Islamic terrorism is simple. Muslim terrorists are brainwashed by the mullahs and Arab nationalists.

Terrorism will become more pervasive. Little countries Israel traditionally counts out, will use terrorism for extortion. Palestinian suicide bombers don’t mean much in Arab-Israeli wars. Evil geniuses will elevate Islamic terrorism against Israel like in open war. With Israeli government counterattacking and accepting Israeli civilian casualties, Islamic terrorists will attack private targets. American corporations are due a milking by Islamic terrorists. Corporations see no percentage in opposing Islamic terrorist demands and cutting Israel loose to placate Arab clients. The corporations will be targets of Islamic terrorism. What corporation will risk a large factory when it can ransom it from terror?

The September 9/11 attacks created a market for anti-terrorist services in the United States. The next target of Islamic terrorism in the United States is Las Vegas, the epicenter of American decadence in Muslim eyes. Islamic terrorists will concentrate on Spain which Muslims consider Islamic land. French Muslim population will clash with right nationalists, tempting the Islamic terrorists to join. India, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Russia will need help defending themselves against Islamic terrorists. With the American army an inept colossus, Israel could offer outsourcing of anti-terrorist services. Given the global security dilemma, there is no shortage of people ready to try terrorism. Read more…