Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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Shoher's musings

The book's dedication could be expanded to include Baruch Goldstein. Isn't though he a criminal? For one, aren't Bonnie and Clyde criminals, and yet they became popular, almost positive characters. I disagree with Goldstein on technicality, the place. Terrorists do not largely attack synagogues, and he should not shoot in a mosque. An idea behind an eye for an eye is very clear connection between damage and retribution. Had he been shooting in a bus - like the terrorists do - many would find that less objectionable.

I love bin Laden! I was telling the Israelis for years to start reprisals against Saudi oil facilities to stop financing of Wahhabism and Palestinian terrorists. The only one who listens is Osama. Oil corporations are greedy but cowardly. Few attacks will sent them looking for more stable sources - Russian, Central Asian, and American. Without Saudi money, Islamic clerics worldwide will abandon Wahhabism. That will not extinguish terrorism, but will dry its religious support base. Besides, I believe in vengeance. So, hurrah to Osama! Go on against the Saudis!

We launched petition to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities, and what is really odd, the number of news agencies that refuse us coverage because of the violence involved. They have no problem to cover Islamic terrorism or Iraqi insurgency, though. In politically correct societies, media forget that they serve to deliver news, and begin censoring opinions. Done with government censorship, welcome to corporate censorship. Back to the violence, everyone lauds police violently catching violent criminals. Not violence per se is bad, but only initiated violence; we object violence that initiate damages, not violence that mitigates them.

Some rabbis, mostly Reform, tell us that Judaism is a religion of peace, and we should not introduce violence. My reply is, Read the Tanakh! Moses killed the Egyptian. Hebrews incessantly warred in Sinai, and Joshua exterminated the Canaanites. Prophets urged Jews for the utmost intolerance toward idolaters, and many respected Jewish kings led expansionist wars. Psalmist was much less than loving toward enemies (remember where that hate-no-one-love-your-enemies is from?) Maccabees were everything but nice to Jewish gentilizers, and neither was bar Kochba. Modern Israelis violently swept Arab enemies in every war, and only the pseudo-liberal government prevents the Jews from carving a decent state for themselves.

What a bizarre notion Judeo-Christianity is! Judaism and Christianity are the different poles, practicality and idealism. Jews do not preach poverty and humility. Judaism and Christianity are incompatible, not parts of the same culture. If anything, Islam is closer to Judaism than Christianity is. It is also repugnant to side with people who oppressed and exterminated Jews for millennia against Muslims who were reasonably tolerant to the Jews. Peaceful relations with Christians are perfect, but lumping Jewish heritage together with Christian doctrine is abominable.

Opponents of Revisionist Zionism tout Einstein's condemnation of Zhabotinsky. If Zhabotinsky understood nothing in physics, why assume Einstein understood anything in politics? Menachem Begin and Arik Sharon were great soldiers, but they committed major political mishaps. Lenin exaggerated when remarked that cooks can govern the country. Politics is an art, and requires high and specialized skills.

Nazis exterminated European Jews; how can we still claim the divine protection and biblical rights? The Lubavitcher Rebe remarked that he sees divine intervention in Germany, the military superpower, being crashed. Also in being a few months short to develop nuclear bomb. But the German annihilation of Jews reminds of the generation of Egyptian bondage that perished in Sinai steppe. Only free Hebrews were to enter the Promised Land with Joshua. Could not it be the divine intention to keep the shtetl Jews out of Israel? In the last moment, the divine compassion saved the remnant: the accursed Stalin died before realizing the already launched relocation of the remaining Jews to Siberia, exactly the place the Nazis initially fathomed for their bloodless extermination.

Hamas' victory benefits Israel. Efficient terrorists will become corrupt, non-delivering politicians. Involving them in political process is the most straight way to discredit them.

Bin Laden's offer of truce concerns me a lot. Earlier, he offered the West to convert, and himself as spiritual guide for that conversion. The symbolism is there, Osama shows that he tried every option to spare the West. It looks like a major terrorist attack is brewing.

So much attention to Rafsanjani's anti-Israeli pronouncements... His is mere rhetoric, common among Muslims. The attention will only provoke him to talk more in the same vein.