Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Arab-Israeli peace will not end Islamic terrorism

Arab-Israeli peace would not solve the Islamic terror for Israel. Many Muslims will not accept Israel. Islamic terrorism will wane as Arabs become less aggressive against Israel, but Islamic terrorism will grow deadlier for Israel.

Israel cannot root out Islamic terrorists. Islamic terrorism is Arabs' effective tool against Israel. Arabs are historically predisposed to terrorism. With the current Arab Israeli conflict ended, fringe Islamic groups will engage in anti-Israeli terrorism, and anti-Semites will target Israel. Arab-Israeli peace will not end Islamic terrorism. Israel with a crowded population cannot tolerate large terrorist acts. Israel cannot avoid Islamic terrorism, so Israel must preempt against the Islamic terrorists. Read more…

Israeli political negotiations with Islamic terrorist groups are possible

Israel should not tactically negotiate with Palestinian terrorists

Israel must not negotiate with Islamic terrorists, not exchange Israeli hostages. Released Islamic terrorists kill more Israelis than an exchange of hostages saves. Israel is at war, Israelis are at the front; Israelis will die, before or after negotiations with Islamic terrorists, before or after Israeli releases Islamic terrorists. Only the statistics of Israeli casualties from Islamic terrorism, matters. Israel giving in to Islamic terrorist demands provokes more Islamic terrorism. The Israeli problem with Islamic terrorists is two-fold: hostage-taking is profitable and safe for Arabs. Islamic terrorists know Arabs will ransom them if Israel catches them. Israel should issue ultimatum to countries holding Israeli POWs, backed by Israel Defense Forces. That might turn Arabs against taking Israeli hostages. Israel should hunt down every Arab perpetrator of terrorist acts. Israel should repress Palestinian terrorists’ families, take Arab hostages, and blow Muslim universities. It will serve Israel well.

Kidnapping of Israelis became a business for Islamic terrorists. A no-negotiations policy with Islamic terrorists prevents Arab-Israeli escalation and reduces the Israeli fighting.

Islamic terrorist acts have little material effect on Israel. Acts of Islamic terror kill fewer Israelis than car accidents. The Islamic terrorists will run out of Palestinian suicide recruits before Israeli society collapses—until the Islamic terrorists start using WMD. The Islamic terrorist enemy must see his actions against Israel futile and Israel must refuse concessions to Islamic terrorists. If Islamic terrorism inflicts significant losses on Israel, it is conventional warfare, and is vulnerable to Israel Defense Forces. Read more…