Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Acceding to Islamic terrorist demands does not lead to Arab-Israeli peace

Formal Arab-Israeli peace might not end Islamic terrorism

Israel must get the Arabs to fight for the Israeli objective of antiterrorism

To relieve Israel Defense Forces, Israel must induce Arabs to take Israel’s side. Arabs will fight not for Israel but against Palestinians or Iran-supported Islamic fundamentalists or intra-Arab - incidentally anti-Israeli - enemy. Wealthy Arabs wage vendettas against Islamic terrorists who killed their relatives. Read more…

Acceding to Islamic terrorists does not lead to Arab-Israeli peace

Islamic terrorists tempt Israel: give up some land to Palestinians. Israeli temptation to end the Arab-Israeli war undermines Israeli resolve; the dead-end concessions to Arabs.

Giving way to Islamic terrorists' demands embarrasses Israel. The Islamic terrorists' demands are elastic. Israeli territorial losses since 1967 Six-Day war show that Israeli accommodation of Arabs is endless. If Israel gave back all the Palestinian territories, Muslims will demand partitioning Jerusalem, not just Muslim shrines. Israel would deal with the Palestinian refugees’ right to return to Israel. Arab terrorists will fight until Israel vanishes; Arabs admit the agreements with Israel are intermediary steps to annihilation of Israel by Muslims. Acceding to Muslim demands, Israel presumes they will stop after the Arabs meet their basic anti-Israeli goals. But Arabs understand reasonable military objectives differently from the Israelis. Read more…