Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict
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The Palestinians are content with Israeli rule

Edward Said repeatedly mentions the benefits Israel bestows on the Palestinians, such as when the Israeli trade union Histadrut turned the pension funds of Palestinians who worked in Israel over to Arafat—which Said opposed, implying that the Israeli institution is more reliable than the Palestinian Administration. Palestinians would prefer having their money saved by a hostile Israeli government to having it stolen by their own. The Palestinian population increased six-fold in fifty years of Israeli oppression; seemingly, the Palestinians are well-off.

Edward Said notes that Israeli Palestinians refuse to discuss moving to a separate Palestinian state which he interprets as attachment to the land, though Israeli Arabs are clearly so much better off in Israel that they do not want to live in Palestine. Realizing that, Edward Said harps on examples of discrimination against Palestinians in Israel. Professor Said reports that the Israel Defense Forces took a hundred acres of land from an Arab village in Israel and calls that racism. But how much land has Israel taken away from Israeli Jews for military purposes? Much, much more. In all probability, the Arabs were compensated for land urgently needed for defense of Israel. No Arab government would hesitate a second to expropriate its citizens’ land for military needs.